How to Become a Spellcaster in Sims 4: Realm
of Magic Thanks EA for providing me a free code for
Realm of Magic, and continuing to fuel this blighted addiction I’ve had since 2001. Appreciate it. How to Become a Spellcaster in Sims 4 I spent an embarrassing amount of time figuring
this one out. Although you can technically create a new
character as a Spellcaster right off the bat, I wanted to have my OG Sim become one. But then I walked around the Realm for two
days trying to figure out what to do and not doing anything productive, save making a batch
of Mac and Cheese in a cauldron. So! Don’t make my mistake. Here’s the proper way to do it, and the
basics of becoming a Spellcaster. In the new neighborhood called Glimmerbrook,
you’ll want to find this Eluvian-looking Portal to the west of the map. Walk through it and you’ll end up in the
Magical Realm’s Headquarters. The place will be littered with Spellcasters
practicing their craft, and among them, you’ll need to find one of the three Sages with glowing
symbols over their heads. They are the Sage of Mischief Magic, the Sage
of Practical Magic, and lastly (the one you may have seen in the trailers) – the Sage
of Untamed Magic. It doesn’t matter which Sage you talk to,
but just make sure you do this inside the Magical Realm, as they will not talk to you
about magic in the normal world. Ask one of them the Friendly prompt “Ask
How to Use Magic” and they’ll send you on a quest to look for 7 shiny Motes on the
ground. These will spawn around the border of the
HQ building. Simply pick up 7 motes and then revisit the
Sage you talked to at the start. That Sage will then grant you the ability
to cast magic, officially making you a Spellcaster. Simple, right? In contrast to the past Sims 3 expansion “Supernatural”,
you do NOT have to buy or own a wand to cast magic. Many actions are open to you at the start;
you can read tomes or talk to the Sages to learn new potion recipes or spells, buy magical
items at the Shops, bind Familiars to your Sim, duel other Spellcasters for ingredients,
artefacts, or knowledge, brew potions in cauldrons, and so much more. Your spellbook will keep track of all the
spells and potions you learn along the way, and similarly to Vampire powers, you can develop
Spellcaster perks through talent points. And while Vampires have weaknesses to spend
points into, Spellcasters have Charge. Every time your Sim casts a spell, they generate
in their bodies what is called Charge, and you can track how much your Sim has in a crystal-ball
on top of the Needs tab. Fill it a little and some charge can help
boost the power of your spells. But fill it too much and that Charge can make
your Sim susceptible to Curses. But it’s not that bad. There are perks that can help your Sim reduce
the amount of charge they build or discharge it completely. If you are cursed, you can buy potions from
the Magic Shops or the Rewards store. Or, if a high enough Spellcaster, you can
learn the decursify spell. Overall, just keep in mind that, as a newbie
Spellcaster, that too much Charge can risk your Sim’s health when left unchecked. That all said, Realm of Magic is a really,
really, really good DLC. It takes a lot of the good from the original
Sims’ Makin’ Magic and Sims 3’s Supernatural expansion, like dueling and practical magic. I personally like how the Magic Realm is a
completely separate instance that is explorable without additional loading, but as I kept
playing, I ended up enjoying magic in everyday real world situations way more than staying
the entire time in the Magical Realm. The three types of magic — Practical, Untamed,
and Mischief — blend well with whatever kind of Sim you prefer to play. As I tend to play a lot of Sims with Active
careers like Doctors and Actresses, Transportalate ends up being the single most helpful spell
in the game. It’s an instant teleport with barely any cast
time and no cool down, so time limits don’t hurt as much. But if I wanted to make, say, a Kleptomaniac
Sim, there’s a spell called Burgulate that literally lets you steal stuff. Or for people who miss the old Brave trait,
you can put out fires with the Chillio spell. While you can spend all your time in the Magical
Realm dueling and picking mandrakes, I believe the spell variety perfectly complements your
Sim’s everyday life in the normal world. Realm of Magic is the one DLC that I’ve
been waiting for a long time. If you only had the means to play one DLC
out of the entire batch (which is many!), if you ask me, I’d say Realm of Magic is
it. Thanks for watching! Eventually here, I’ll be recreating Shepard’s
apartment from Mass Effect 3 to release that on the Gallery for anyone to play, so keep
a look out for that! Hope you enjoyed. Like and subscribe, or at the very least,
be good to one another. I’ll see you soon or on stream. Links in the description. Take care and I’ll catch you next one! Bye!