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How to Solder Wires Together (Best tips and tricks)

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today I’m going to show you the proper way to solder wires together. The process of soldering is taking two or more wires and joining them together and then using heat to melt electrical solder connecting those two wires permanently. When done properly you have a strong conductive connection that…

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3 Tricks to Better Melodies Everytime

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Dapat Toples dari Magic Box plus ngajarin cara dapat Jackpot sahabat HCG

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Jojo Accuses Amara of Dark Magic | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

That’s a lot. Jojo, when you said, Amara put roots on you? What exactly do you mean? Couple readers had told me that somebody had put roots on me. It’s not Voodoo. -So, they said- -It’s roots. -…it was someone and you thought it was Amara- I mean, they told me it was a girl…

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Game Grumps Animated – Ren Faire Wizards – by Willoughby

(GAME GRUMPS INTRO) [Dan sighs] DAN: I’ve… DAN: I did not go to the Ren Faire this year. ARIN: I know. DAN: I’m happy about it. ARIN: Neither did I. ARIN: Dude, you know, I love the Ren Faire. I fucking love the Ren Faire. DAN: Me too. ARIN: I don’t like heatstroke. DAN: That,…

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Get a SPECIAL Wizard Skin in Brawl Stars! (Clash of Clans)

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Fast Vedic Mental Math tricks – Multiplication 12

What’s the product of 33 and 21? Pause the video and try to solve it. The traditional way, is to write ’21 under 33′. Then ‘3 times 1 is 3’, ‘3 times 1 is 3’ again! Write a zero here, ‘3 times 2 is 6’ and ‘3 times 2 is 6′. 396. ’33 times 21′…

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Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Semifinals: Joven Olvido – Vape Tricks

If he made us laughed so hard with his act and vape tricks before, what did he prepare for us tonight? With more than 19 million views and counting on Youtube, all the TODA in the Philippines most especially there in Sta. Cruz, Laguna Let’s make some noise for Joven Olvido! Good evening, Resorts World!…

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S1Ep1 – The Magic Compass | Camp Halohead

( music playing )Thanks for taking me out on the river, Evan. Oh, it looks beautiful from up here. Ah, Clemmie. You don’t become a ringlet like me just sitting in your bunk. Oh. I’ll never be anything but a norby. Every time I try to do something good, it all goes wrong. – Help!…

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(ENG SUB) W – Two Worlds OST – In The Illusion MV

The person who i fell for, is it really you? Me wanting you, is that really me? Even in this moment when we are holding hands Theres no feeling of assurance to warmly wrap around us The burning warm leaves behind smoke And the smoke rises without strength, I try swallowing my excitement But the…

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