5 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Magic is a funny thing. As much as the audience wants to be tricked
or fooled, they also usually want to know exactly how the trick was done. It’s a weird balance – where people want
to believe in or see real magic, but at the same time feel the need to see the truth behind
the trick that proves that magic is not real after all. The world of magic has evolved a lot over
the years from highly theatrical stage magicians to death defying escape artists and even on
to the street/internet modern day illusionists. The one thing that hasn’t changed however,
is people’s desire to be tricked and then let in on the secret right after. The magicians who are most loyal to their
craft and the sacred Magician’s Circle won’t reveal how their tricks are done, but luckily,
that’s exactly what we’re here for. Here is our list of 5 Amazing Magic Tricks
Revealed To The World. Levitation In The Street
With his hit TV show Mind Freak, Criss Angel became the hottest commodity in magic with
his flashy street magic that seemed to ignore physics, logic and the capabilities of the
human mind. One of the things that made him most famous
were his levitation tricks. He even levitated on the street, with audiences
just a few feet away from him, making it seem impossible that he’d used any kind of prop
or mechanical device to rise off the ground. Rumors began to spread that Angel might actually
possess supernatural power and that his audience had witnessed a real life miracle. Unfortunately, No. Angel himself has explained his levitation
techniques and it simply involves nothing more than keeping audiences behind him while
he removes one foot from his shoe and slides it out of the slit in the front of his pant
leg. He then uses his free leg to lift himself
up on a stool placed in front of him, while his now empty pant-leg and shoe remain. Angel appears to be floating as the illusion
of levitation is created by this shockingly simple trick. Run Over By A Truck
Penn and Teller are one of the most famous magic acts of all time and they even have
their own television show, Fool Us, where contestants attempt to stump the duo with
their tricks. Penn and Teller have given audiences some
pretty amazing tricks but when Penn ran over Teller with a truck, it made Objective Productions’
list of the Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks ever. The weird thing about the trick, is that Penn
and Teller actually revealed the secret behind the trick themselves. The truck that Penn ran Teller over with was
in fact a real truck, and Teller really did lay unprotected on the ground as the truck’s
tires rolled over him, all of which ending with Teller popping up unharmed. The secret to the trick was a set of counterweights
on the far side of the truck, not visible to an audience or even a camera focused on
the action. The weights shifted the balance of the truck,
forcing the weight of the vehicle onto the far-side tires and allowing those on the lighter
side to roll over the top of the magician without putting any of the weight on his body. Some magic tricks require incredible slight
of hand, but this one is all about expert engineering. Walk On Water
If a man can levitate, it only stands to reason that he could walk on water, right? Criss Angel did his best Jesus Christ impression
when he demonstrated his water walking in a Las Vegas pool. He even went to the extra length of “dropping”
a shoe to the bottom of the pool to make it clear that there was nothing but water below
him. This trick looks very magical but according
to sources, the explanation was simple: he was walking atop Plexiglass pillars. But why did the trick look so good? Well, Plexiglass has a refraction index very
similar to that of water, and is so nearly invisible in water that it’s used to reinforce
shark cages without interfering with the “up close and personal” experience so it makes
for the perfect surface to sell this trick. Criss Angel does a great job of selling the
trick with his careful steps and magical personality but at the end of the day, he is not above
human ability. The Death Saw
The most successful magician in history, David Copperfield has racked up $1 billion in career
earnings, busted ten world records and amassed a whole host of awards for his work as a theatrical
entertainer. Perhaps his most famous and amazing trick
of all time however is The Death Saw. Similar to the classic “saw a girl in a
box in half” trick, but much improved, this world-class illusion features the magician
lying flat on his stomach on a board as a whirring saw-blade swings towards him. The blade bisects Copperfield at the midriff
and he is carted away in pieces. Afterwards his assistants push the two halves
back together and Copperfield re-emerges, you guessed it, unscathed. But How is this amazing trick done? Despite the elaborate staging, this trick
is actually pretty simple and it is Copperfield’s showmanship and the enormous spinning blade
that really sell the illusion. The Death Saw trick all comes down to timing. Where Copperfield appears to lie flat on his
stomach, he actually folds his legs tightly underneath his body, concealed in a hidden
compartment in the front half of the board. His ‘legs’ are actually those of an assistant,
whose body is concealed in the rear half of the board and whose legs are sticking in the
air. The timing between Copperfield and the assistant
must perfect to really sell the illusion that they are one cohesive body. This trick comes down to a lot of practice,
a well engineered box and some world class theatrics. Needle Through The Arm. In one of his most amazing performances in
his TV special Real or Magic, David Blaine sticks a huge needle straight through his
arm right in front of famous comedian and actor Ricky Gervais. He starts pushing it into his arm on one hand,
and after some time in comes out on the other side of his hand. Blaine has Ricky help him pull the needle
back out of his arm but he pulls the entire needle out, there is no blood and no signs
of injury anywhere on Blaine’s arm. Gervais is left visibly stunned by this seemingly
superhuman act. There have been many theories as how David
Blaine was able to pull this trick off but it seems that there is only one reasonable
explanation, he is an undead demi god. Just kidding, but the real answer might be
just as weird. It seems that Blaine has made use of a medical
phenomenon called a fistula. In this case, a fistula is simply a path of
scar tissue that goes through Blaine’s arm and this is what allows him to pass a needle
straight through his body without any mess. He likely created this fistula, basically
a scar tissue tube for the needle to go through, by repeatedly stabbing a needle through his
arm until it formed. We’re not sure if this one qualifies as
an illusion or real magic – but it certainly requires some seriously insane devotion to
your craft. Bravo, Mr. Blaine. So there’s our list revealing the secrets
behind 5 of magic’s most amazing tricks. If you are from the sacred Magic Circle, please
don’t turn us into rabbits. For everyone else, are there any other magic
tricks you would like us to explain? Let us know in the comments section below
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