Hey everyone, how are you all? Hope you are all good As we all know that its impossible to handle fire with our bare hands Today i am gonna make it possible It’s good for photography We can take some cool pictures having fire on our hands You can do this experiment at your home But be carefull So without any further ado lets get in to the action ROLL INTRO😂 You will need three ingredients for this experiment Washing powder(surf) Water And hit So take some washing powder into a bowl And pour some water into it Then stir it well untill you get a fine solution Then spray HIT in the obtained solution Untill foam forms on the surface of the solution Light a candle and keep it away from the solution Then take the foam on the surface to your hands Then keep your hands on the fire Then the foam on your hand catches fire without doing any harm to your hands Wait for the second experiment i am gonna show you another way to handle fire For this experiment you will need a hand sanitizer Most of you may know this experiment Hand sanitizer consists alcohol and water So when you fire it water present in it keeps your skin away from danger But when it evaporates you will feel burning sensation So be safe while doing this experiment Hope you guys enjoyed our video Thanks for watching, show us some love by subscribing our channel. We would love that😍