[Sawing in Half Illusion Behind the Scenes]
I’m heading backstage to check out the new prop (illusion) It arrived! So, there are two brand new cases sitting back here and I’m so excited! Oh, I am going to try an do it this week! And I’m gonna do it different (uniquely) but… (sigh) I’ve only got a couple days to do it and it’s a pretty intense week. He said it was in the Green Room. Which is… this room… oh LOOK ! There is one of them… [road case] and… Where’s the other one ? Yeah, that’s for me [funny noise] I wonder where it is? OH! Here it is! There it is. These two. Ta-da! [Caribbean Music] It’s an exciting day. A new illusion in the show that we are going to try and do something new with. It’s a classic illusion– and it’s a good one. It’s the sawing in half illusion But I want to do it in a completely different way. It’s super late, I’m just backstage right now rehearsing, what time is it? It’s 1:22am. I gotta go to bed, but I’ve been rehearsing the new bit for tomorrow. I have not done this yet. Not only have I not done this yet, I’m doing it in a totally different way that’s never really been approached before. I’d rather rehearsed and a little tired than unrehearsed. Alright, well — I’m so rushed right now. We just ran through everything, it was a bit of a nightmare for the new bit, but we are still going to do it. We are well rehearsed but it’s so freaking rocky right now. So I realize while I’m editing that this story would come across better with a detail. Just a minor little detail. that I want to tell you verbally right now. I just walked on stage and did about 5min …Break the egg. [Applause] 10mins … my script literary transitions into a video “…My weekly webseries Touring Tricks is about all that stuff” “A behind the scenes look at what it’s like in this weird career.” “I think that’s the most interesting part” “Now I have to find Denise” “Have you seen Denise?” “Okay, I’ll keep looking” My favourite kind of magic is the big illusions, which is a problem because I travel alone. “Denise?” “Nope!” “… sometimes I get asked to magic with people I’ve never even met before.” “What do you think? Jacket or no jacket?” So I walk out with the white jacket. So, now I’m on stage and basically say I want to present the cut in half illusion with Denise. “with… Denise” “IT’S DENNIS!” [Audience laughs] “Well, this is going to be interesting!” Alright, well here is the team. We’re all going to pull it off together! Right?!
-Yeah we are! -Awesome -Denise, Dennis and Ryan [Laughs]