It’s been forever since Paul has been missing! I don’t think we are ever going to find them. Wait, who is Paul again? Hey, who is that? Hey! It’s Paul! Paul is home, Paul is home, Paul, Paul! I’m back! Oh hey Deadpool! I have your Lootcrate! Paul! Where have you been? Oh you see, I was living in the woods and I had to live off a steady diet of bird eggs and abandoned burritos in the dumpsters of fast food restaurants So, I might be a little chubbier now In this area But I’m back now! I found the house Wait, wasn’t there someone else that was lost with you? No I don’t think so? Paul, hello? Anybody? Where did everybody go? Someone’s coming! It’s…. The monkey king! We all need to be extremely careful! I have come to take my throne. Uh oh, I’m out of here! Yes, yes! Flee before me! So you came to take over here? Yes! Ok, how are you going to plan to do that? I have a genius plan to take over the entire…. You don’t have a plan do you? Nope! But I don’t need one! I’m still going to destroy you! Ow, ow! My pinkie! Wow, some super villain Magic Eight Ball! Help me! I really need a better name. Now we have a fight. Yes, yes, fight my minion! Shut up. Hulk! Help me! Ow, that’s not helping. I don’t think he wants to destroy me. Ugh, you are useless. Oh, that’s got to hurt. There you go, get it Hulk. Hat! Oh, hat? You want to make sure her hat is on? You got this. Why are you attacking me green man? Magic Eight Ball, carry me! Good job Hulk! You scared them off for now, but they are going to be back! Let’s go baby. It’s your naptime.