it’s 1986. I’m Ed Kramer and welcome to
my YouTube channel on CGI History. Getting an award from the Promax Broadcast
Design Association is kind of the highest honor there is for CGI artists
working in television, and in my basement I found this Showreel of award-winning
graphics from 1987. (It was the ’87 winners but the graphics were from ’86.) For the next few weeks we’re gonna look at work I did not do personally, but
really shows the techniques and the look of the late-1980s. By the way, if you
have credit info for anything here please get in touch. The
transformation to digital techniques happened almost overnight. Now rotoscoped images like these could be painted digitally with a Quantel
PaintBox, moved digitally as planes in 3D space with the Ampex ADO and then
composited and stored digitally with the Abekas A-60. Here you’re seeing drop
shadows, that was really big in the 1980s. The FGS-4000 from Bosch could be used
to add 3D objects, or the Quantel Mirage. Even low res systems like the the turkey
that you’re seeing here was done using some kind of low resolution paint program on a personal computer. The best artists could really do beautiful things even
with simple geometry and simple keyframe animation >