hey you can say you good evening you
speak English it’s my knife come on
hey say something know what why not it’s fantastic come on
it’s a present see dirge yes no no listen in English see Spanish wait let’s
not say okay hey Wendy listen to me
you think I am stupid yes so well you don’t want to speak anymore no okay
and now oh yes I want you know you know how to sing know what yes where we listen to you it’s about wow
and you understand music plays we’re gonna sing something
for you alright okay don’t look at me look at me audience the exact feelings
come on nothing crying all together okay
please come on you see it’s pretty good talent okay
go get that feeling amazing the single dog gets a standing ovation I’ll think of you that is all fantastic thank you so much uh Howie do
you know what medieval times have you ever been to medieval times if they took
that concept and made a one-woman show this is what I think it would be I
didn’t see an amazing trick I didn’t see one amazing trick did some flips and
kind of jumped up a button did another weird flip I would like to see more he’s
so cute okay Mel I think I’m gonna have to kind of agree with Howie what I think
if you do get through to the next round focus on really switching up what you do
because there were a few tricks in there that I was like oh wow that’s great I
just wish you would have put them in a lots to they’ve had a sword fight I’ve
never seen a dog have a sword fight with his owner before I felt hero was almost
singing along with the music so I don’t think they quite understood what you
just did all right but maybe now I’ve explained it let me pick this up with
Howie you don’t understand I do I don’t okay I don’t so I’m gonna say no yes or no Melton I’m sorry I’m gonna
have to say no oh we don’t want to make anybody feel
terrible listen what you do is what you do is I’ve never done this before never but
I’m asking you on behalf of Sarah I’m here Oh Mel talkative trust me on this I saw
something you didn’t say okay okay I’ll tell you what I’ll tell
you what I know people like dogs so I’m gonna feel so bad this is emotional I’ll
change it to yeah Heidi wanted to see you again in any case
you’ll have it yes for me so chances so you have a yes firm Howie a yes from
the Heidi a no from Mel who but Sarah hero you have a yes for me if you would like to choose a number
that you would like for her to count to I’ll tell her to count it for you for
Mia count to four go
are you nervous are you nervous are you nervous no no she’s under okay sit
via count to four Oh give you another number 16 16 Mia sit 16
Lea 16 we need help
Tyra he’ll let you pick the number I just picked yes you pick a number you
want her to count to okay Leah sit sit yeah what numbers maybe deep breath Adobe stars bowl running away you’ve got rim he’s my little tuna all alone hello hi who are you I’m ma honey and
this is Robbie and what make is Robbie he’s a Maltese terrier why have you
entered this show what are you gonna do today Doge I teach dhoka dhoka so yes
that yoga is yoga for you and your dog wicked oh so you gonna watch the act
that’s a good boy rocky watch that why I’ve got to see
this right okay Wow breathe deeply seen an out through your nose connect with your dog and bow place your dog on the top of your thighs
I can’t place me dummy thighs the size of them and rise up
into boats your dog is the Sailor and you’re the vessel and we’re gonna finish in hotdog place
your dog in the top of your thighs Raisa damnit off what they’ve all got their dogs as well come
on let’s do yoga you gotta take your shoes off and you
stop to be waiting I’m not yeah I think I let the little
dogs carry on I will go by the same stage well that’s what you thought of
reactor okay let’s do the upper Papa’s all of them now ready gently fold forward in loose
dog position just yes
hold your dogs support your dog there you go very nice breathe don’t
forget to breathe bring him back into the center well done everybody think
that’s enough Doga for one day Bobby data stolen yogurt there’s
literally way everywhere I think someone needs to get him or whose dog was it I do carry good evening what’s your name my name is
Christina Lenin cuz you know why are you here um I want to be the next Pole
McKenna I’m a comedy stage hypnotist can you hypnotize someone to be a nice
person can you hypnotize somebody to stop being really annoying how long is
this gonna go on Wow okay well look why don’t you just
get on with um I am actually only one half of the act I have I’m the assistant
okay so you’re not the person who’s actually hypnotizing no I’ve got the
master Hypnotizer okay this is Prince estimate no dog no Harold
you are telling me that that dog is a hypnotist I am indeed – Christina Lenin and this is princess
and today we’re going to be hypnotizing volunteers from the audience
this is princess she’s a girl don’t look into our eyes she’s the world’s only
hypno don’t was it involved in you she looks into people’s eyes and they just
fall asleep we’ve actually had instances that at the wrong moment where she’s
looked at somebody and they’ve fallen out of the seat or go to sleep so now we
tend to keep her out of the way until she’s needed we’re going to show them
something that never seen before the world’s only canine hypnotist okay I’ve got to see this I need some
volunteers from the audience let’s have a look
yet you guys there that row that just go to sleep couple more seats guys was – come on you
know you want okay the county 5 you’ll all be wide awake as
soon as I ask you to count your fire the number 7 does not exist on the count of
five wide awake one two three four and wide awake just take a seat fucking places for once technology yep 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9
10 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 ok give them around dare your review protracted 911 yeah I don’t know what was going on
there Alicia what the hell is going on well youdon’t are Ant & Dec well she’s
amazing and I think Paul McKenna has got a problem
did you believe it Simon what I did at the end yeah I mean I think if you’re
gonna do this I think you got to get them to do more crazy thing yeah this
was not to show you that the dog can do would you do it with to me here we go a meal down for you that’s the first
four star can you hypnotize someone to be a nice this is the kit they’ll use when they
know you finally lost your mind I don’t think we could get guitars
everyone just a normal don’t happen what that was used like a dog with a huge
town with staring at me no David yes or no I’m intrigued and I’m
gonna say yes I am interested in seeing else you could possibly do so I’m gonna
say yes today I’m gonna show you Simon yes with me are you 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11
you’ve got to change this yeah you’re the best you’re the best and you’re the
best baby that dolls done something to 100%