what does up everybody welcome back to
the channel today I’m joined by Jenna bandy the Randall twins and we also have Caleb’s
somewhere today we’re doing a three-part carnival challenge it’s gonna be a lot
of fun I’m going to pass it over to standing straight up guys Caleb hurt
himself again last night I have to welcome to kids carnival today you have
three challenges the first challenge we are doing balloon popping with darts
second challenge we’re gonna do the ring toss and third challenge we’re breaking
plates with baseballs since its candles carnival all the games were rigged and
nobody’s winning I’m just getting all that money let’s go that’s not true so
three challenges if you win first place you get three points second place you
get two points third place you get one if you were the last two you get nothing
each person has a designated color if you pop all your balloons first you win
we’re going one at a time let’s get it okay Jenna your blue stand behind that is green you’re going for red I’m red
couldn’t find the camera oh right on target all right I was gonna
say I’m winning but I’m tied with Caleb doesn’t even got here
caleb is pink already has one balloon down Jen are you back up back up
go ahead after that pink there Jennifer that pink and well done good I would say
if you missed this pretty embarrassing you got a big
balloon front center yeah I’m team cash no leave me hangin
dang it I’ll go for Josh’s but I forgot here nice well done let’s go any advice
is a green one right there this one yeah yeah right that was yeah that’s crazy for the win hey but now let’s see who’s
gonna get second and third it grazed it my last attempt on the one right in
front of my okay here we go that saving that for last if I don’t get it
laser beam that bro-bro oh that’s what happens when I listen to you good now okay we’re going to at a time now seeing
a little bit of touch cuz we need to get to round two of you bums can’t smell
bone without you isn’t that reach thanks guys that’s crazy nice where if Jen only has one left but
that’s a tough one no you’re no you’re the viewers have enough trouble as it is
Oh Brando I’m intrigued Jake elevating bandy for the win for the
second place win Oh okay so standings after round one I have
three points Jenna has two points and jake has one next step is the ring toss
you have five rings there’s five soda bottles worth one two three four five so
you can choose whether you want to be risky or go for more points most points
wins Hey that counts a camera box it’s two
two points for four points over 4.4 to one one to know 300 there you go for
there’s four three go for the two and he gets the dub three
oh okay Caleb its first place in three points
and now Jake and I have to do a ring up rules of the Ring off each person gets
two rings they’re gonna alternate shots whoever gets mostly
Josh Horton up Tibet he takes a good little stance nice little follow-through
and he goes for the two he’s got two points we can you really just the two
the two keys please thank you brother Oh for three he’s cracking under the I
wonder three he’s gonna go for the oh I got zero five to win not worried about
it he needs a four to tie five for the win there’s no harder carnival our next
I respect the where all the games are rigged and Caleb gets paid okay so that
is a two points for me one point for you three points for Caleb it’s bringing my
total five Jake’s total in Caleb Soto Joe how are ya – how many happy let’s go
eat step right up step right up better pitch bat and picture picture yeah step
right up step right up if you think you’re a good pitcher step up to Caleb’s
carnival and throw the baseball at the place for you you just guys can’t
endeavor for balls juggling warehouse.com backslash banco backslash
youtube myspace caleb on twitter okay the more plates you break the more
points you get blue placer worth two points white plates are worth one point
instead of the ranking for first second third whatever points you get that’s how
many points are added to your total one point for the for the white plates two
points for the blue plates here we go Wow boy I like it
oh my gosh loser – why Sir one to that shatter it
did not break okay so Caleb you have three points so I have a total of six
points y’all can’t see my face behind the camera but it’s so just it hurts
so Josh now has a total of six points Josh and I are tied oh geez
zero in case you weren’t counting okay so I got you oh okay that’s close you’re
going that blue one again gross it’s another point for Caleb I’ve got
seven back up that’s kind of cool actually
Oh what’s for dinner guys nice what I did try to go for got them one point Oh
Jenna bandy on the mound she’s had a rough couple of days
watch out and they’re out that was a good little pop fly the first barely it
looks like chip from Beauty and the Beast
I know you got give me two more give me two more oh that’s nine for Caleb oh definitely a break window who could get
cameras hot add a girl final round oh gosh laughter Oh Caleb here we go choise okay Caleb has nine I
have six that means I need to hit a blue and a white to tie or two blues to win wait Josh I just want to give a little
bit of a situational pitch for you okay it’s bottom of the night only
ah but that means I win cuz none of your other bums no no I’m about to beat you
right here six no you don’t that’s eight you ready your I think I got eight I’m
good are you sure I’m sure I might say it up right here bottom of the night
okay full count okay bases loaded two acts you need a
strike to end the game in the Cardinals win the World Series
oh that was close the Cardinals have lost I didn’t have legs either how many
do you have hey high five high five hahahaha that’s two yeah okay so you’re
at seven I mean one more blue and you can tie Caleb or yeah yeah I decide you
were first showdown between you two
we’re gonna alternate first person to hit the top plate wins oh that was close
home runs there’s Jennifer this gentleman first I get a real butter one
more plate if you miss you lose if you make it the tiebreaker continues there’s
a lot on this one pitch Caleb oh no I beat him in his own carnival his
own rigged carnival because of your efforts at Kayla’s carnival I spend a
lot of money we got you this giant teddy bear hmm
in giant lollipop congratulations congratulations so we’re the real winner
hear me cuz y’all just paid a lot of money to play my games thank you so much
for watching everybody baddest today’s video thank you so much everyone for
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bye oh yeah that again I don’t know you’re
good too throws each go for it what the heck it’s a baseball it’s not a wiffle