Hi everybody, Malik the magic guy with expertvillage.com.
I’m going to teach you your first trick, so for this we need our cards and we need
Mr. Hand. Hi Mr. Hand nice to meet you. Now what I’d like Mr. Hand to do is take out
a card from the deck, just reach in grab anyone you’d like, now show that card to the camera.
Now Mr. Hand I want to make sure you remember your card, good job, put your card back in
the deck anywhere you’d like and push it all the way in; I’m a professional. Now
what we want to do is give the cards a little snap, a little shake and we can even turn
them around if we want. If we go through we’ll find that one card it’s a little different
than the others; it’s facing the wrong way and that’s Mr. Hand’s card. So that’s
your first trick the reversed card I’m going to show you how to do that in just a minute.