hello hello hello my life no hi
everybody I’m there’s just a delay hey everybody what’s going on I’m playing
some arena and I have some codes to give away and I’m gonna start out my very
first era challenge with magic with zippy hi magic mizuki what’s oh my gosh
let’s play a game of brawl um mr. kitten plays thank you for the
subscription balls Ian hey what’s going on okay hold on a second I’ve messed up
I’m not sending zubi a chat I’m sending zubi um okay
zoo be we are challenging brawl magic with zoo B let’s do it
Oh both hands you can be the number two challenge here we go bro this is brawl
Dex only I’m gonna play kohrville because zoobi I know how much you love
to play against core vault right you just love it this is your favorite deck
to play against and that’s so good because it’s my favorite deck to play
you can do you can do whatever brawl deck you want if you want to do standard
or historic I don’t care my unbelief mine is only standard but if you want to
play a historic one go for it yes John you can get in mine okay so we
have thank you okay so we have zubi then we have ball fan and then we have John
so here we go um actually I know for a fact that zubi hate score fold so this
is going to be so fun okay so when you play a direct challenge
against me minimize your screen so you can’t see what I have but you can listen
to me and I’ll try not to say what I have um this is honestly bad but you know what
we’re we’re keeping it or giving it hi there Godric Marwick how’s it going
thanks for hanging out um okay here we go
zoomy okay let’s see zu b is flings a comma oh this is a historic bra Beck
look at a big old dinosaur okay um I’m going to describe something oh I like
that but is that helpful to me right now no it’s not but we’re keeping it yep
that’s how we do that is how we do up in here
adventurous impulse I don’t even know these cards Izumi what are you playing um let’s do this I guess we are
oh here we go yeah I didn’t know I was gonna be able to do that but I could
awesome hi there wizard Oh how’s it going yes
you are self quarantined well you know what that’s okay because we have plenty
of stuff to do tonight so we can play brawl it’s gonna be great
um Ruby’s playing an idyllic tutor oh I’ve got some sort of magic azuki’s
talking to me the zoobi says I hate carful sorry zoobi
um I’m going to do this because I can’t do anything else right now I hope
everyone is staying healthy and safe as much as you possibly can
I know that it’s not possible for everyone but we do what we can um let’s do this
you know what let’s do it we’re gonna go for it open of the height okay somebody
is ramping somebody is ramping so hard where should you type your Amina profile
name just type into the chat here and I will share mine too so that way y’all
can just copy and paste and it is much easier okay we are gonna attack with
wrinkle go wrinkle baby I love wrinkle um okay do I want to
discard one of my cards no not really do I want to lose a life and draw a card
yeah but do I want Zuba to lose a life and draw a card no do I want to
sacrifice creature no sorry wrinkle you’re not doing anything here right now
buddy okay you’re just gonna attack and then it’s fine zoomy I like these
sleeves you’re using these two Healy sleeves those are cool sube I don’t want
to see this I don’t want to no I don’t want to see rankle going to prison he
did nothing wrong wrinkle did nothing wrong we do we do what we must because
we can is that from something no please thank you not only punish you Tom Murray
is from Portal yes oh okay I remember that yeah it’s been a while since I’ve
played portal I did like it though um okay what we’re gonna do right now is this is a this is this is a okay we’re
gonna do this watch out down raise out but da Murray’s not really scary with no
creatures right you cannot run or hide okay gook is out or maybe Garrick if
that’s how you say it either way it’s fine
Oh your grandfather is in the hospital I’m so sorry to hear that
that sucks very badly I hope that he does okay a Knicks bloom ancient okay
that seems like a it seems like a creature I don’t really like that much
if you tap a permanent from mana it produces three times as much okay Ivan I
remember when this card came out okay it’s pretty new I realized that I
remember seeing it recently and I was just like really three times as much
mana really and it has trample it’s a little bit extra zoobi oh just a little
bit um gosh okay I think what I’m gonna do right now is just go for the go for
the real hurt here we’re gonna go for the real big hurt zoobi and I’m so I’m
sorry but I’m also not sorry um hold on a second is there an artifact here have
I have I made a mistake sube do you have an artifact
there’s no artifact I don’t want to kill one of my own artifacts okay we don’t
want to do the artifact but we want to do the rest of these it’s her gonna
creature turn enchantment cuz we want our rankle baby back target al and
should we kill one of these lands that makes you be not able to play anything
else like maybe this red one and a planeswalker
I’m sorry zooming that was sold go back I know I know I messed I almost
messed that up real bad out here you know party here we go we’re attacking
with all of our wolves um okay so be has no creatures I don’t really want to get
rid of my cards so rankled no you don’t do it anything
again you’re not doing anything again it is his kidneys he could get the virus in
the hospital I mean hopefully that that is the most safe place for him to be um
you know hospitals are supposed to be clean so I hope you’ll be okay
but yeah I’m sorry to hear that that is I’m sure very scary uh let’s you know
what let’s just get our horrible doubt because we love this guy
we love this big bad dragon that was scary
zoomy don’t trick me like that scribe – I don’t care if you scribe – go for it
I’m not scared of that no problem um we’re gonna sacrifice one of these
wolves Oh oh my game froze for a second and I
thought something was happening but it came back thank goodness
okay we’re gonna play a forest and we’re going to Boop’s oops what happened zoobi
what happened uh we’re gonna make some more wolves what I should have done was
I should have done the wolves first and then I shouldn’t man Korbel eat one of
the wolves that was sated right that’s what I should have done then I could
have attacked with more wolves but as we all know I’m pretty
rubbie we were born for the shit short wolf party yes
okay zoobi we’re gonna put the hurt on right now maybe maybe let’s see
Oh is he talking to me okay a smiley face we’re gonna attack with all those
if he’s down to six um yeah we’re just we’re not gonna let rankle do any
special tricks right now sorry rankle hope you don’t mind
oh with circuitous routes maybe somebody’s looking for a mountain
zoomy where you lookin for a mountain I killed your mountain are you so mad I’m
sorry I feel bad but not that bad what what did you get a wilderness
reclamation okay here we go um we’re just gonna play our Lilliana just to be
like really mean I require servants your corpse will volunteer oh we should have
done the emblem shouldn’t I well I’m scrub and we have Zoo be dead
anyway war core vault eat one of these wolves there you go
well we’re gonna get to draw cards too we put in
mattered oh we forgot to say good game to zoo be good game good game zoo be I
know how much you love core vault so I’m sure it was a pleasure getting destroyed
by core vault right right is sorry zoobi good game though right okay both hand is up next
um everybody who challenges me I will send you a an arena code too so if you
want to get in on that then get mine and send me a challenge now I can’t assembly
what I can’t send you the call on um arena because an everybody would see the
code and I mean I trust all of you that you’re great people but if somebody
could steal the code and that would be mean right so zoobi I will send you a
code and next up is both Heon um ball tannaz challenging me here we go
we’re viewing this challenge I accept the challenge I will play core vault
again actually I have some new decks um I have this croaks attack that I haven’t
played it all that I’m excited to try out and I have this a fee me a deck that
I think looks really fun so I’m actually even try the croaks the one we’ll see
how that goes against paltin you don’t need a code well you know what that’s
fine you don’t want my codes ooh be be that way mr. kitten said he would take
your code okay um here we go I’m playing what am i
playing in croaks uh-oh I’m going to get my free Mulligan I
don’t really like that either but you know how it goes we keep bad
hands up in here real bad hands okay let’s play this I collector whenever I
collector deals combat damage to a player
each player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard Oh
interesting I think this I collect er works for a
wrinkle actually um oh Balkan is playing Tajik okay that’s
fine um let’s do this I don’t really know how to play croaks
all with like as a commander um but I’m gonna do it and I guess I should put it
back into the commands oh yeah right okay I’ll give it to someone else in
chat okay um do I want to put it in my command zone or the graveyard
I’m gonna put at my command zone because I don’t have other cards in my graveyard
yet to escape it does that seem right I don’t really know sure go ahead
I’m thinking so hard oh there goes my cue to extinction all right well that’s
okay look at these fancy limbs that bulletin
has Wow okay let’s do this this is good um I think we’ll definitely keep that
and we’re not gonna do that yet so we’re
just gonna attack with our little eye collector oh man we’re putting cards in
the graveyard look at that I think I put my own eat to extinction in the
graveyard didn’t I Wow okay um buta chic is coming out he has mentor prevent all non cock non
combat damage that would be dealt to other creatures you control well I think
my I think my get to extinction would have been a no-go I guess I could have
worked on Taji um okay let’s do this and um let’s do this this is mean and I’m
really sorry about TM but I gotta do it I’ll have to order 20 what’s up ed age
of the thought target player discards a card I really liked a real and my mana
black sacrificed egg but he is mean like really mean I mean I’m putting a lot of stuff in my
own graveyard so I guess this deck has ways to get stuff out of the graveyard like I said I’ve never played it so there’s that
Oh a swift blade Vindicator seems mean yeah there goes our dab reel that’s okay
I mean we got one little discard in um let’s do this we’ll get this big boy out there I don’t
think I’m gonna discard anything though yeah I think I’m not going to I’m gonna
keep my cards okay and we’ll just keep attacking with this
little fairy flyer and keep throwing our cards in the graveyard so okay we have five cards in our graveyard
now so we could do our croaks a thing aralia
oh well this is bad this is real bad trample vigilance in haste um okay I’m
gonna block this with my cavalier okay they’ll destroy each other and and
and just X damage where X is what was it where X is the number of land cards in
your graveyard oh okay ooh that looks fun uh let’s cast croaks
uh again and this time we’ll let croaks it go to the graveyard um yes we will let croaks to go into the
graveyard okay but I don’t have the mana to escape croak say yet uh well I guess
I can attack with my I collector anymore because aralia is out now well how very
rude ooh really is kind of troublesome
honestly she’s giving herself her buff um she’s giving them mentor to the swift
blade Vindicator hello yikes they both have trampled yog and this has double
strike um so what if I do this and ooh ember clean Oh No ember cleave is
evil Oh No okay well I’ll still do this I think I can kill this creature right
wait why do my creature just die why don’t I create your diet when I put
it when I put the thing on it oh okay hold on oh it got it got plus three
minus three I thought it was plus three plus three I killed my own creature oh
man what a scrub how did you oh let me do that come on now
oh my gosh that was a real learning point chat and y’all just let me destroy
my own creature not that I said I was doing that I couldn’t cuz I’m ball ten
would have known dang okay well croaks is out now so oh it’s
still my turn whoops sorry sorry okay we’re moving on
we’re moving on here okay that was bad that was a real bad I scrubbed it up uh-oh uh-oh um vigilant
double strike trample what oh okay well I’m dead no matter what I just realized
I’m a to hell I’m dead no matter what oh my gosh ball team that deck was so Mena Wow good game ball can um let me see if
I can just go ahead and send you a code right now so I don’t have to worry about
it later I will try to message you on Twitch yes I will send it through twitch
hey Pat crack fever what is ah okay ball Sam I just sent you
the code um in a twitch whisper so hopefully that’s not fair shoot it in
closer okay yes John you are up next let’s do a direct challenge and Mohammed
is messaging me to let me reply to him real quick do you want to play a game okay oops how do I minimize this here we
go I know right so popular okay John here
we go we are I’m just gonna add you as a friend because honestly that’s the
easiest way to send this challenge okay and let’s do it we’re gonna go brawl
duct-tape brawl and I have sent that challenge um
now don’t forget to minimize the screen so you can’t see uh oh it’s still there
ah join now what’s happening it was like I accidentally clicked out of it okay
I’m gonna try a croak say again and hope it goes better this time but I was
really bad at coxa I didn’t know how I didn’t write I didn’t know how to UM I
didn’t know whether to put croaks it in my graveyard um or keep or put croaks it
back in my commands oh I didn’t know we’re gonna learn we’re gonna learn
better this time I’m gonna keep this huh bye chat hello
okay I’m going to play my temple of malice so that I can describe and yeah
that’s lovely we’ll keep it sure oh look at this John
is playing Nyssa who shakes the world brawl deck it’s probably gonna be very
mean and look at these sleeves they look amazing um okay let’s just do this story
fist Crusader get out there do some work for us um you think I did croaks all
right okay well good I hope so uh whoa I get to draw an extra card Oh
II forgot about that that is so nice um let’s do this and we’ll just get in some
little damage here while we can before we start getting attacked by trees
because that’s what happens when you attacked by trees oh oh here she is
witness the ties that bind us all be wary of the ground you walk on oh no
necessary shakes the world miss its Nyssa who shakes us where we’re shook
I’m not gonna block this I’m just gonna let this tree hit me oh no your vote I
think this creatures mean okay I am drawing a lot of dang cards up in here
like a lot um okay what does this do enters the battlefield with four four
with four one-run counters on it whenever whenever another green creature
knows about a field put it on one counter oh okay that seems really mean um what I’m gonna do is I’m so scared ah I’m gonna do this on Nyssa I don’t know
if I should or if I should do that on your will select where the place is
cutting engraving or back on top of your library please go on to my library thank
you so much um this has menace so I will attack with it while I can
there we go okay I don’t know if I should have killed your vote or Nissa
but I’m thinking like maybe as many creatures can’t come out if Miss is not
out oh the great henge this is bad this is bad
New Horizons okay okay I’m scared super scared okay I’m drawing a lot a
lot of cards like I’m drawing like too many cards um
I think okay I think I can do this oops I need for this to go away I am so
sorry I’ve been really mean I’m just like destroying everything but I can’t
have these cards out okay they they’re evil the great hand is really evil um okay balton you say cast from commands
on the first two times and then escape okay Nissa not again here she is power
surges through these lands not another tree bonus the elements
uh-oh a Cavalier of thorns Oh No reveal the top five cards of your
library put a land card onto the battlefield the rest in graveyard uh-oh
this is so many lands oh my goodness and somebody landing them in the graveyard
dude you’re who is getting counters this is scary my turn okay okay um okay I’ve gotta do
something here um should I do this I’m gonna I think I’m going to uh okay well my storm Fiskars hitter
cannot attack now so you know it’s not gonna attack
where’s that go attack we’re just gonna pass we’re okay we’re gonna choose not
to attack Oh coach from the card card bizarre is
challenging me I am in the middle of another game coach what is where’s the great henge or magic
mirror oh gosh um the land fights for us I probably the great hedge in my opinion
I mean magic mirror is annoying but I feel like you have a lot of time to get
rid of it what’s happening am i dead right now am i dead I think
I’m dead oh my gosh do these have trample no they
don’t have trample okay if I block the biggest ones does it even matter okay
I’ll just block everything that I can oh oh oh oh you know what we’re gonna do
some serious damage right now um all we’re gonna do all this damage straight
to the face well I said all this damage like it’s a lot but it’s three so hi
coach I saw your challenge um I will get you in just a minute after I’m done with
this game I think I’m dead here honestly if I’m
being real honest I think that I might probably be dead uh I don’t know if I
came back from this honestly love time fatigue this him good game wait does
this thing have reached is something I’ve reach yeah it does
dang yeah that was a good game sorry but Nyssa
I mean she’s mean everybody knows it she’s very mean be holds nature’s true
power more trees oh my gosh Cerf Aaron what are you doing so much
damage okay I’m gonna block this one that’s
right rank will help me out buddy I’m so dead
I’m so dead yep that’s it that’s it croaks ax cannot beat Nyssa it’s true
good game John thank you for playing me I I’m gonna send you a code right now
give me one second um there you go I sent you a twitch
whisperer okay coach here we go we are playing um
you know what I’m gonna change from croaks up to let’s go back to core hold
I at least know this deck core hold is is like my old faithful um
Godric did you want to play a game against me too I can’t remember did you
did you send me your did you send me your thing if you want to play a game
against me Godric let me know I’ll play a game against you next um
yikes I cannot keep this I will use my free Mulligan oh man this is not much
better oh but look I have that I’m gonna keep it this is like super sketch ville
well we’re keeping it oh no coach is playing to ferry time traveler this is
so evil we’re gonna go with once upon a time and we’re really gonna help for a
land okay we need this so we’re gonna take that okay so let’s just do it and we’ll get
our piece out there we got our goose and we got our food choke him now we have
food for core hold okay Godric I will play against you next oh don’t feel bad
ballsy and I mean it’s totally fine you win some you lose some let’s do this nope nevermind we don’t
want to do that we’re not we’re not gonna do that we’re just going to end
our turn see I feel so tricked whenever whatever the goose is out I feel like I
have extra mana I don’t but I don’t ever want to sacrifice a food to add a mana
me come on oh no safaris are scheduled this is this
is an azure es deck it’s it’s so mean no oh the whisper should have come through
I think it should have it should have come through no don’t return my goose
may have done the hero thing before um sometimes honestly I think the whispers
are hard to see on Twitch um chef like I think it would be up in the top
right-hand corner of the screen and there’s just like a tiny little
notification maybe I always think they’re in such a weird spot okay let’s
do this we’re gonna we’re gonna play this to get out at least a blocker so that we cannot be attacked you’ve got
our savvy hunter out there don’t worry I got this okay Godric I’m going to go
ahead and send you a friend request so we can play the next game I’m
multitasking here okay I sent you a friend request what happened I missed it
the deputy of detention took my Savi hunter er how very very very rude okay well we’ll do this and we’ll also
play our goose get back out there goose oh look my goose is a one two now
because of Judith that’s nice oh no my screen froze come back
oh my arena froze I’ve got I’m gonna have to restart it I don’t
know if my stream is still up or not it is it there is my stream there okay hold
on let me restart mer arena is my stream is my stream salt okay sorry sorry coach here we go some loading back in right
now I’m back Oh show restraint okay to ferry you need to just calm down buddy
okay you know what let’s just get corbelled out no dang he’s gonna go back
to our command zone sinister sabotage evil evil evil um none of these have reached the leg
technically we could attack with our goose should we attack to ferry let’s do
it we’re going to attack with to ferry enough and we can play a game okay okay
here we go we are bad I’ve got it is can you check my screen does it look normal
to you okay okay I think we’re good I have not changed any settings on my
stream as far as is it being 1080 only so I don’t I don’t know why that would
be happening I don’t I don’t even know how to how to change that so I’m not
sure why that’s I don’t know why that’s a problem for Mohammed I mean I feel bad
I don’t know what it is um just play this and Catholic is out this is very
nasty all right what we’re gonna have to do um is we’re gonna have to do this we
will not do that because I’m pretty sure it’s mine
we’ll do all of these drug it a creature do I want my thing back or do I want to
get rid of gag wig I really just think I want to get rid of GAD wig honestly
target Al and we’ll target this duel and wire why are we paying auto-pay oh I have to do the goose thing
okay well we’ll just do it will sacrifice a food okay see I get tricked
every time they should not be waiting in line there’s the pandemic Oh am I gonna
I’m not doing so well here okay no attacks all right well we got to ferry
out once so that’s something zippy did you get your animal crossing
comes out tomorrow I’ve been thinking about it I have been thinking about
getting it I didn’t I’ve never played animal crossing but the new game is
looking pretty interesting um all right what I’m gonna do now is not gonna do
that okay let’s just do this we’ll cast our
wrinkle and we will attack with our flyers we’re just gonna do it we’re
gonna attack with our Flyers we’re gonna do some damage oh I don’t really want to
sacrifice any of my creatures we’re not gonna do any of that stuff I’d like to
get rid of this deputy of attention but I cannot right now which is more unfair
Nissa or to ferry oh they’re both pretty bad um I don’t know I mean this was
pretty Opie but to ferry just really gets me with the control for me
personally I think two ferries worse no don’t take my wrinkle no no no that is
my wrinkle I love him and he’s mine no how dare you oh my gosh I’m just glad
all my creatures didn’t get taken you know what I mean cuz gosh that can
happen that can really happen I’ve seen it happen it’s happened to me and it
hurt so bad why are all my spells so expensive I don’t know what’s happening
right now spells your opponent’s casts cost two
more to cast oh okay I see I forgot to serve it raised my favorite passage okay
everybody help me well I’ll just do it after I’d do this I
don’t there’s no reason for me to wait okay I’ll sure I’ll take that and do I
have another duel Lant whoa yeah we’ll take that boom okay we got some lands
we’re going to go ahead and get rid of this fabled passage and get us a little
another little land sure here we go and we can’t attack with our goose anymore
well I guess we could attack this turn because rankles tapped so there’s that okay what’s gonna happen I have somehow
got to get rid of this god ferrous statue I’ve got to
it is an evil artifact I mean super evil um John did that code ever come through
for you do you want me to send it to you on Twitter would that be easier
no rankle don’t hurt me I’m your master no don’t make me discard a card what
should i discard right now I think I’m gonna discard this this deck is so mean um okay well I
could cast Mike horrible but coach has a lot of mana up and that means maybe a
counter spell I’m not doing good here you know what let’s just do this or at
least try to maybe I could draw some cards
oh okay never mind not gonna do that we’re just not going to attack and we’ll
just end our turn yes you got it okay perfect great
awesome wonderful perfect perfect okay what is going on here don’t be looking at my Judith she’s
literally not doing anything she’s in fact kind of pointless that free code to the chat – ferries
back out sit this one out oh gosh don’t make another move
no no Judith she’s not doing anything she’s just living her life there she’s
not even attacking oh boy um we’re just gonna take this Oh discard a card okay I thought I was gonna have to kill my
one creature shoe that was scary oh yes yes I’m losing a life oh boy it’s it’s really hard to cast things
because they’re so expensive um let’s just see if we can kill two fairy he’s out of here boom that’s right go
back to the commands down to Fairy and why my turn
sure sure sure sure I have now been able to draw cards or
anything make a food oh that would have maybe been a good idea could have saved
me some life oh well I feel fine killing two fairy good game I’m not dead yet oh
no I’m gonna sacrifice my food and gain some life that’s right am i dead three four five six I mean I don’t think
I’m dead unless I’m almost dead but I’m not dead Conrad oh um sure we’ll just
kind of squirrel cuz what else can we do at this point
Oh a counterspell how fun how fun we’re gonna attack with our
goose go goose go I say how can you add add four zero damage stupid ghosts come
on do something dang oh man yeah
I don’t usually sticks like that so that’s okay you know what it’s fine okay
Godric oh look at that I finished some some quests nice Oh coach want me to
send you a code hold on a second I use those codes I’m dirty no way here I’ll send you a
code there’s a code for arena put it in at this store and I’m not really sure
what you get but it will be a surprise will be a fun surprise um okay
God trick I am playing against you next let’s do it um oops nope nope we
want to do a challenge we’re doing a brawl challenge here we go
let’s let’s try this out and see how it goes okay I will play alright let me try
the Affinia deck and we’ll see how that one goes
I’ve never played this one before either so there’s pretty much a huge learning
curve every time I play a new deck like I’m really bad at it
and either I like it enough to continue playing it or I don’t and I don’t
continue playing it you know the yoozh um I really don’t love this opening
hands at all I’m gonna go for a mulligan should I actually keep it I’m gonna mulligan I hope I don’t regret
it um I don’t really love this either but
I’m gonna keep it hello swamp here we go let’s do this
okay Godric is playing fast and deep dwelling oh boy I am getting tortured to
night that is for sure we all know what that says voice sounds like she sounds
like an underwater bubble lady that’s what um okay um no I don’t want to do
that’s his voice I don’t want to do that his voice hi there
Mary chore I’m so bad at names I’m really sorry really sorry
get aggro I need an aggro deck don’t I what just happened
oh I got negated my timer it calls the dead got negated oh this is evil um Meg’s a legitimate carving my favorite
if you do okay let’s just try to cast our commander let’s just see how this
goes I don’t really know um should I put this online on my commander
I think I will I really don’t know if that’s a good
idea or not but I’m doing it I’m doing it we’re gonna see what happens so if I
if I exile it then I can create a zombie okay so I I mean more enchantments in my
graveyard apparently ooh we have a plain Walker Oh
few things are more calming than a raging thunders no no no the sky is not
how don’t kill my creature oh it’s not dead
nevermind I was just being extra um okay my turn
ooh okay um um um um which they do let’s um do this we’ll cast our Erebos I need
to remember that Godric might have counter spells so we
attack this lady yeah I guess we should I really hate attacking Planeswalkers
your username is hard to pronounce okay thank you for saying that because you know actions are not welcome here it
makes me feel better your actions are not welcome here
I’m sorry I’m very sorry um I can sack my commander to protect it if targeted
that’s true and then I could bring him back right wing wins and say your next
turn and loses flying let’s play one sacrifice a creature each opponent loses
one life and you gain one life and then it would come back should I do it yeah you know what let’s
just do it um it doesn’t matter right because it’s gonna come back
why didn’t kind of go storm work I guess maybe I should have put it in the
graveyard okay well I obviously messed up because
Kai’s ghost form did nothing and I’d sacrifice my commander for no reason
okay so that was fine okay um FAFSA is out I don’t like that
said she’s very mean what we’re gonna do is just go for getting rid of her I’m
very sorry but that has got to go I done goofed yeah no I mean it wasn’t a bad
suggestion um I will take that I think that nice I think I I don’t I don’t
understand why Kai’s goes from didn’t work though you know I will um I guess I
will attack should attack her
oh yeah I guess it will um I I don’t know why I dunno where it’s not weird
and chant creature plans are controlling channa permanent dyes or is put into
exile where turn that card is a battlefield under your control
I don’t I’m not sure why it didn’t well being irresponsible because I sacrificed
it so they can technically died right effect hey leave my zombies alone they’re just being zombified up in here
oh no not Fassa oh she’s back um okay I can’t block that so it is what it
is this little things gonna go away and come back well at least it doesn’t have
an enter the battlefield ability uh okay let’s do this Lilliana out there nice I
know right she is just lovely rise and shine and
maybe should have used her – for I mean I would have killed my own creatures but
I will not attack they will not attack no treachery yeah why is Liliana laughing at me I’m the
person that gave her life doesn’t she remember me even though she’s gone to
the other side seems very cruel Liliana no not a no Treasury with FAFSA oh my
god um oh I don’t unless I can draw some
cards I don’t know what I can do here whenever another could you control dies
you may pay to life if you do draw a cord and I guess I could sacrifice
something okay I’m gonna play my revenge of Ravens and um I’m not gonna sacrifice
anything I’m just gonna wait and see what happens I’m not behind yet I mean I
might be very soon spells your opponent’s cast that target this
permanent cost one more to cast Oh No Calla fees power is equal to your
devotion of blue Oh yikes double dip what are you doing here oh my goodness now beep wait why who’s annoying I am humbled Vassar eyes divine power Oh
Lilliana’s annoying oh gosh she’s annoying when your opponent plays her
but she’s not annoying when I play her Oh No um okay oh my god so your face my zombie I guess I know I
can’t sacrifice Erebos can I pay to life yup do it
draw me a card um I can sacrifice a creature and give a turret creature of –
two – one no I don’t think that really helped um
oh boy all right well I don’t know what to do
here Lily arm it yes essence capture oh no oh I’m not gonna
attack I’m gonna choose not to attack could I sacrifice could this creature
sacrifice itself it’s acting like it will let me do that but that seems weird
drawing from dreams oh oh drawn some cards eh sorry
that’s fine you know what that’s fine annex Lotus and my Liliana is just
making so many zombies it’s okay my revenge of Ravens will help me I’ll bow
to the howling winds oh my goodness oh I guess the agent of choice you will
probably take my revenge of Ravens right yes of course it will um okay I have
seven mana and this is pointless so we’ll just cast our commander again
let’s just do it I think I have an enchantment in my graveyard I’m not
gonna I stopped with my – one creature because that doesn’t make any sense
right I have one in chairman it was Kai’s ghost form there we go I’ve got a
blocker now Oh No got this reflection guy okay mirror made
copy an artifact or enchantment on the battlefield okay sure whoa copied my commander oh boy oh boy
not today death huh what did she say not not today
definitely normal I choose an artifact a creature an enchantment a planeswalker
in a land oh boy um nope she’s an artifact I don’t have
one a creature okay here you can have this
one an enchantment I guess it’s gonna make me sacrifice one of my enchantment
creatures each opponent chooses a permit a control of each permanent type and
sacrifices the rest oh okay alright I’ll keep this and this I only keep one land
Oh bleep all right well Yolo Yolo learn some
respect okay here we go good game good game good game all right creatures are over there
attacking me I’m not gonna block I even have I even have Gary but Gary is
pointless right now because they have like no black cards out boo Vasa Vasa is
evil wow I am getting murdered tonight absolutely murdered oh my goodness
okay Godric I’m gonna send you a code for playing a game against me and then
you played a very mean game against me I’ll still send you a code umm hmm let
me see here we’re sending a twitch whisperer
okay there you go let me know what you got because I honestly don’t know what
those codes get you okay let me let me a message Mohammed and he says that yes
he’s ready okay here we go momma’s probably gonna play a mean deck
against me too um how do I do it okay he sent to challenge Thank You Mohammed
I was obviously struggling okay I’m gonna actually try this deck
again and we’ll see how it goes it’s okay Godric it’s really okay honestly
mr. kitten likes to play decks like that too so I’m used to getting
rekt by blue counter Dex Oh whoo Oh Mohamed is playing mahir II okay that’s
fun um let’s see what we have got here I
mean I don’t super lock this but I’m going to keep it because that’s what I
do so I’m looking at the video my video
settings and this is their set on auto so I don’t know why the 1080p thing is
happening um the only options I have are auto or 1080p so I’m just not sure what
to do about that sure we’ll play our timer right we don’t
really have any devotion of black yet but hey we got to UM yeah I’m the Harry oh it’s
a stained glass in hurry that’s very pretty okay let’s see um I
could cast my tell me under okay I guess that’s probably not good um yeah I’ll
just cast my commander I don’t have anything and my graveyard yet but that’s
okay we’ll get stuff there eventually great um it got you a mysterious past
lighter okay so it gives you a card well that’s interesting I didn’t know if
they were packs or what it was no Mohamed how could you um I’ll bring
my commander back to my command zone reeking runner um elspeth nightmare
power to or less I mean I guess we’ll just go ahead and
do this this creature isn’t like terrifying but I feel like that elspeth
sniper doesn’t kill big creatures anyways it kills creature with power –
or less hmm / froze oh we’re in trouble now ooh
cleansing Nova Mohammed how dare you honestly molesters player ill-gotten
inheritance I kind of like that little card / Pharaoh’s is gonna be a problem a
big problem how do you get rid of these indestructible creatures it’s very difficult Oh No okay I’m getting smashed in the face oh oh exile target upon his graveyard
whoops it’s gone all right um which is cottage do I even have anything in my
graveyard oh I can put it on top of my library
should I put should I put this on top of my library um sure
let’s just do it I don’t know I don’t know okay I don’t know what I’m doing
here I’m gonna play my commander again and no I’m not gonna do that
I think I can create a zombie yes with else best nightmare sweet I got a zombie
okay um I guess I could block this guy Tara but I really don’t want to know I
can’t as Menace I can’t lock it that’s okay so I have to to uh-oh
what does she do haze flying first strike Oh
oh my god uh okay I’m just gonna walk this that didn’t that first strike does
it no pay for like you’re paying for life Mahmoud to keep your Duntov
vanguard alive Wow all right well whatever I guess um let’s do this I
think but I’m not gonna sacrifice anything
um or should I though maybe I should this is a bad idea I don’t have anything in my graveyard I
think I’m gonna do it and I’ll killed it and I’ll kill this creature I don’t know if that was a mistake or
not because now my commander is really expensive but um I don’t know I don’t
have anything in my graveyard to use its ability so that’s why I felt like I
don’t really need it for a while uh-oh now here is out the ringing of my sword
is your deaf no no as long as it’s your turn creatures you can draw a
first-strike and equip abilities you activate cost one less to activate
yikes okay my camera everyday has life link right yes it does right hey there thank you for the follow
biohazard dubstep what is up um I’m going to I really want to cast my Gary
but I think I’m gonna wait and hope that it’s not a mistake I’m
going to put this on my Cavalier of night and I’m going to Jill’s ex damage to
target creature I’m going to try to attack her with my cavalier of night and
I’ll get some life link back at least okay Mohammed is paying for life to keep
the Adhan to vanguard alive so that’s fine I am at seven devotion right now so
that’s pretty good I don’t want any of my stuff to leave the battlefield I need
it I am as granite you brought now um what junkyard creature car we converted
mana cost three or less from your battlefield to the graveyard
okay so I guess I shouldn’t make sure that one happens first do I even have
anything no I don’t sacrifice another creature no okay I
have one card in my graveyard in its minions return and what is that no
purple roses out oh my gosh this is not good yikes okay I can’t block this flying
thing okay I’m still okay though and um let me see
four five six three four five okay uh I’m just gonna go ahead and cast Gary because they have six devotion right now
oh yes that’s gonna do that’s gonna do a good bit of damage spirk harvest I don’t want to do that I
don’t wanna do that okay I’m just gonna not attack and pass
the turn and we’ll see what happens um is there a queue to play yes there is
a queue to play but I don’t nobody else is in the queue right now so if you
would like to play me biohazard I can play you after this game zone
oh god Rick um have a good night thank you so much for a plane and hanging out
with me um okay is this a trap no it’s not Oh everything
has first strike that’s how it’s a truck okay
but does anything have a life link first strike okay so I can kill this and I’ll just block this and I can kill
this no Mohammed ah where did that come from
what even was that okay so really all I have to do here is
sacrifice my ill-gotten inheritance and I got this
don’t you gain any life Mohammed yes okay good game good game I’m gonna tell
Mohammed good game um and I will send Mohammed a code later
okay here’s your friend thingy all right let me one of our eugene you mean again
do you mean Iligan i don’t know what about him
what about him okay I’m gonna send you a friend request and then we can do the
challenge right here we go I’m gonna send you a challenge we are playing
brawl challenge has been set okay is eugene why why though um sorry i’m going
to change it up and play my a three-dose deck I mean if you all see here you can
tell like I like to play black I’m gonna play a 3s okay now um it’s okay if you
play on historic day I don’t mind I’m pretty sure Mohammed was just playing as
a historic day so minimize your screen or something so you can’t see my cards
but you can listen if you want I won’t you love it has died too this
enchantment so many times it’s true haha okay so I’m going to I really don’t
y’all know how it goes keeping it you don’t look thank you well I think
maybe just sometimes people may forget um yes Mohammed we can play another game
after this I fear this one I’m in no okay I need to
get my arcane Cygnet out there okay so what is file hazard playing oh no get
shot Suns avatar I think this is bad I think this is bad news bears for me like
really bad news um what should I do I’m going to hold on let me see what this
does oh no I don’t like that I don’t want
like I don’t want my creatures to enter tap so I’m gonna get rid of this thing
goodbye you little flying dinosaur I’m sorry and I’ll cast Oh cast me creature
Alcide of life’s bounty baffling end oh no this is a dinosaur’s deck I bet
balton would just love it mmm okay we got a swamp and we are going to we’re
gonna cast this and we’re gonna cast our murderous writer we’re gonna get some
creatures out there to protect us what demolish that was so mean so very very
mean I guess they’ll go ahead and put my
wanderer out prevent all non-human tears shop is my sword okay whenever a raptor
hatchling is dealt damage credit 3:30 green dinosaur creature took on and
trampled this little thing is a problem I’m not going to attack because I don’t
want those dinosaurs coming out those big mean dinosaurs land destruction ah
it’s happening it’s happening I actually like Leon destruction – it’s so mean but
I like it oh whoa Atrios is already out here a creature oh dang um exercise our
creative power 4 or greater okay I don’t want to exile my own creatures come on
not attacking because I’m scared what I going out on another target creature you
control whenever it dies returning to the battlefield okay I’ll put it on the
murderous Rider what is this kkuk a fat on whenever kick a fat on is dealt
damage I’m tap target permanent all these creatures have enraged Oh No my voice is giving raw because I’m
talking so much I really don’t want to block this thing oh so I’m just gonna
let my wanderer get hit in the face sorry I need some of these things to go
honestly make us four or greater I’m gonna duh D spark this thing with the
enrage and I guess I’ll cast this lady get out there lady and um I suppose I
could exile this thing oh I’m Duff time to meet your break whoa
she is intense oh my god my arena just crashed but when I say crash I mean it
like literally just disappears off my screen I’m sorry biohazard I’m loading back in
right now here we go I’m very very sorry I’m think I’m going
to attack with all there are to get my anthem mages we’re going in here we’re
going all in we’re gonna put a coin counter on or cruel celebrant okay we’re
back in it very sorry this is what my arena does like every once in a while it
just goes goodbye and they feel very bad um oh no I am getting honestly like so
lucky right now very lucky like insanely lucky with Elspeth’s nightmare against
that against that little one one Raptor whoof
those a great way to get rid of that I’m real surprised usually you know you
all know I have some bad drawers uh-oh shoes up so to separate cars returned
them to the battlefield taps I don’t like either one of these I’m gonna go
with the plummet because I’m gonna catch this lady and I don’t want her to die um
what is this if a source with no damage to another dinosaur you control okay I will attack with a three-dose I really
don’t want a throw Sudama okay I’m just gonna do I’m just gonna do
this no I’m not gonna attack with that that seems dog I’ll save it for a
blogger what does it attack with a three OHS no
no maybe I shouldn’t target a creature Oh will target our sweet angel okay yeah
points for literally everyone oh now it’s rationed brought it on can it
destroy my things destroy target artifact or enchantment my signet or my
elspeth nightmare what does this exile target opponents graveyard okay
goodbye graveyard I’m sure we’ll just throw out a scoured Barrens let’s do it
um exoteric we do with power 4 or greater which is neither of these um I’m
gonna try to eat this dinosaur I guess and then I think if I attack with oh oh
the brought back is coming to get me oh ok I still think if I attack with all
then I’m good to go here ah yeah one again I think I won the game
against Muhammad but before that I lost several games in a row boob game
biohazard thank you for playing against me let me send you an arena code umm I
will send you a twitch whisper you needed more land oh you yeah you didn’t
have that much did you what did you have six lands up it’s not fun it’s not fun
when that happens at all all right there you go
they sent you a code enjoy okay so Mohammed wanted to play against
me again um dang yes a sneeze ramp and haste I’m sending
Mohammed a challenge we were going to play another brawl day see if Mohammed
is ready um yeah Oh Muhammad is ready um I guess I’ll play a three o Segen
because that was fun I liked that deck I’m trying to like
other other decks but oh I was playing my Harry against me again okay let’s see
few pounds lunch oh this deck guys do foretold uh what
that’s scary oh my gosh I’m terrified ramping is hard
and brawl isn’t it it can be tough um I am really so scared of this card at
the beginning of each player’s upkeep that player sacrifices a non land non
token permanent if that player can’t they discard a card so that means I
would have to do that too right I’m real scared of that card I’m real
scared of that card I don’t know if I’m gonna play it I just don’t want to have
to destroy my stuff okay um I guess I’ll save that for later when
I need to just smash something I’m gonna say hello to Mohammed even though we
just played a game like five minutes ago a dunk over sack the goat the go from
low starter yeah I suppose I could but then what if it comes back to me
again and then what then I would have to like sacrifice the low Strider isn’t
that scary or I would have to start sacrificing my
lands oh wait no it says non land right non land
Oh non token in fact I could not sacrifice the goat could i that players
sacrifice is a non land non token permanent see how scary this card is
it’s so scary I don’t want my whoa Strider to die I mean I know it has
escaped but geez I’m not ready for it to die I only have one card in my graveyard
um no I’m not black in that I don’t want my creatures to be blocked well I guess
I could block it with the goat and then sacrifice it right that’s the thing
people do block it with the goat and then sacrifice it to get mice cry
without taking damage that’s the thing um yeah I’ll take that we’ll take that
we need that rankle every game oh biohazard you want to play again okay I
will play you again after this we can totally do that
okay I’m gonna scry I’m human kid I don’t really want that but I get to
scrap for that too so I’ll do it I will do it um you always have the option to
sack do for told oh well that makes it a lot less scary doesn’t it
um no I’m not gonna attack with my water Strider I didn’t think about that you
could just get rid of the doom foretold and then be done with it and that’s what
you sacrifice okay okay see I I’m not smart it’s okay I
acknowledge that a fervent champion ugly what is this citrulline sword of Valor
on how if I literally never seen this card in my entire life because it’s m-19
that’s why uh oh okay you know what what is happening
right now this is getting very mean and I’m not gonna block any of these I’m just gonna take a lot good night
have a good night John thank you so much for playing me and thank you for hanging
out in sac the you can sack the mana geode I don’t even have it out yet okay
I’m getting I’m getting kind of overrun here uh let’s see I can’t really do that
much right now if I cast that um I don’t know what to
do I guess I’ll just cast rankle I’ll just do it um first rate vigilance man I don’t like
I don’t like everything that’s happening to me here I’m not even going to attack
with wrinkle that makes me so sad but I feel like I need a blocker except all
these nights are getting buffs and stuff Oh No so many tokens I don’t even know
who foretold would be worth it right now oh my gosh uh oh yeah this is I’m really
getting smashed here oh my goodness I don’t want to block things with my Wow
starter I have like nothing in my graveyard but I’ve really kind of feel
like I have to cuz that has first strike that’s stupid these are just tokens this
has first strike oh my goodness I guess I’ll just kill these and have no
creatures left well I guess not my wrinkled Oh am I’m dead am I just
actually dead without realizing it yes I am I’m so dead oh my gosh
Wow Muhammad really got me that time really got me that time um I’ll tell
Muhammad good game and then and then I will um
biohazard you want to play get let’s do it we’re gonna play another game of
brawl I will change up my deck um I will play
what should I play this time Oh y’all know how much I love my Villa
stack but it is so bad oh it’s bad it’s really bad well when the deck is kind of fun um let’s just try crosa again I played it a
few times but I feel like I didn’t have a super great lick with it but let’s
just try it again Oh grumpily I really like Grom goalie I
would love to make a Grom goalie brawl Beck will have a said if I’d drawn a
board wipe he would have been done yes it’s true I don’t know if I guess that
dick probably does have board waves um I suppose I’ll keep this I don’t
absolutely love it but it is what it is okay here we go blood Falcons we are
gaining life right away that’s what’s happening gang named life and there’s
big nasty dinosaur out already already um I really need to do this but let’s just
go for the dress first things first it’s the only card I can choose not a
chart on land ah I’m one man I have any color oops
sorry about your mantle it there what just happened
why did that creature kill itself marauding Raptor goes to damage to it oh
my gosh that that thing is mean like real mean um I’m just gonna go for the
dread word invasion we can start getting a little zombie army out here this look
at this Raptor DS attacking these other creatures oh my goodness it just
attacked groggily look at the kind of six three oh my god believe that that
thing was that thing is real mean I’m gonna um I don’t know what it I don’t
know what I’m gonna do this dinosaurs just going crazy attacking things I’m
gonna I’m gonna cast croaks uh um yeah put it in my command zone please
thank you and um I can do this nope doesn’t matter that’s pointless it’s all
so pointless okay we’re just come in just under turn we’re just gonna end
their turn where’s connect under turn elvish rejuvenator
prepare to die this dinosaur is gonna go nuts on you um boo dentist or without
damage oh okay I see it gets the bonus if it’s attacking another dinosaur okay
so it killed that thing but didn’t get any counters my turn oh wow um oh boy okay I’m I’m going to oh no don’t break the game oh my gosh
I’m so scared right now okay I’m gonna fabled passage okay and
playing this so Wow no don’t break the game I’m going to try
to prevent the breaking of the game by destroying something need like two more
cards will I mess you up if I kill your marauding Raptor if so sorry I’m not
gonna attack I’m just gonna end my turn what’s gonna happen I’m so scared okay
this little dinosaur is gonna attack I’m not gonna block because my zombies just
a dumb little zombie head or should I though cuz um no I’m not gonna block I’m gonna let
my zombie army continue to grow yes that’s right um okay we’re gonna
cast this and we’re gonna bring cruxit back out I
still don’t have cards in my graveyard so croaks it’s gonna come back to my
command zone I don’t think biohazard had anything to
discard I will not attack pack crack fever let’s
be friends let’s do it Craig fever okay I’m gonna start drawing a lot of cards
here oh dang all right um I’m going to do this and I’m gonna discard um control
that many cars I’m gonna discard this and maybe we’ll keep that and we’ll keep
the rest of those just discard one okay that’s fine um I will not attack and
I’ll add my turn forerunner of the Empire okay sure
when it enters it better for you may search Ivy for a dinosaur card reveal it
she’ll fire your library and then put that card on top
Polly Raptor okay sure we are drawing cards here a swamp and
I’ll leave three cards in my graveyard I’m gonna do this and then let’s do this – I think I’m
just like biding my time here okay this doesn’t have lifelink yet it’s just a
5/5 with judas thing okay I’m going to not attack haha underworld dreams is doing some
damage Polly Raptor okay here comes the Polly Raptor whenever a diamond is about
a field you may have 4 min of the Empire deal one damage to each creature oh no
oh no wait a second wait a second something’s happening No okay if I kill this thing that will
stop the madness right okay okay Mohammed wants to play more games
okay oh my gosh No
why are there so many this is this is bad
all of these do that – I need a board white and I need a board way oh boy I I
don’t know what to do okay I’m gonna kill this thing but like is it just
kidding okay it didn’t create a copy um I’m going to UM I’m gonna play this and that’s it I’m almost dead I mean I’m
not almost dead but I’m getting there dinosaur no dinosaur no this is another
day oh you want me to cuddle a kitty Oh Mohamed I don’t know where she’s at
I will I will go get her after this game um oh my god I have to block some of
this stuff right oh my dad I’m dead right yes I’m dead do they have trample um if you’re black
this this and this oh my guys I’m lifelink I did I got to
lifelink know what’s happening oh my god resolve all just resolve all of the
dinosaurs miss oh my god my I thought my I thought my unmask thing was gonna kill
me again oh you even ex-life turk creature gets minus X minus X why are
these things here I want them to go away but there’s just like so many of them
and they’re just copying each other okay if I kill one of them do I have enough
okay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ok so I think kill one of them and gain 8 life but does it
matter so if I make the value 7 and they’ll just kill the biggest one I gained some life but I don’t know Grum
goalie get out of here dammit there goes my arena again just shut
myself down out of nowhere this happens when I’m not streaming to it’s just a
thing it’s just a thing with arena it really is it just happens all the time
am i dead okay if I block one of these okay what’s this oh but that’s just gonna create a copy I
didn’t even think about that I’m just hurting myself oh my gosh I’m gonna just cast croaks uh so my opponent host of discard do I have
cards in my graveyard oh yes I do get in the graveyard croaks
uh oh but I can’t cast you again I don’t know Gabrielle I don’t want you oh my
goodness other dinosaurs you can draw have haste
I’m gonna say nice because it’s all I can say oh those dinosaurs were so Mina
oh my goodness that was a pretty cool deck though you did that dinosaur wasn’t
was just kind of copying itself in a bad way
okay Mohammed I’m gonna go I’m gonna go find my kitty cat first and then I will
play you in a game a dream trawler oh okay let me message him I could go ahead and accept the
challenge Ike if I did kill the marauding Raptor that would have been
very silly very very silly okay Mohammed redeemed his his points to
make me cuddle a kitty so I have to go friend my cat here she is she was sleeping on a chair
and she’s not happy that I woke her up but here she is for the world to see
okay you can go back to sleep now baby and put it over here there you go
okay she’s mad at me now she’s very mad at me okay
biohazard let me send you another let me send you another code since you played
another game against me Oh give me one second and I will whisper it to you
there you go okay Mohammed we’re going here I am
going to I really want to like this croaks a deck I just wish it was do it
me better wish I was doing me better I’ll try it again I’m gonna try it again
I’m gonna give it a chance and we’ll see how it goes Oh Mohamed has changed up
his deck I don’t know who that commander is I think that is one of the historic
ones Oh captain sis a very cool you feel like my game is frozen like
it’s not letting me draw my hand or anything but it’s it’s like kind of
still here look all I can say is hello oh my gosh I have cat fur all over me you gotta use dinosaurs that is the
secret well I like the dinosaurs but I don’t know that I would want to play
them all of the time there we go okay hello game um do I want to keep this
hand not really but y’all know what it is I’m keeping it
I’m keepin bad hands my pass your okay your pen has four legs mine I’m eight
kind of pet is it I’m scared is it a spider that seems okay we have Amara out I don’t want to do that I’m not I’m not
prepared for that so just stop acting like I should do that game I don’t want
you that’s what it is right now I really like these missus leaves I should have
gotten them when I saw them in my store but it’s stronger
I don’t like ever play green so that’s why I didn’t oh I’ve seen this have you
ever lost a home vivianne shipping of the wild hey lady
what’s going on it’s a scorpion you have pets scorpions oh my goodness that seems
really creepy I like animals that have fur those are my favorite kind of
animals but I mean like if you like scorpions or snakes or fish or whatever
kind of thing that doesn’t have fur that’s fine that is totally fine just
you know what it’s okay I’m gonna cast my underworld dreams and hope that sort
of hurts mom and maybe maybe he’s gonna be drawn a bunch of cards oh she left
see she’s out of here she’s mad at me she covered me in cat fur and now she
has left us an arcane signet all right um could really lose a little bit more
mana you know oh really good you mean I exactly show
chukerman great if you do could had to two blacks on the creature token
um I think I’m gonna do this so then I have a blocker and she actually lets me
draw extra card so hopefully I can be getting some more lambs up in here the
underworld dreams damage is hopefully gonna be real nice real nice we will see I don’t know what this vbn does until
your next turn up to one dark creature gains vigilant in a reach look at the
top besides their library I’m a survivor things l1 facedown put it on the bottom
any order okay interesting I guess I can’t see what those are
nope pace your hand okay I’m drawing an extra card that’s fine oh this was my
opponent whoo it did get a land and got a lot swamps here got a lot of swamps um
okay let’s do this I’ve got a flier okay with gusts we’ve
got all of our lands just went into our graveyard so okay that hurts it really
hurts let’s do croak so let’s do our croaks a
thing here come on croaks uh let’s go out to the
battlefield do your damage hang our Kyoji what’s going on I haven’t talked
to you in quite a while actually boom this is gonna go back to our command
zone and I’m not going to attack with mezrab fish Crusader because I don’t
want her to die Oh Oh captain sis a is coming out underworld dreams doing damage that’s
nice that’s real nice um Pat crack fever did you want to play a game against me
because you sent me a friend request do you want to play game and for all all
things begin and end in nature let me know oh no not my cards my underground
dreams hey I’m gonna say oops and the card really was a problem for
Mohammed I know it that’s why he exiled it oh what’d she do search your library
for a legendary card reveal that card and put it in your hand and shuffle your
library whoa what is it wrists are redeemed oh my goodness whoa whoa whoa
what’s happening okay I’m drawing extra cards that’s good
I got a fabled passage thank God okay we want to I only have one deck and its
historic brawl will I’m playing against a historic brawl deck right now so if
you want to I’m fine with that choose one target player sacrifice is an
artifact target player sacrifices creature turret player sacrifice is a
planeswalker what do you all think I should do here um okay oh I can’t do enchantment
I have creature or planeswalker I could get rid of Indian uh I think I should
probably do this timer right thing – okay I’m gonna do this pack crack fever
let’s pray brawl okay but I’m in the middle of a game so you’ll just have to
wait a second um yeah it has been a bit all of your training you could finally
make foliage as a conductor that’s awesome um yeah exile it I remember you
were going through school all the time you were having to like study so I’m
glad you’re finished with that let’s get rid of Vivian right target a player yes
that’s the player we’re targeting okay it’s gone
shoo none of these things have reached so I could attack with this and I will I guess I could have attacked Vivian
with that creature and they could have gotten rid of something else but it’s
fine it’s time it’s all good ooh chromatic Lantern that’s nice a Johnny the great hearted Mahmoud just
loves to play Planeswalkers where my spells so expensive nan creature spells
your opponents cast costume or to cast until your next turn boo
I don’t like that at all I’m putting so many cards in the
graveyard um twice ex damaged our picture a
planeswalker should I kill something no I actually should have cast any of this
because all of my spells are so expensive right now let’s just do crosa
again how about that I pretty sure you could technically escape croaks tattoo I
have 11 cards in my graveyard all right so Muhammad is having to discard and I
think I’m gonna put cloaks it in my graveyard but I don’t where children
quit your plans are from your graveyard to the battlefield okay
I’d all on my I don’t want my croaks that I get exiled and I think it should
be okay I’ll do this and oh no I don’t want to
kill my zombie oh shoot I’ve made a mistake I guess I’ll kill plague crafter
otherwise my saga 3 is gonna be so pointless oh you have finally up today
you’re looking dead um is that the crazy deck you played
against me the artifacts one let’s see um it’s all attack Oh Johnny
yeah all attack of Johnny I don’t want to Johnny put encounters on stuff I’ve
suffered worse I’m suffered worse okay
this lady’s looking for some legendary cards again that’s obviously her thing
what is that come all juridic vowel I have no idea what this is
ooh the next bloom ancient is out I like this card but like when I see my
opponents play and I’m pretty much devastated but I mean it’s really cool oh is that what Mohammed brought back
from the graveyard with elspeth conquers death I guess so yeah it looks like it
has a counter on it oh thank you I am growing my hair out so it has been
looking a little bit different lately um what does this even do captive audience
enters a battlefield under the control of an opponent of your choice debating
of upkeep choose one that hasn’t been chosen okay that’s fun I want to do that
guard x equals 20 what what this is so insane Ovid what are you looking for
then you’re looking through twenty cards with converted mana cost twenty or less – oh I’m sorry you may put any number of
land cards or legendary permanent cards uh-oh uh-oh I’m in trouble I’m in big
trouble now do you see the benefits of peace uh-oh this is bad this is bad Mohammed just got every legendary card
out of his library and put it on the battlefield
and the next bloom ancient gives him like insane amounts of mana oh my gosh this is I think I’m probably gonna lose
there’s a possibility oh my gosh Circle T in tithe
why why at this point what next one was growth in EDH a yeah I think so yeah
because it’s just this insane amount of mana just insane
black Blaine reforged oh my god do this these creatures don’t have haste but
they’re all hex proof what should I do and we’re just gonna block this one
vigilance hex proof haze I’m just gonna jump block this one oh my oh that was my
one zombie now I have zero zombies no games zero life and I’ll scratch zero
oh no why do they do that I was saving this on me just for that reason
I don’t know literally the worst they should helm over the host then they
explode I don’t know what that means Oh helm of the host at the beginning of
combat like return could have token it’s a copy of equipped creature oh my gosh
yeah that they should they television still Mohammed Stern I literally have no
idea what’s happening right now no don’t kill me vulture ah dang
I just want to cast captive audience that’s literally all I want to do oh my
gosh it’s finally my turn no I’m gonna decline you can have your
treasure token Mahmoud you can have it it’s happening twice
I have zero zombies because I killed all my zombies like an idiot okay here we go
I’m casting captive audience this is this is the thing I wanted to do so I’m
doing it there you go haha take-backs Mohammed now what are
you gonna do you know what I’m not gonna attack I’m gonna choose just to end my
turn your life till it becomes forward discard your hand a chip on it creates
five to two black zombie creature tokens I think I’m dead though oh my god I
don’t know I just don’t know what like any of these cards to the just these
historic ones oh my gosh these creatures are so tiny there’s like a million of
them hey Bolton I’ve been hanging okay yeah this is a hell of a board stay I
don’t know what this is the commander is to say and uh Mohammed just got everything out okay
use this card Kemal static vowel thou and cast it 420 green green
so was able to put just pretty much like every card in his deck out on the
battlefield and so the next blue of ancient is just giving him these insane
amounts of mana so he’s just casting literally everything it’s wild it’s wild
but this is making a tree oh my god this is overkill buddy you just sacrifice
yourself for this come of the host what is happening Pera Helion oh my oh my god that this is
just wild I can’t even see like these creatures are just so tiny oh my god
behind you make the most wild eggs I’m gonna say good what’s happening what all
these tokens are coming out these angels I’m gonna choose not to block that’s
what it is oh my god okay mom and I think you got me I think you got me okay
let me see what my negative life total is gonna be one 164 yeah does explain it
I don’t know right look at that that was insane Mohamed why do you play these
wild eggs okay Pat crack fear has challenged me let’s do it
I think this is the last game I’m gonna play and then I’m gonna hop off for the
night here we go I am accepting bat crack fevers I’m gonna go back to a three-dose
Crooklyn is just not doing me well just not doing me well um actually will do a
fee Mia because a throws can be a little bit kind of fast oh it’s a late Aleli
wait what’s her name Oh Leila pakrac Fever hazards been
sitting there patiently waiting for me to play this game
thank you Efrain um I don’t like this opening hand at all it’s not good I’m
gonna mulligan oh I hate this opening hand I hate it I hate this opening hand
even more oh no this is bad I can’t keep this oh my gosh I should have kept my
first opening and it’s getting worse it’s getting worse now I’m so sad right now
I’m so sad 177 damaged ah I know it is getting late for me it really is but I’m okay okay here we go we are playing against
okay a Leela is a how you pronounce her name allele ax I’m just I’m just trying
to learn just trying to learn all right dreadnought invasion here we go I’m
gonna start hurting me I’m gonna have a few things I can do but I really need to
like get more mammal I like these sleeves look at this we’ve
got like a we’ve got like this fairy theme going on with Ephron’s deck that’s
very nice very nice um is there anyone else like you no there’s not
um I will yes Kyoji I will play you can against you after I play Efrain and then
that will be my last game for the night I’ve I’ve played a few folks a couple of
times but I will haven’t gotten to play you at all so I will play you after this
game and then I will go to bed okay umm sister’ll blade seems kind of annoying let’s do this we’re gonna cast our
little my your Triton and I mean like I technically don’t like to play merfolk
but this is a zombie merfolk so it’s cute right um should I put this on this
I guess I’m just going to because I mean but I need a Jamis in my graveyard for
my sweet little commander um yeah it has been a few months it sounds right to you
okay I feel like I always say her name wrong
oh she’s coming out a Leela is coming out whoo
she’s kind of mean flying death touch life link okay thank goodness we needed
that we needed that um I’m going to cast my commander how about
that yeah that’s right um I will not attack I’m just gonna wait
I’m going to try and be patient we’re gonna get us a little zombie there we go
got Assam be lovely kay um I need to send Mohammed some codes so
I’m writing it down so I don’t forget um I don’t like this that I want this I
don’t want this enchantment on here well I can’t block that because I don’t
want my commander to die the lifelink ugh that’s the worst part about it alright now what you don’t do Efrain
you’re gonna equip the Priss bite all right whatever I guess I think I’m going to have to do this
like goodbye ladies – bye fairy lady mmm I don’t know if
Ephraim can do anything health not cuz I just kind of want her
to die thinking okay that’s fine thinking mmm um you me put that card in
your graveyard or in my library um
man I really I’m gonna keep it in my library but I really need some more
swabs that’s when I need um we’re going to not attack and maybe I should have put that in my
graveyard so I have another enchantment cuz now I don’t have anymore Oh creatures are upon us control under the
bow field tapped what the heck Efrain card seems real nasty okay let’s um do this
oops what happened oh it’s entering tacks really not nice um I’m going to I’m going to attack with this because it
has dust touch okay well he didn’t talk I don’t have any enchantments to make
graveyard a bio Yanks arena crash after my game
Oh oh that’s funny well Mohammed you
crashed the game with your crazy deck don’t be looking to my commander no no
no no dang shoot oh look everyone’s got a dreadnought
invasion – oh man um I really need some man I really need
some mana uh I guess I’m gonna go out and play this because I can’t block
those flyers oh yeah I can’t have nightmare Shepard what is the matter
with me of course I can black it uh non token creature toys
you may exile it okay I’m gonna attack with this see what happens not blocking it come on
Efrain why don’t you want to kill my meyer Triton I just want to bring it
back hmm I think ever need some mana to look at that he’s only got four
imperium Eagle other creatures you control the flying get plus one plus one
well that’s fine but I have Revenge of Ravens now haha ok witch’s cottage I don’t have any anything in my graveyard
for that ok let me do this first uh centering tap it is so annoying ok you draw a card and you lose a life
deals 2 damage to any target and you gain 2 life um what should I do I think I’m gonna draw a card actually that’s not bad um I’ll try to
attack with this again oh not blocking it come on Efrain I just
want you to kill my little zombie merfolk give me some life game I want to
bring it back with a nightmare Shepard doom whisper no this card is troublesome um okay Jordan is killing me um dang I
guess I gotta cast this I mean I’ve got to write I gotta get a certain Conrad
out there what hey wake up he’s like sleeping on the job out there
um okay what I’m going to do I’m gonna talk with this and that’s it
my one little zombie merfolk is like doing all the work yes death touch so it can kill anything
okay we’re getting blocked with the zombie zombie vs. zombie okay lovely yes
do it do the damage yes we had two creatures die doom whisper you’re using
this time to use Jim whisper come on Efrain okay go sir comrade go nightmare
Shepard do I want to exile it yes I do and also I want to bring it back oh I
didn’t realize that would trigger Sir Conrad again but I guess it makes sense
there goes some of the lambs that I need references nice yay I mean I sort of
worked here zombie army his life link when it detects no yes I do know that um
I was just kind of waiting because of this one that can make my zombie tokens
out dad touch okay this is bad I don’t have a way to block this thing the doom Whisperer is very troublesome and I can’t kill either one of these
creatures I can’t decide I’m not gonna blog I
think I’m just gonna take this damage I mean this is bad but I think I’m just
gonna take it I did I took oh and the German invasion
is killing me too oh yeah I know right okay so three four five right mm-hmm
okay so I’ll just cast Gary and I’ll get some life back I have 10 devotion of black so oh dang
that’s pretty nice wow you’re really gonna carry me of
course I am I love Gary look at that now you’re down to four okay um if I feel
like if I don’t kill Ephraim this turn then I’m dead so what I’m gonna do is attack with this and deaf
oh my Elvis this has life link and wait a second you only have oh wait you only
have one two three blockers I could probably just attack you with all and
kill you right I should just do that right I’m trying
to like not get cocky here but I think that this is fine
swing with zombie plague Gary it was a friend yes oh thank you
good game Efrain good game thank you for playing blue against me that wasn’t
counter spells I really genuinely appreciate that Gary Gary saved me honestly I was about
to die and Gary saved my life all in you win even if you blacks yep I got it I
got it it took me a few minutes to figure that out but I got there
eventually eventually Hey all right Kyoji did you want to play
against me um Muhammad I’m gonna send you some
codes and effort I’m gonna send you codes – so
hold on a second let me go ahead and send them right now since you are in
chat hey magic with zoobi what is going on
okay Kyoji are you ready to battle I would let’s do it um okay do I have
you on my friends list Kyoji if not you’re gonna have to send me your
funding you’re really gonna Gary me you’re gonna have to send me your Arina name whatever okay
um here we go Kari is the mvz most valuable zombie if Gary a zombie okay I
send you a friend request on arena and now I will send you a brawl Gellin let’s
do it um oops I clicked out of it and he hate it when I click out of it it’s like
I’ve messed everything up okay Mohamed I met remind me to send you
codes later and Efrain I’ll send you some codes to join now and I’m gonna
play I’m not sure my affin me a deck again cuz that one was fun I wish I
could make a Gary deck but you know Gary’s not legendary for some reason so
he just can’t I’m keeping it I’m keeping it I’m scared but I’m keeping it
you’re a brewing up a mold draw the deck most valuable zombie yes he is a zombie
okay well that’s creepy but I’m not gonna judge
Gary for being a zombie he can be a zombie if he wants to alright here we go
we’re getting a timer right out here look at him ladies a little screaming
face he’s not happy about something I’m not sure what happened to him but
somebody has hurt this guy just look at him uh-hmm this thing will take service this I’m
pretty sure this thing is evil like truly evil so we’re just gonna go we’re
just gonna go for it we’re not even gonna wait around
I’m sorry Kyoji but it had to die it had to be murdered by elspeth nightmare okay
I need a few more swamps oh my gosh what am i doing
trying upon it reveals their hand she’s a non creature non land card Oh No karna I guess I have to get rid of corn
right honestly I feel like all of these are really bad but I’m gonna choose
Karns hmm hi what’s happening nice QT says nice um okay we’re gonna
put AR out and then we’re gonna like cross our fingers that we draw mana for
like our next three turns we need you guys really need it get out there timer
at just go buddy go do some damage well we got an
evolving wilds up in here things are evolving maybe cuz he’s dead ooh the back of whole thing is doing
work here it’s holding Karn look at this this is a big bag this is a really big
and strong bag okay well we didn’t draw we didn’t draw a swamp so big yikes um but that’s okay we’re demo capable of
doing things surprisingly for the moment see how long
that lasts hey our was doing some damage she’s
she’s getting work done we’re just gonna attack okay sure a gilded Lotus that’s a lot of mana
there’s a lot of mana going on here don’t you be looking at my AR Kyoji Oh
No ah hallelujah let me see what should I do so I’m gonna
do this and I’m gonna do this cast my commander okay I think a are still did
her thing though so that’s nice no just all attack okay oh gee those artifacts something going down hmm
thinking a lot of thinking to be done Oh a chaos wand interesting oh boy again there’s one Poli um I’m
going to UM do this and then we’ll do this Oh let me cast that car without paying no
not my into extinction you may cast that card without paying semana class I’m but
the exiled cards that work has a sway on the bottom of the library new random
order my commander Oh No Gog says good game oh because sir Conrad came in yeah
it’s true good game Kyoji good game your oaken
deck sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t I feel like it’s a lot like my
villas debt like I love it and I want it to work but most of the time it just
doesn’t and that makes me sad um but let me send you let me send you a code Kyoji
for playing against me I will send you a to witch whisperer there you go thank
you for playing game against me the deck is called almost playable for a reason
yeah that’s just that’s just like my villas deck I want it to be so good but
it’s just not it’s just not um okay so I think I’m going to end my
stream there let me find somebody to send you all
over to UM let’s send you over to skybilz this is one of those rubies
friends and um she’s really good so this so you guys will enjoy watching her the
difference is this is the best I can make against l5 I’m telling you this
just like my villas de mano black is actually good go figure
I know who would have thought but I love it I’m so happy so again thank you all
for hanging out tonight I hope you all have a great night I will be back again
right here with zubi on Saturday night we’re doing a magic for normies episode
so if you haven’t caught that yet um coming out with us right here Saturday
night it’s gonna be really fun it’s just silly fun crazy time so we hope to see
you there um yeah I’m gonna send you all over to skybilz everybody have a great
night and I will see you next time did I send it something went wrong I didn’t send it marade is not working for some reason so just go hang out with her anyways and
tell her I said hi I will link it in chat yes everybody have a great night
stay safe and stay healthy and I’ll see you next time bye