Is this been like a dream of yours all your life it has it’s always been a dream to perform on the raw variety show Sure and meet the Queen in person, so she’s very nice. She’s very nice It’s very easy to chat to and when you go for dinner. She’s just very normal and down to work Okay once in Richard. I really wish you the best of luck. Thank you very much Do you mind if I join you only table? I would like thank you very much I’ll say and what’s on the speaker or compensate I love Tomatoes now. I have a gift here This is a gift which is going to be for one of you judges in just a few moments But I’m gonna leave it there for now. I also have two notebooks on each of these notebooks I have different things written one is the you Amanda as I flick through would you mind reading some of these out for me? Jennifer Aniston Madonna Brad Pitt Taylor Swift Vin Diesel Halle Berry Emma Stone They’re all Celebrity 60 celebrities to be precise if you could hold your hand flat for me place your other hand directly on top and just hold It there. I also have one for you David this one. Here is a drinks menu on every page. It is a different drink Whisky There you could hold your hand flat now place your other hand on top Now just with your thumb lift that make sure no one sees and just take a peek of whatever you choose an is slamming close For me and please could you stand up and just throw them onto the stage because we no longer need those unleash the anger perfect Okay Amanda, we’re gonna start with yourself you all thinking of a celebrity is that correct? Yes, think of assertive just stand up for me what I need to do is send two Ford’s straight directly into my mind I need you just with your finger. Look me directly in your eye. Just touch me just on the forehead You felt that right, thank you so much now what you’ve just done is just just directly sent your thoughts into my mind And I’m the how can a very Creatively find out who you were thinking of now believe it or not before I became a magician I spent six years in an origami Intensive training center in the heart of Japan just so I could be here with you guys doing this right now Now am I right in saying see someone who’s very particular about their hair, yeah and I think it’s probably a man don’t give anything away, but I’m going to just That’s perfect okay, Amanda, please tell us this wonderful audience who are you thinking of David Beckham David Beckham? If I open it up, I’ve made something very very special for you to keep we have People still think that the truth is that correct correct Would you mind now revealing to us the drink that you have been thinking of it’s the drink? I’m drinking right now Which is a cup of tea? It’s a cup of tea? Now this has been here the whole time. It’s been in front of yourself, Simon. Yeah inside here ladies and gentlemen Just as you asked for Orange soda It’s a little bit awkward, but we can still fix this don’t panic could you just reach out your hand just here for me Send me that positive energy Believable monk now just filled me with all of your kinetic energy Which allows me to act almost like a microwave so the can starts to heat up how can? They get hotter and hotter please feel it what? Feel the can it’s getting hotter and hotter It just makes sure that it is a sealed can miles. Do you think of one drink you said breakfast teams arrived ocurro’s? If I open this up ladies and gentlemen just what you ordered In a cat Please taste it Please taste it makes me really is be a delicious Thank you so much Howard according to all your fans you’re always right right Mel B You’ve shown some evidence that you might even have psychic powers Tonight we put you both to the test We have two decks of cards the first is just an ordinary deck But the other is the world’s first human deck of cards well Kind of behind me we have audience members each one is holding a random card even they don’t know which card They’re holding because the faces of the cards are covered Mel B Please join me on stage to help me with the human deck ladies and gentlemen Mel Bay Right come Come on over melon. I’m gonna have you stand right over here? Face the audience. We’re gonna start by shuffling both decks of cards starting on stage if you’re on stage now everyone Please move around audience members move around and to shuffle yourselves until I say to stop Back at the desk Howard we’re gonna do a more traditional shuffle judge stir and make sure that what you see is what you get Is that fair Everyone on stage please stop and form a line right next to Mel B all the way to the back I’m gonna pull out one random red card and one random black card Howard. Please hold on to the deck I’d like you to pull off. Just the top card don’t look at it I want you to use your intuition if you feel that’s a red card place it here. If you think it’s black put it there Confident right away Go ahead with the next one pull off the next one think about it Two in a row you can make them into a pile not a row continue You feel that oh, you switched it you think that one’s red oh? You’re gonna switch it again. Okay, and the next That’s right. That’s right Okay
Continue on just like that And Mel B on stage you’re gonna do the same thing use your intuition if you feel the first card is read Direct it to the red side if you feel it’s black direct that person to the opposite side go ahead Each one yeah make these into a pile like this Very good Mel use your intuition try to keep the pile somewhat even Very oh you think this one’s red you sure you put it on you sure yeah, yeah, all right? That one you know he moved it back. Oh good move it is red. I knew it congratulations congratulations. I keep going Over there all right, Howard I’m gonna stop you there Mel B. I’m gonna stop you there We’re gonna switch things up to make it more difficult We’re gonna switch the black and red now continue, but put the black cards to this side and the red cards to this side We’ll switch the graphic on the screen as well Mel continue. Oh How do you think you’re doing I mean That’s interesting this one here is red. That’s that’s so good good. It’s interesting because I gotta be honest I mean most people couldn’t get even more than 10% right I mean if you got like 20 or even 25 Percent that might be considered psychic. What do you think Howie? Yeah? I think I would be amazing great Mel B as you finish up come on back to you See how about a big round of applause for both of them? Mel I want you to be honest with me How do you well how do you think Mel did Mel probably got him all wrong, but I know I got them right Yeah, Mel. What do you think how do you think you did? Completely right check it out. No sleight of hand whatsoever. I’m gonna square the cards here Check it out on this side. We have all the black cards all the red cards over here on this side. You’ve separated Just the opposite all the black cards all the red cards. Can you see that? But hold on a second, there’s one that you got off in the middle there I don’t know if you can see that three o’clock, but that’s okay I think it’s still amazing he did a pretty awesome job one off Hold on Mel let’s see who how you did, let’s go on this side, please reveal all of your cards in the back I’ll hold them up nice and high All red cards in the back row all black cards in the front row separated perfectly But here’s the moment where this goes from a crazy coincidence to real magic Everyone on this side, please reveal your cards. You’ll see one card in the red pile out of place also the three Hello judges may I please join you your table. Yes, yes come on Hello David are you? Okay, son brother. I’m sorry to pick up to you guys, but tonight. No not be any knifes more risking. Anyone’s life. Oh Tina okay But I’m good wait. I’ve got something for you, okay It’s a bit late for that oh Go ahead take the coin, so I can just lay them on the table yeah for me Go ahead examine the coins make sure the coins are ordinary and there’s no tricks to it also ever Good yeah, I like you too. Go ahead legit put your initials for one of the coins Well, this is what’s gonna happen, okay? I’m gonna get you to put the coins in your hands like so you’re gonna hold out your hands And you’re gonna extend it like that okay Good Hey left hand right hand good all your hands like this now this has nothing to do with the trick I just want to hold your hand Now this is one gonna happen. Okay? How are you just imagine? This uses strong imaginative mind imagine that your signature is right over there, and I’m just gonna Now go ahead turn your hands over and take a look at the coin, no way I Didn’t do that It’s your mind Now speaking about the mind ladies and gentlemen David. I’m gonna get you for this one, okay Don’t you please join me on stage give it big round of applause to David? So I have you with me the Invisible Man by HG Wells I want you to go in examine the book make sure it’s an ordinary book and not the same page printed over and over again Good you can take your time yeah? David there are about 200 through pages in this book and average about 150 to 200 words in a page that makes up 30 to 40 thousand words and I memorize it all Every word every sentences every paragraph every Page no way in a moment you are gonna test me sounds good sounds good. You ought to start the show tonight, David I like you to say I’m sweet every night. Yes, facing that way got it perfect and we are gonna stand shoulder-to-shoulder back-to-back chiki chiki Now David I would like you to go ahead and turn to any pitch in the book and tell me when you’re done I’m done. Are you happy a decision? I’m happy now David for the first time. What pitch number are you on? Well, I have to get my glasses for this Do you don’t turn no, I won’t turn yeah Got it. Got it now for the first time what page number. Are you on David six? 262 so David I’ll let you two go ahead and silently count in your head the amount of paragraphs that I’m page 62 All right, hey sixty-two David, and if you look at the second paragraph it begins with I have some luggage you sit Am I correct yes? Amazing Wow I mean, what do you think any chances? I could possibly do something I don’t know. I mean like you should mind like what do you think are the possible? We you know what I’m digging? Yeah, I’m you know what I’m thinking right now That’s gonna give all my stuff yeah, okay? In the book david any bitch got it what page are you on one five? Six one five six look at the last line for me the last line. Yep the last word knew him and Mustard I’m actually reading it backwards. He’s reading it back isn’t it amazing? David David, we’ve been great, but should I stay oh yeah, you should share that well ladies ever my book is empty You might want to keep it I want to keep it ladies, I’m Danny All right best of luck thank you, can I come down in join you you can Today I’m going to show you something with my two favorite things Magic and reading using my three favorite books my first favorite author is corn Davis mathemagical Amanda Could you look through the book and see for each page is different? Yes, Tommy? My second favorite author is inna black from magical faraway tree Alicia could you look through the book and see if each page is different, okay? My third favorite author is David Walliams midnight Will be a pleasure While still doing that Simon could you pick up my box and put it on the floor for me, please where Very bossy Down here yeah, I can’t lift it David you want to go in hell. I live free car left To turn together drop it to me to you to me It won’t lift oh wait one minute could you sit back down for me, please go sit up, mr.. Don know you as well Zuzu talk back Salmon, I want to show you a card trick voice it card. I’m still a bit scared after that give me five seconds As you can see all the cards are different yeah, Cameron I’m going to turn them face down, and I want you to touch the back of any card all right that one Thank you, I want you to look at your card if remember and don’t let anyone else see I want okay now Simon You’re the boss. I want you to pick any book either and bandeau leash or David’s malicious piece Alicia’s book has about 600 pages could you name a number between one and six hundred it’s 70 70 Alicia could you turn your book to page 77 for me, please and check if all the words are different Yes, all the words are different now. Could you pick any word and tell us what it is? kettle kettle Remember Sam you could have picked any book and Alicia you could have chosen any word But you chose kettle there see this black board before the show tonight. I wrote a word on the board watch Sammy meters apart, what was your card it’s the four diamonds Hi guys, how are you doing, sir I couldn’t be better look at this look at this look at this. What is your name? I am Slovenian you are smooth vini the ghetto Houdini like Houdini, but ghetto but get up. Yes, sir You are magician then yes, sir a bar magician to be exact a bar This is a big bar here Have you been doing magic all your life? Is that what you’ve been doing is home? I was a Marine Well, thank you for your service working Rough You’re no longer in the Marines. No sir. Are you doing this full-time yes, sir, and how is it going for you? It could be a lot better in about five minutes Okay, let’s see you do what you do, and I’m not allowed to go close to you guys you can yes, all right? Thank you very much. You’re welcome Now think about bar magic as opposed to regular magic is the fact that I don’t use big props. I don’t I can’t afford them And That’s all I have – in the world right now think about Magic that happens close to your face is that it has to be performed exquisitely, okay, so now is that work correctly back But honestly, I just do not like part tricks because But I’m a beautiful six-year-old son and I want to do something to you miss now. Be well well that my little boy likes. I’ll see you the other side Thank you Perfect I’m gonna. Take this ball. Put it right about here. I want you to hold that ball real tight for me Thank you with that ball there and therefore they were gonna go abracadabra Open up Let me mentally assault mutual good things Because cuz I am ghetto Oh Thank you now my name though that is the name Thank you Smoothly, thank you We didn’t know what they expect he got it I Know whoa what our God called? Hello what’s your name, and and where are you from? Oh Oh Help Where are you from do you want to know if she married, No? Well that key is moving like he just rolled over Oh Whoa that was my card, there’s your card, that’s weird Dude help me no I didn’t see helps me What That’s true I’m never at a loss for words But I seem to be at a loss for words now you’ve scared the hell out of all three of us I Want to be like you I Think we’re communicating Well That was the most unusual magic act I have ever seen in my life But it was very good Jay careful careful careful. I Don’t want to be hexed, so I’m just gonna say I like the performance yeah Before anything I love my family you know just I have nothing against you and So yeah, I think yes, yes Yes, yes may I call you, baby No, I guess not yeah, well, baby you got my yes – that’s three yeses That was awesome