Hi! Malik the magic guy for expertvillage.com.
Now I am going to teach you how to do the basic speller trick and this is going to use
one principle we did already, the Psi Stebbins setup. You can do this with other ways that
you can use to figure out a selected card. Later on we are going to talk about something
called glimpsing and we are going to talk about key cards and you will be able to use
those as well. This is one way you can do the trick. What we did is we had a deck in
Psi Stebbins setup which if you’ve watched that before, if you didn’t go back and watch
it. What that means is that the cards are 3 higher than the next one. So we are going
to have Mr. Hand touch a card and we are going to cut it to the bottom and because of the
Psi Stebbins setup, we are going to take my 6 and add 3 to it, that gives me 9 and Spades
comes after Hearts so I know he picked the 9 of Spades already. So now I am just going
to count to myself, nineofspades. I am going to have him put his card back. It is supposed
to look like I am pushing some cards off to the side. To sort of add a little screen to
that, we are going to do a couple of false cuts so it looks like we couldn’t possibly
know where the top of the deck is. We are going to ask Mr. Hand is card and he is going
to say 9 of Spades and then we go nineofspades and there is our 9 of Spades right there and
there’s a basic speller trick using some principles we’ve learned already. Have fun
with it.