So we’re starting with Wizard.
On 4th rank we have from Hungary: Gabor S. so you’re qualified for the World Championship next year. On 3rd rank, first time competing Mexico:
Marina N. Congratulations! Your trophy!
And you got a silver prize as well Our vice world champion, the ex world
champion from Greece: Vasileos P. Congratulations!
Well done! And the new world champion from Greece:
Spyros K. Your gold price and the travel information for next year! Congratulations! We are continuing with Saboteur. Therefore I need some help for the award
ceremony. We have on 3rd place: Min-Wei C. There he is!
Congratulations! You Gert your certificate. Your silver price as well. The vice world champion in Saboteur, surprisingly from Greece:
Ioannis G. Congratulations! You get the certificate And our world champion in Saboteur
after hours and hours is from Ukraine: Oleg K. Congratulations! Your gold prize. And your travel information for next
There’s a letter inside So you get your travel sponsorship to the World Championship next year