Hi, I’m magician Paul Weatherbee, and I’m
going to perform a magic trick. We’re going to try to find the four aces. Sir, if you
would, could you please cut the cards into approximately four equal piles? That’s very good, very good. Now, I’m going
to show you a little shuffle that I learned in New Orleans, it’s called the “Voodoo Shuffle”
just to get the cards more mixed up. The Voodoo Shuffle, you pick up a pack you take three
cards, put three cards down, and then put three cards on the remaining piles. Just like
that. Once more the Voodoo Shuffle, you pick up a packet, you put three down, and then
put a card on each remaining packet. Could you do that with that packet right there?
One, two, three down, and then one card on top of each pile. Very good. Ok, now pick
up the last pile, three down,
alright. You think you have the magic touch? I think so. Well lets give it a, let’s take
a look and see how things turned out. Sure enough, you cut right to the four aces. Awesome.
Great job. Thank you. Now, I’m going to tell everyone how that trick is done. All that
you have to do to set up for the chasing ace trick, is to take four aces and put them on
the top of the deck. Someone cuts the cards into four piles. You should always remember
which stack has the four aces, and then you tell them about the story of the Voodoo Shuffle,
they place three cards down and then a card on top of each pile, and this trick is virtually
self working. You do the Vodoo Shuffle a couple times just to show everybody how to do it
and get them used to it,
and then
you work up to the big finish. All you have to do is turn over the top cards. Finding
the four aces is arguably the most powerful magic trick the magician can do. I hope you
enjoy it. Until next time, keep the magic in your life.