(ghost howls) (loud thud) – Boy, that was a good nap! What’d I miss? – Well, we figured out
that the Headless Magician was just Hailey, but then she used our
book of dark magic to unleash a bunch of
ghosts all over your gym. – Sorry. (ghost laughs) – [Ghost] This place
takes the cake. Feels great to box
after all these years. – Wait a minute. I know that voice. That’s the Leg Smasher Lenny. I used to box him 40 years ago. He never played fair once! – [Larry] Yeah, that’s right! The greatest boxer
living or dead. – Well, time to go back
to the grave, Lenny. (Lenny laughs) – [Lenny] You think you
can take on all of us? Let’s see ya try. (ghosts laugh) Tell ya what, we’ll all leave if you beat
me in a boxing match. (laughs) – Deal! – Great, but I pick the fighter. (neck cracks) The scaredy-cat right there. – Deal! – What? – Deal! – But I haven’t even
finished my first lesson yet! – [Lenny] Fine,
finish your lesson. Then I’m smashin’
your legs in the ring. – Walker, go train with Harry. Hailey, come with me. – Wait, I can’t
do this on my own! – You’re not alone. You’ve got the Head Crusher. Now let’s go make
a wimp into champ. – Okay, so what’s our plan? – We’re gonna make a
strength potion for Walker. We just need three pigeon
feathers, a drop of sweat, seven hammers and four teeth. You got any loose teeth? – No, where are we gonna
get four loose teeth? – There’s bound to be a few
people here with a loose tooth. Maybe they’ll trade
it to us for magic? Now, pay close attention
my magic apprentice. (rock music plays) Hi, I’m Akira – [All] Hi. – And I’m going to be doing
some tricks for you guys today. They’re super cool and ugh, sorry, I got a
splinter the other day and it’s just hard to do,
you know, magic with like– – A big splinter. – [Akira] Yeah.
– I’m sure. – Oh my gosh, get out. Oh, I got it, I got it. (winces in pain) There we go! – That’s a whole
toothpick. (chuckles) – [Akira] I got it! (rock music plays) – Do you like emojis? – Yeah, I do. I always text my friends. – [Akira] Yes. – [Hailey] Well, can you pick
an emoji and don’t tell me. – Okay. – Pick any emoji and the one
with your emoji you can keep and then the ones
that don’t have it you can just hand them to us. – Three have no emoji, this one doesn’t have an emoji. – [Akira] Any of the ones
that don’t you can hand them over to us so your
hands are clear. – These are the ones
that don’t have an emoji. – [Akira] That do not? Okay, awesome. – Okay, now I’m just gonna
try to guess your card. I’m gonna look. (grunts) Okay, can I see your card? – Yes. – [Hailey] Okay, now your
thinking of something fuzzy? – Yeah. – And maybe sometimes
it could be white, brown with spots sometimes? Or like gray? Is it a bunny? – Yes, what?! (spooky music plays) – All right, this should
make Walker strong enough to knock out any
ghost in one punch. – Cool, let’s go
give it to him now. (ghosts howl) (girls scream) – Okay Harry, I’m
ready to fight! Whew! Harry? – [Larry] I just
raised the stakes. Your friends tried to cheat
with a strength potion. So now, if you lose I’m
gonna turn them into ghosts. – Walker help! – Boy, that was a good nap. What’d I miss? What’d I miss? What’d I miss! (DreamWorksTV jingle)