It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Uh! Ha-ha-ha. Wow! I’m so pretty. Ha-ha. But I’m small. I’d like to be tall like Steve. He-he. Oh, Maggie. You should be careful what you wish for. Grr… Abracadabra! Whoa! Hey! What’s going on? I feel very strange. Whoa! Oh-oh-oh, wow! I’m tall! Ah! Oh-oh! But I’m not pretty. Oh-oh! No! Look, I’ve got arms and legs. Ah! Ah! Aah! This is Steve’s body! Huh. So where’s my body? What is going on? Steve! Steve! Come back! Wait! Wait! There’s been a mistake. Come back! Steve! Come back with my body! What? Hey! Help! Help! Oh, huh. What? Hey. Look. I’ve got wings. I can fly! Ha-ha. I can fly! Ha-ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha. Wow! This is amazing! I don’t know why but I can fly. Come on boys and girls. He-hey. Fly with me! I can see a cloud. I can see a cloud. Can you see the cloud? It’s a cloud! Oh-oh. Wow! Oh! Oh no! I can’t see! Oh-oh, dear. I’m lost. Fly! Fly! No! Fly! I need to fly! Grrr… Ha-ha-ha. Aaaah! Oh, Steve! Come back! I want my body! Oh, ha-ha. That’s better. I can see. Wow! I can see a rainbow. Okay boys and girls. Yeah! Fly with me! I can see a rainbow. I can see a rainbow. Can you see the rainbow? It’s a rainbow. Yeah! Wow! Oh no! It’s raining. Oh… Ha-ha. Watch this! Yeah! Oh no! Who-he-he, yeah! Oh! Who-ho-ho! Oh no! Aah! Oh-oh-oh. I love flying. It’s fantastic! Oh, huh. What’s that? It’s a plane. Yeah! Okay boys and girls. Come on. Fly with me! I can see a plane. I can see a plane. Can you see the plane? It’s a plane. Whoa! Oh no! Oooh! I can’t catch Steve. A-ha! That gives me an idea. Oh-oh. I feel dizzy. Oh look! A tree. I can have a sit down. Come on boys and girls. He-hey. Fly with me! I can see a tree. I can see a tree. Can you see the tree? It’s a tree. Oh-oh, yeah! He-he. Hey boys and girls, watch this! Hey Steve, it’s snack time. Ha-ha. I’m going to eat this delicious worm. Oh, that’s disgusting! Maggie, I can’t eat worms. Maggie. Come on, Steve. Ha-ha. Catch me if you can! Don’t be naughty! Oh, Maggie! Hey Maggie, stop! You can’t eat worms. Oh you naughty naughty… bird. Maggie! Oh Steve, you can’t stop me! Stop! Stop! Oh! Maggie! And here comes Steve. Ha-ha. Do you like worms? He-he. Mm, strawberry flavour. Oh Maggie, it was a strawberry stick. Oh-oh. You naughty bird. He-he. Maggie, flying was so much fun. Then let’s fly! Abracadabra! He-he-hey! I can fly! Yeah! What a crazy adventure. If you like it, like it. If you love it, subscribe. Who-ho! Oh, wait for me Steve! Ha-ha-ha. Yeah!