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your order of all D&D and Pathfinder minis. Welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I’m Theo and we have something
special to share with you today. This is the Dungeons & Dragons
Beholder Collector’s Set for 4th edition. This was released back in 2010 and features four types
of beholder minis, plus Dungeon Delve stat cards. This was billed as a very limited edition
only available in hobby stores. All the sculpts had been available
before in other booster packs, but three of the ones in this set
have a very different paint job. It had an MSRP [Manufacturer Suggested
Retail Price] at the time of about $35 [USD]. We thought you might enjoy seeing
it, so let’s open it up and take a look. Beholders were one of the first monsters
created specifically for Dungeons & Dragons that weren’t based on mythological
or preexisting fantasy creatures. They were created by Terry Kuntz
and detailed by Gary Gygax for the first Dungeons & Dragons
supplement, Greyhawk, back in 1975. A beholder was originally described
as a Sphere of Many Eyes. Beholders of many varieties have
appeared in every edition of D&D. The ones in this set are specifically from 4th
edition, which was active from 2008 to 2014. The eye tyrant is the default beholder
detailed in the 4th edition Monster Manual. They consider themselves to be the pinnacle of
creation, destined to rule over all lesser creatures. Their egos are unmatched and they
cannot even tolerate other beholders. They attack with ten different eye rays,
all of which have different effects, from causing various types of damage
to throwing or restraining foes, all the way up to petrifying, disintegrating,
or just outright killing them. They were considered level 19 creatures. In 5th edition, the standard beholder
has a challenge rating of 13. This standard beholder mini was also included
in the Dangerous Delves set released in 2009. They’re almost identical, but the collector’s set one has
an improved paint job with red pupils in the eye stalks, and it has a plastic base compared to the
rubber base of the Dangerous Delves version. Here is the eye tyrant next to the beholder mini which was a rare in the Icons of
the Realms Rage of Demons set, and here it is next to the unpainted beholder
from the Nolzur’s Marvelous Minis line. Beholders were expanded upon in the
second Monster Manual for 4th edition, including the introduction of the beholder eye
of frost, an especially cruel type of beholder who lives in isolation in frozen environments
where beholders are not normally found. Unlike your typical eye tyrant who
may concoct long term plans for conquering and ruling an entire region of the world, the eye of frost beholder is happy enjoying whatever
cruel pleasure it could find in the moment without any care being given to long term strategies. They were often under the employ of frost giants
or oni who used them as hunters or guards. This level 14 creature could encase itself in
ice armor, weaken foes with its central eye, and then attack with three different eye rays. The freeze ray caused cold damage, the telekinesis ray would push targets into a more
advantageous position or off the sides of mountains, and the ice ray would freeze foes. The eye of frost beholder has not appeared
in 5th edition as of this recording. This mini shares a sculpt with
a beholder eye of flame mini from the Dungeons of Dread set released in 2008,
as seen here in a picture from The eye of shadow beholder was introduced
in the third Monster Manual for 4th edition. They are beholders who were warped by
spending too much time in the Shadowfell. They are considered level 12 monsters who could teleport and hide in the
shadows where they could heal. They can strike out with three eye ray attacks. The blinding ray does just that
while causing radiant damage. The thundering ray deals thunder
damage while deafening foes. And the shadowbond ray deals necrotic damage
while wrapping its foe in shadow energy. Until the effect ends, the beholder and
any other shadow creatures nearby gain concealment while next
to the shadowbond ray victim. While we don’t have an official stat block
for a shadow beholder in 5th edition, you can make one by adapting the 4th edition abilities using the shadow dragon template
in the 5th edition Monster Manual. This sculpt was originally a regular beholder
from the 2005 set called Deathknell, seen here in a picture from We do have a shadow beholder mini in the
Icons of the Realms set, Rage of Demons, presented here on the right side of your screen. It was considered very rare and can be
hard to track down on the after market. Finally we have the ghost beholder, also from
the third Monster Manual for 4th edition. When especially willful and angry beholders
eventually succumb to death, they may rise again as ghost beholders. Having tasted death once, these ghost beholders are
not keen to experience that feeling of oblivion again, so they become even more cautious and paranoid. Now incorporeal, they hide in floors and walls, extending
a single eye stalk to spy on their surroundings. As level 18 creatures, they are well
equipped to defend themselves. They also have three eye ray attacks. The first is called Chill of the Grave, which inflicts cold and necrotic damage
while slowing or immobilizing the target. Ghostly Possession can daze
a target or possess it entirely. And the Killing Thought eye ray
causes the target to strike itself with whatever melee weapon it has available. Fifth edition does not have the ghost beholder
but an undead death tyrant instead. This mini was repurposed from the sculpt originally
used as a beholder lich in the 2007 set, Unhallowed, also seen here from And here is our ghost beholder next to the death
tyrant mini from the Dungeon of the Mad Mage set. It was a rare in that set, but it is
available on many retail sites. And here are our four Collector’s Set beholders next
to some of the other more recent beholder minis. This beholder collection is mostly
a historical relic at this point. You can still find a few of the full sets out there, and some retailers, including our
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minis if any of them catches your eye. We were lucky to get our hands on this set, but it took
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