Chris what did you think I Mean I’m so I’m so blown away because you walk out and there’s this like, you know You’ve got these like sneakers on you look like at this adorable little child and then you open your mouth It’s like how do those pipes fit in that? Tiny body you are Unbelievable. I Just feel like Angelica you are the chosen one. She’s crying amazing, man Thank you, would you like to start off by just Introducing yourselves and why you entered America’s Got Talent. So hey guys, we are V unbeatable from Mumbai India and So we are here to fulfill the dream orphan boy Explain a little bit more about that. So six years ago we were doing rehearsals and suddenly though like Incident happened and he pulled down and like good then Like his body was paralyzed from here and Okay, so after a few weeks he passed away and like we were all broken His dream was to be on the stage like this. So yes, we are doing all this for him You had a great first audition Our decisions really are based on who we think the audience would like to put through and hopefully fulfill your dreams So the best of luck to every one of you. Thank you so much. Do not try what you’re about to see at home for real Julianne. There is so much power obviously the tricks in the riskiness Some people are just dance crews and some people are just acrobats. You have the combination of both very very proud Do you know what these guys reminded me about That actually we all have the best job in the world and to see your enthusiasm Really just taking it in that your on an America’s Got Talent stage These are times. I believe when we probably need each other Please trust me. We need you and I hope we can do something in return back for you Thank You. Saul most always Baby put your hand on my heart My heart my heart is beating at a rapid pace That I haven’t felt before As a former athlete right, it’s 30 of you guys on that stage 29 29 Let’s round 30 sound better. I Know the practice time it takes I know the sacrifice it takes I had this saying that whenever I hit a big shot whenever I hit a game-winner whenever he was one of those moments I Jumped up on the stand and I said this is my house and today on this stage This is your house Yeah There will be no deliberations you are going straight to the live show in Hollywood You’re excited huh? I mean I’m You want to say something to Louie? Hi Hi Are you are you nervous? Um, yeah, actually I am. Yeah, how old are you again? I’m 14 14 So you’re just a baby who are you here with I’m here with my beautiful mother your beautiful mother Go ahead young lady. Thank you Your broken-down entire Merry-go-round then you can’t find them But I sit in your we’re gonna walk it out and move We’re gonna walk it out Mountains and our Thousand time to get Well Oh Oh and I’ll do it a thousand Today The judges Oh It’s not just one thing with you, it’s not just the voice It’s not just the performance you have everything and it’s so infectious to watch your performance Oh my gosh Louise is it is golden buzzer voice or a 40? Gorgeous reporting place. He should be very excited. Very excited. You’re going straight through the lines everyone Mason Nice to have any fat guys you made quite the impression when you first came came on the auditions. We remember this very well, but You know where we are 18x only seven can go through tell me the song you’ve chosen today Why you chosen it we have chosen to do how far I’ll go One of your comments last time was that you felt like this is me wasn’t rehearsed enough We feel just a little bit more tight and solid on the vocals with this. Look are we ready to win this thing? I’ve been staring at the edge of the water long as I can remember Never really know why I could be the perfect daughter But I come back to the water No matter how hard I try Every turn I take every trail I attract every path I make if he Pro leads back to the police, I know They call me Behind one day If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go I know everybody on We tried to make us strong You know what this actually made me really emotional I Can see you really really want it every single one of you on this stage really really wants it good job guys A great especially than lead vocals. I also wanna say I think it is so great What you all do with your spare time instead of sitting at home doing video games Kudos to all of you. I Think of all the acts we’ve seen so far from the audition to this round you are the most improved And what keep the jet of what I felt was an Unbelievable energy. So I think what you’ve done is is actually incredible. I’m really proud of all of you. This is amazing Well from all of us to all of you Welcome back. We remember you you guys were absolutely amazing. Hi. Thank you So give us your age range of your group. The youngest of us is 11 and the oldest is 13 Oh and tell us where you’re from We are from Ukraine So, can you explain a little bit of what you guys do? Um, we are a dance group, but it’s not just dancing. It’s also lights programming coding There’s a lot that goes into this to make. Hope good performance. All right, we can’t wait to see what you guys do Good luck. Thank you I’m sorry Julie let’s start with you. Oh my goodness. Well, first of all, This round is all about stepping it up. You did not disappoint the creativity Totally agree, you know I was a fan of light balance the adults I even like light balance kids better than the regular light balance and It’s really clear. You know, you always bring up Simon like, where do you see this going? I would go pay to see this in Vegas. I would see this at a live concert Having seen people your age so young do something so brilliant So unique and the level of rehearsals that must go into that is quite incredible. I Think you could be stars Okay, you guys I’m new here I’m just a guest I thought this was the definition of a spectacle It was truly spectacular it was marvellous. But there are only seven acts that can go forward and I just wish there were some guarantee To get you guys through to the live show. If only there were one surefire way we could get you there