Ronan: Magic has the Magic’s Mystery Sound,
Carol Carol: Oh yes, oh I’m good at these things.
(I’m so not!) Ronan: Well believe me the rest of the nation
isn’t either because nobody’s got it right yet! * mystery sound * Carol: That’s a gas… and it is… uh…
it’s almost like somebody’s stirring a spoon and there’s bubbles in it, or something? In
a liquid. Ronan: Harriet and I actually don’t know,
we’ll just go to Alex our producer… no, ok. Harriet: That’s a no. Well we don’t know what
it is, Producer Alex in the corner, she knows what it is. Carol: *makes a bubbling noise* Harriet: Ronan also does an impression of
it that sounds nothing like it Ronan: *rubbish impression* Carol: Mine’s better that yours! Mine’s so
much better than yours! Ronan: I do sounds all morning, you should
listen from 6, because I make some very good– I’m a human beatbox.