what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel my name is Josh Horton today I’m joined by Alex Caruso it’s up guys how’s
it going Alex just finished up a season with the LA Lakers he’s killing it right
now you may be seen this clip recently go viral everywhere is 3 1 and I’m gonna challenge him to a sports
competition so this is probably gonna go pretty badly but I thought we would even
the playing field a little bit because it was just basketball I wouldn’t stand
a chance I think we’re gonna ask him for that we’re gonna add some of that Josh
Horton YouTube goodness and we’ve got an allsports trickshot battle so we have
six sports to choose from yes Alex juggling is a sports actually five sport
to be a mini basketball whatever six sports items juggling to sport I’ll
fight you I’m wearing a wolf drumming federation shirt right now and I’m
wearing Alex frickin Caruso Sharon is sure there’s also six spots on the court
one two three four five and then one on the bench here we’re gonna make our way
to all the spots when you get to a spot we’re gonna alternate decide which sport
you would like to use from that spot you’ll roll the dice to get through the
temps each time you make a bet bucket gets you one point here we go
the apps the first spot is from behind the hoop I’ll let you choose what what
sport you want for this I’m gonna go mini basketball now we both have to use
many basketball for this round you’re up first so roll that dice to see how many
attempts you get four for timpz possible four points let’s see it oh yeah
alex is number four one point one point for round one for Alex let’s see each of
you each of you get the same amount of attempts interesting what strategy do
you see one does here it’s fine it’s fine
okay so the mini basketball is out we’re going to the free-throw line now and I
get to roll the dice first of all I’m gonna use probably tennis ball right we
don’t wanna shoot the tennis ball tell me one thoughts of a point better bring probably thinking no now Alex are you
known for making it free throws I wasn’t I wasn’t trying to be funny oh just made
that up you’ll never know I was giving some commentary so still one to zero
after spot to number two okay we are now going through the three that’s the side
three what are you going with I think I’m gonna take you at your own game here
and we’re gonna go like it it’s tough because there’s not a perfect Bank for
this one so we ready topspin this one and the roll is five attempts I saw a
lot of scoring up have you ever thrown a juggling Club before this is the first
time I’ve ever held a juggling Club man I don’t think overhand is the way to go
no okay in same shot front room oh okay now I just need to not embarrass
myself this is your support better I better get a couple what’s that you
wanna see a trick okay you’re like that meme where it’s like nobody dot and then
Jacqueline Josh oh you want to see me juggle that’s what you should have done
ooh let’s keep that in sorry there we go one okay okay
that is two two one next up is the this deep shot right here
so what’s four are you thinking huh oh it is me what am I thinking I’m thinking
I want to see Alex good sure I’m seeing I’m thinking I want to see Alex do a
trick with the juggling clay did the kick up thing that he just didn’t house
nice mr. content okay no Caleb you know I
hate that you just keep going frisbee from the mid-range more than more than
the range we’ve got how many tips something heavy five I’ll take it you
play a little frisbee a big frisbee guy big frisbee guy over here okay hi just
do what you know Alex do what you know see the gentle way front room oh if that dropped I had such a perfect
track of the frisbee you guys came for a high-scoring game you have come to the
wrong video so we’ve got the long half-court shot left as well as the
bench shot and we have the football and the basketball what are you doing I
think we’re gonna go football football from half okay we got please something
or how you forgot the song so we grew up and grew up in Texas my little football
you know shut up best state in the country I mean it is the best kind of on
really an opinion so ever yeah so we’re gonna see how this goes alright let’s do
it oh nothing my neck all I need is money
Oh better tuner oh okay 1 for 4 at floor temps pandit underhand stare oh here we
go oh no there’s what’s lunch okay I’m up
one going into the final shot unfortunate part is the final shot is
involving a basketball so we’ll see how we do yep stop for Wow whew I’m standing
behind you so you have to save the ball from hitting me money
I still got nervous even though you’re there I don’t remember that
don’t play the clip no I didn’t okay well I’m making mortgage this and they
time you if he makes one of these we tie makes two of them I lose just make all
four Oh last shot in here at the Staples
Center normal warm-up pregame shots we’re tight it means a sudden death
welcome to the tiebreaker folks today we’re going to be shooting six shots one
of each sport from the free-throw line whoever makes the most wins this close
I’m just gonna like okay I embarrass myself with a frisbee I really want to
make this I’m not bad at frisbee I’m pretty decent soccer watch we missed the
basketball I’m so embarrassed there’s a lot of pressure cuz he’s gonna
go tell all of his NBA friends to of them we also made some baskets for the
viewers at home I’m saving them all for the end so that’s before gotta be four
hours the only numbers that beat four would be finances so mouth I think
one big start big start okay we’re expecting to make that good
need this oh it’s good that go in okay on camera then hitting that but the Nets
object oh alright you need you need both of these to tango we’re gonna go with
the higher percentage shot here okay great good hopefully okay so this
football shot decides whether you like shooting a football it’s free-throw line
uh five times yep we are from Texas do us proud that’s the
game folks game gentleman and a scholar thank you Alex for joining me on the
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perfect nice hours we’ll see you guys later bye where’d you say I can make that I can
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