-There’s a lot of magic
in the show. -Yeah.
-We can say that. What can we say about the show? What is “Harry Potter
and the Cursed Child?” -Well, it’s a story about
wizards. -Yeah. -So, those who know the books
know that the last book finishes 19 years later. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny
and Draco, they’re all grown up. They’re all married —
not to each other as a five. That would be weird.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] -And they’ve got their own kids, and they’re packing them off
to Hogwarts. So most of our audience are
original generation Potter heads and they’re coming into — they’re in the same passage of
life — they’re parents, they’re, you know, going through
the whole thing, and they’ve got a new generation
of fans and people discovering
this world through the eyes of
the next generation. -Do you have kids?
-Yeah. -You do?
-We’ve got one boy. He’s 7. -Seven years old — Can he read the “Harry Potter”
books at 7? -Yeah, well, we — When we were in rehearsals, we’d kind of disappear into
a room for 100 days, so they stayed in the U.K.
just for that patch. And when we were trying to
figure out how to keep in touch, I’d have a little routine
in the morning where I’d have breakfast and then I’d record about 15,
20 minutes worth of the books on a voice memo. And then he’d listen to it
for a bedtime story. -Aw.
-So we got through — -Now imagine that
going through a Teddy bear. [ Laughter ] That’s a good — that’s like a
genius — a genius idea. -A Teddy bear
that looks like Harry Potter. -Yeah, exactly. So you kind of are reading it. That’s pretty cool
that you’re reading it to. -Yeah, we got through all of
“Azkaban” that way, and then we came up — I think it was
when I first got the job, I didn’t know that much about —
like I sort of knew — You can’t not know
about Harry Potter. -It’s our culture, yeah. -Yeah, I’ve gone full geek
since getting the job. -Really?
-Yeah. -Really? -Like, sixth time
through all the books. -Oh, really?
-Yeah, I know. -You got into it? But how about —
How are you with magic? -Magic?
[ Laughter ] -Have you learned any? -Dude, you’ve had David Blaine
over there, like, pulling hedgehogs out of
his eyes and stuff. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, I know. Dude, that was —
-Yeah. -Did you see that?
-Yes, I saw that. -I sewed his mouth shut. -That makes no sense to me
at all. -No, it makes no sense,
and Questlove went and threw up. He left.
[ Laughter ] He got physically sick.
He got physically ill. David Blaine is fab– but, dude, you’ve must have
picked up something, I guess. -Well, on the first day,
they taught us — Jamie Harrison, who designs
the amazing illusions, we all stood in a circle,
and he taught us the coin trick. You know, the sort of — and then you pick it
behind the kid’s ear. -Yeah. -He said everything that happens
in the play basically is that trick just written on
a bigger scale. And we all thought like,
“We can do this. No problem.” The first thing we did was
just drop the coins and there’s like a wishing well
of coins down — stuck under the revolve. So we go home and practice
and then showed it to the kid and the kid’s like,
“Oh, amazing.” Then afterward, it’s like,
“Yeah, I’ve seen it. You’ve got to up your game.”
-Yeah. -So I have —
[ Chuckles ] It’s just occurring to me that I’m about to try and do
a magic trick on “The Jimmy Fallon” show.
[ Laughter ] I’m not a magician.
-Yeah. -What I do like about this one
is it’s got something for the kids and something for
the grown-ups. -Okay. -And it’s not just one thing
with a coin. You need three things. This is what we were saying,
the amount of setups that you do to prep the trick
before you even signal that you’re going to do a trick. So you need three things. First thing is a balloon.
-Okay. -I almost passed out
on national television. [ Laughter ] Still setting up your pieces.
-Yep. So far, great trick.
[ Laughter ] -Got a balloon.
-Yeah, I’m in. -The next thing you’re going to
need is a pen. The third thing you’re going to
need is a bottle of beer and then you can
start the trick. -What in the —
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪♪ Now you can do the trick. And the trick is
to make this beer disappear. [ Laughter ] -Jamie Parker, everybody!