You know what I like about this game? It’s
basically Peter Pan turned into a hidden object adventure. I mean, you’re saving fairies
from this evil pirate. All it needs is an army of orphans and a lagoon full of mermaids.
And uh, preferably Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle. Hook was a great movie. And The Magician’s Handbook II is a great
hidden object game. Just released to the App Store, The Magician’s
Handbook II is pretty much your standard game of find the hidden stuff. You have a map with
different areas, which you’re exploring for the captured fairies. The only thing is…you
don’t clap to save them. So you just know this whole story is
fake. One of the things I really like about this
game is that you can choose to see the entire story and all the cut scenes…or you can
choose the abbreviated story, which basically puts you right into the object finding. I
loved having that option. In fact, I wish more games would do it. You can also choose to play with a timer or
without, which is another nice touch. So you’re only on the clock if you choose to be. Otherwise,
you can just leisurely search your screens and find the objects at your own pace. There’s
a relaxing quality to this option that really suits the genre well. As you’d expect, the game also throws in
puzzles…although they’re pretty basic. You learn magic spells as you find objects,
and sometimes, you have to use those spells in certain areas of the map. Fire spells might
melt something in the ice land, wind spells can clear away leaves in the forest…you
get the idea. It’s nothing deep, but it does break things up a bit. Hidden object games are definitely a casual
affair, so it’s nice to play one that lets players decide how to play them. If you’re
in the mood for an overly dramatic hidden object storyline, you can have it. If not,
you can just jump into the finding. Since the finding is so enjoyable in this one, that’s
not a bad option, matey. It’s The Magicians Handbook II. See, because…there
are pirates.