I’ve been a professional magician for over 20 years. But my real passion is speaking to corporate audiences, to businesses, to organizations, and teaching them how to Think Like a Magician™ You don’t have to be a magician in order to Think Like a Magician™ Magicians are master of perception As a magician, my job is to get into the heads and the eyes and the mindset of the audience In order to success on stage, I have to be able to see things from the audience’s point of view. “I’m gonna break your hands!” What role does perception play in your business? Perception is everything. My main goal is to allow you to step out of your own point of view and be able to see things from your customer’s point of view. I teach things like attention, assumptions, acknowledgement, attitude, awareness All those secrets are the things I have developed over 20 years of performing around the world. And that’s the real secret of magic. We always think of what the effect is— what are we trying to accomplish? And then we work backwards to create the method. Now that’s applicable to sales, to customer service, to front of the line, anyone who is interacting with other people can benefit from the secrets that I teach as a magician. And that’s what I love showing people the connection between magic and business. I know a lot of people go, “well yeah, you’re a magician!” But—to other people, you are magician as well. I love transforming organizations They’re learning, they’re taking away valuable content. And at the end of every presentation, they come up to me and say, “I never knew that thinking like a magician could help me in my business.” Make sure that you’re focused on the effect. The ultimate impact that you’re making on your customer, and business will grow, grow, and grow. Thank you all very much My name is Kostya It’s been an absolute pleasure Have a great rest of your day Thank you very much!