what is up here and welcome back to the
child that was Nelson new life what’s going on Matt thanks Horace so excited
he’s a basketball youtubers got a lot of Awesome fastball videos shoe video so if
you love basketball content you gotta make sure you check him out
thank you I appreciate that just to let you guys know I am a mediocre trickshot
or two you know yeah not do it from time to time we did a trickshot video on his
channel so also go check that out today we’re doing a little bit of trickshot
challenge and we’re gonna have a series of trick shots and abuse attempts at the
end in the video that person wins okay sounds great I’m ready let’s do it
okay there’s me several parts of the videos gonna be the layup challenge the
free throw challenge the 3-pointer challenge the half-court challenge and
then the big finale final round for start with slate so for the layup round
you have to make eight through the legs layup okay a bounce layup and a 360
layup okay your guests so you at the one
you don’t want points lucky number three two three two people
yeah oh my bad my bad you gotta still get a basketball I’m not
good at basketball I have no idea how to do so at the end
of lamb round I have one point you have to yes sir
and again viewers to tip fewest points women’s you don’t want these points free
throws escape every throw you have to make a granny shot a seeded shot and a
backward shot mom’s proud my favorite one
I’m up first this round seven wait a minute let’s go baby three-point round we’ve
gotten a scoop shot like an underneath okay I’m pretty good at those a lefty
and then does it happen okay and then a hook shot yeah I did actually 17 he’s good rebound I
guess I’m good up all right just been heading into the
half court round go on we’re tight you know 17 18 you’ll be gone for that
forwards already basically a trick shot so it is just you have to make three
half-court shot anyway any way you want Wow I’m like my odds on this one I like took me a little bit to our house that
was 26 26 points I’m at let’s see uh Nelson does 28:20 I’m down to now down to okay the
grande finality continue buddy’s game yep
– boy yup two-point lead your point said we’re gonna do like what the half the
halftime challenge is hitting VI use brief it of our dirt layup free-throw
three-pointer and a half boards use the tapes so day buddies game alright guys for lucky number 33 I
dedicate this shot to this all you amazing Justin Johnson spam top 7 shots
yes sometimes seem seems doable okay you’re really playing a vajayjay it’s
always a good time we’re doing all these crazy trick shots that I’ve never done
before you know it’s fun it’s fun especially going it with the
professional yeah it’s awesome man we did another challenge on his chance make
sure you go check out a penny and here are my Instagram for today she’s pulled
up the screenshot for me there it is follow us both on instagram
juggling Josh and at melly-mel chance common the basketball no Jenny’s most
recent post for chance when Instagram sat up that’s off now let’s go to the
beach I guess I’m good at them