Bhasmasura was a very powerful Asura. He was very big and strong, but at the same time he was also very foolish. Once.. Bhasmasura wandered through a forest. How can I become the most powerful King? Is there any shortcut to become one? Whom could I ask for a help? When Bhasmasura thought this to himself. There came the great sage, Narada. Narayana.. Narayana.. Narayana.. Narayana.. Oh! Here comes, Narada. He knows the answers for all the questions. Oh! great sage. Tell me, How I can become great and strong? Ah.. So strong that I may be able to defeat even the greatest kings. Bhasmasura, Do penance on Lord Shiva. He will grant you any boon. So Bhasmasura prostrated to Narada. And started his journey towards the dense forest. He found a quiet place under a peepal tree and began to worship Lord Shiva. Om Namah Shivaya.. Many years passed. Lord Shiva appeared before him. Om Namah Shivaya.. Bhasmasura.. Open your eyes my child. Your prayers have reached me. What do you wish for Bhasmasura? My Lord.. I wish to be immortal. No Bhasmasura. That is against the laws of nature. All of whom, who are born have to die. If that’s the case My Lord.. If I touch anybody’s head, they should be reduced to ashes. As you wish Bhasmasura. Anybody that you touch with your right hand will die and be reduced to ashes. Hope you are happy with it? Bhasmasura let out a maniacal laugh. He studied his hands and wanted to test it right away. Now, I am more powerful than anybody. I am more powerful that you Lord. I can even burn down Lord Shiva. And become the King of Kailash. Lord Shiva looked startled at the current situation. But Bhasmasura continued.. Now my Lord I wish to test my power. I will place my hand on your head. Lord Shiva backed away and started to run for his life. Ha ha ha ha.. My Lord, why do you run? Wait! Bhasmasura followed him with his hands outstretched. My Lord, please wait. Let me test my power. My Lord.. Suddenly, Lord Shiva prayed to Lord Vishnu. Narayana.. Narayana.. Please help me now. Bhasmasura was about to follow Lord Shiva inside the clump of trees. Suddenly, he stopped. There he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was so beautiful and so graceful. That for a minute Bhasmasura even forgot about Lord Shiva. Am I dreaming? Is this Indraloka? Who is this damsel? Bhasmasura approached her. My lady, may I know who you are? You have to tell me who you are first? Oh! Of course. I am Bhasmasura. Who are you my beautiful lady? I am Mohini. Will you marry me? Mohini gave a tinkling laugh and turned and walked away. Feeling like an utter fool, Bhasmasura also followed her. What are you doing in this forest, my love? Where are you staying? I’m living with my parents in the forest, and I came here to collect flowers for the Daily pooja. Mohini.. What a wonderful name! Mohini.. Mohini, will you marry me? I will take good care of you and keep you happy always. You? With your good looks? Hmm. I would love to marry you dear. But you see I’m a dancer, Bhasmasura. When I was younger, I made a promise that I would only marry a man who can dance as well as me. There goes my chance.. Don’t worry. I will teach you. If you follow my steps exactly the way I do it. I am yours. And I will marry you. I will do anything and everything you say. So the two of then danced. Bhasmasura tried his best to Copy Mohini’s move, as she smiled encouragingly at him. They went on dancing, where Bhasmasura got better and concentrated on dancing and nothing else. Mohini soon had a move, where she kept her hand on her head. Without thinking Bhasmasura did the same.. The boon worked. And Bhasmasura reduced into ashes. Lord Shiva appeared before Mohini Thank you Narayana, you saved my life.. Anytime just think carefully next time before you grant anybody any boon.