[Music] is the standard cost of standard well above your financial standards do you no longer have a spare kidney to sell for that Silesia aggro deck because you’ve already sold it to try out band mid-range worried you might have to start selling your plasma just to play at Friday night magic well worry no more because here’s a deck that’s highly competitive highly affordable but not very high in price and can be built for only about $50 that’s right it’s the low cost no cost Colossus deck and it’s got an affinity for Friday night magic success the goal of low cost no cost Colossus is to dump as many artifacts into play as possible and then drop a metal work Colossus early maybe even two or three and swing in for some heavy beatings metal work Colossus is a 10/10 artifact construct 411 that costs X less to cast where X is the total converted mana cost of non creature artifacts you control so building off a basic ramp strategy we utilize mana rocks and other low-cost early game non creature artifacts to drop a colossus for cheap or even for free let’s take a look let’s start with our mana rock collection accelerating our mana and lowering the cost of metal work Colossus primarily will be using seers Lantern cultivator caravan and he’d run Archive which all make for affordable fast and effective manner rocks with caravan offering us the option of a 5:5 creature if we are in need and he draw an archive giving us the option to draw in two cards in a pinch remember Colossus doesn’t exactly have affinity its cost is actually lowered by the overall converted mana cost of non creature artifacts so a card like archive lowers the cost by four and gives us two colorless mana to boot that’s essentially cutting the cost of Colossus in half not to mention however many lands we already have in play also while not providing a mana source cog workers puzzle naught and metal spinners puzzle not our great low cost artifacts with nice benefits when they enter the battlefield ideally we don’t want to sack these except in an emergency but the COG workers puzzle not gives us a chump servo and the metal spinners puzzle not gives us card draw at the cost of only one life after our Colossus Azure class I hit the battlefield then we can sack to our heart’s delight the last two artifacts we run are prophetic prism and terraria on terraria on either reduces the cost of Colossus or gives us card draw and two mana of any color or of any colors if needed prism draws us a card when it comes into play and can filter mana into any color we need why is having access to filtering colors so important because while we are setting up the Colossus combo we need to keep our opponent’s creatures at bay and radiant flames is some of our best defense while we set up for Colossus and with converge if we use three different colors we can essentially wipe the board for three if needed great to control your opponent’s board state while we get ready to Colossus combo the deck also runs a play set of glint nest crane which among other artifact toys let’s us dig for Colossus remember even if we already have one in hand we would love to dig for more that way we can drop multiple threats and crane helps us dig for mana rocks or dig for Colossus and as a 1/3 flyer it makes a nice blocker to boot the mana base of this deck is also critical for its success aether hub helps with a different color of mana for converge inventors Faire gives us life for each artifact we control helping us last long enough to combo off with Colossus and sanctum of ogen means that when we cast one Colossus we can automatically grab another to hopefully drop at that same turn for free or a low low price with sanctums and cranes this deck can end up with two three or even four colossi on the board and beating in very early game the deck also runs a playset of wandering fumarole as a man land that can work as a blocker or an alternative way to swing in during a stalled game finally a collection of mountains and islands as well as one Highland Park to help diversify our mana base again that’s primarily therefore converge now this list is a budget build and if you want increase the cost of the deck by a little but boost up its power by a lot there’s two upgrades available the first is for a play set of spire Bluff canals swapping out the Highland Park in a few basics but the next upgrade really solidifies this deck is a powerhouse and that is trading out three terraria ons for three combustible gear hulks the gear hopes add both an alternative threat for when your opponent tries to disrupt your early game Colossus strategy and also just creates another hard to stall off inevitability especially since our mana rock ramp will help rush them out early what does our sideboard look like as always these are going to be flexible and change with your meta but a basic sideboard for this deck will have four negate for obvious control for harness lightning for great targeted removal the fourth radiant flames as well as the final gear hope to summary dismissal largely for lingering ldraw Z’s and finally three shrewd negotiation for the ultimate irritant letting you trade one of your worthless mana rocks for any awesome artifact or creature your opponent has cast well it might not win a Pro Tour low cost no-cost Colossus is still a highly competitive deck that is perfect for Friday night magic if you don’t want to build the mean green energy doubling machine which is performing very well right now by the way then low cost no cost Colossus combo might be exactly what you need to start playing standard again at your local game store I hope very much this video has been of some help to you and if you like deck Texan want more of them and want better deck Tech’s then there’s nowhere better to turn then strictly better MTG strictly better MTG is a smaller youtube channel that quite frankly should be bigger than the rest of us and I want to do whatever I can to help him get there so I will be including links to some of my favorite strictly better deck Tech’s from dev at the end of this video and my favorite ones down in the description if you want awesome Magic the Gathering content and you want to support awesome Magic the Gathering content creators then please please please check out strictly better MTG and devs videos today and if nothing else does drops sick beats yo and I’m your favorite magic panel favorite magic Channel let’s believe that the professor go bananas for my deck text yes I am down with the rap music come correct Mike come on start slicing up all these other subs with McCord Martin what’s up my wizards it’s dead from SB MTG down there on the youtube comment ‘day I got something special for you now the cat he’s here all the time love yummy instead we’re gonna be five whole debts in one video and there’s a couple of cool things about these five bags sing one first of all they’re all Commons all the time every single one of these decks consists of nothing but Commons which means you can play them in popper they’re all about three or four dollars to build on TCG players so the price is right and they’re all standard legal which is thing to thing three by the way is that they’re all rotation proves so even though you’re only spending a couple of bucks on each day you won’t have to worry about wasting any money on dragons of Tarr care or magic origins and one of the coolest things about these decks is that they played well against one another so if you got a couple of buddies and you want to play some magic but you don’t wanna spend all the money in the world doing that like they want you to do then you can buy all five of these decks for our total on less than $20 on TCG player so pretty good night or two of magic right there for less than $20 just play these decks against one another you have a blast