what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel and another episode of world record winds it’s a Caleb and I are joined by
the Randall twins my brothers what’s up guys thanks for thanks for
joining another video in this video we are going to do a two on two horse game
team cash first the twins yes go right it’s not it’s not this yeah we’ll see
how it goes and we’re also going to attending some World Records for more
points so the competition today is gonna involve horse and the world records so
make sure you watch to see who wins but today’s video if you can’t tell it’s
sponsored by Reese’s puffs Manchester’s point sorry Reese’s puffs and you can
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shot and two lucky winners will be flown to Minneapolis to watch the college slam
dunk and three-point competition in Minneapolis and you might you might see
Caleb right there you you might see us there guys and for today’s competition
the horse is gonna be worth five points and each World Records gonna be worth
two or three points we’ll explain more but here we go
Brandon twins you’re up first what do you got those for blood guys could do it
I could do whatever right do whatever you want just has to an shot has to
involve both people we didn’t explain it on my channel guys trickshot boards to
get three attempts three Tim’s to land your shot but if you get on your second
or your first and the other people have to get on their first or second track
let’s see it second dancer third attempt cheese on top
cashews on top let’s go let’s go let’s go that’s crazy scale it’s super-hard b2
head of your Jerry you want here yes behind me that’s an H routine cat brings
back to you the 42 42 this community Oh leave a comment right now who do you
think is gonna win team cash or team twins declines all the ways we all know
the correct answer to that though we know the smart answer yeah there you go
so much so yeah I kind of said this in the intro but whoever wins the horse
game gets 5 points well we’re gonna be attempting five world records throughout
this video if you the winning team whether or not they break the record
gets two points but if they they win they beat the other team and they break
the actual record they get three points so a lot of points up for grabs first
record is most behind the bat passes between the team in one minute one ball
one ball the current world record is 54 passes all right that’s almost a pass a
second round twins you guys would guess who you’re at first if you fight for
your part ready okay number to beat is 54321 feet okay so the rabbit wins got 41 passes
and passes mitten means one pass we feel so it was really 82 82 passes but the
record is it’s 41 so they’d not break the world record but that’s a pretty
impressive number put up so good job let’s see if me okay let’s see if Miele
my name is Kevin hey how you doing let’s let’s see if me and Caleb can beat it well we lost random twins are awarded
two points they beat Caleb and I but they not break the existing world record
so that’s two points for the Randall twins okay so that’s me and Josh’s turn
I don’t know if the random twins can juggle Bo we’re about to find out and we
are about to find out do you want to go be juggling I know I get it the three
can you juggle I mean I can juggle I’ve never tried basketballs oh let’s see that’s eight for the twins – what happened twins turns minute got
it right let’s go I’m not gonna jump as high okay
HOH but that means it’s time for the next world record the next world record
you have to spin it on your finger and transfer it to your teammate and then he
has to transfer it right back you have to 12 that’s that I could beat
you have one minute to do it and you can’t mess up you can you can you can
hit the ball or you hit it but you can’t that you can’t drop the ball when we’re
at first it’s so good saying that you control the speed just get it to me I’ll
get it back okay there you go I’m Josh’s mark three two one one two
get that going three four we need to beat fourth we need to be four three two
one five we get two points anyone should see who could go 23 24 25 whoa I’m glad 225 because some world
records it says most passes of a spinning ball but sometimes it means
they’re in fact so that would mean 12 it we just did so of and a half yeah so we
feed the world record regardless and we are awarded three points right now the
score is three to two all right right on trend zero we don’t know what we’re
trying to do we’re trying to get them a point it’s H to H oh so where we want it
let’s do it I said let’s do I said all right so peace I’m gonna throw it off
the backboard Pizza Pete’s gonna catch it and do a leg shot flag shot where I
throw a left handed in the night they do this shot on there your brother Hey Wow okay busting out
the Reese’s puffs cereal box you have to flip it like like flipping a water
bottle and Kayla’s gonna make off the wall no I mean as the guy who had the
hard job there I’d like to get myself in cell 5 look I just want to say on camera
off-camera josh is like how do I know that wall is pretty far too hard and I
was like if I get close we’re gonna do it we’re gonna both make a shot from from
here oh let’s like mid like a four-pointer box I gotta be in sync I
know this is gonna be tough for y’all that’d be insane not acknowledge the
Backson we’re suppressing yeah that’s what I why you missed it threw me off maybe too tough let me do my joking and
you acknowledge it so I’ll get confidence that I’m a bit ok fellas you
got to be in sync not backseat ok three attempts neither
what’s made a shot once so our idea is I’m gonna do some dribbling I’m getting
Alain ball on my left hand he’s gonna throw the ball or easy to throw the
Reese’s puffs in the air I’m gonna switch switch the ball to my right hand
catch this with my left hand finished with Olay I have no idea what that means
but let’s see it’s us did not do that right at all that’s at
all I need is looking nice but it’s still winning I’m not a basketball
player we just coordinated double three-point
our double bank shot your existing burger yeah I’ll make the three okay I told you I told you this alright
we’re doing a double three twin power what’s up it works hold me back
hold me back they’re just kidding it’s just yoga Caleb yeah
don’t miss your 3ds ready this is team cash not team Josh makes fun of Caleb I
think you were the 3-point shooter I am the 3-point shooter
hey the next world record most behind the backboard shots in one minute the
current record is 28 which is very impressive just like that
one person will be rebounding one person will be shooting so it’s still a team
team effort I’ll be very impressed if there’s a new world record here today
yeah ready world record okay that’s 12 let’s see if
the twins can do better three I don’t think we count this at all they
got 11 we got 12 so no new world record but team cash
gets two points dude they got donut off his head catching it that’s three
hor two hor right it’s all tied up Jake’s gonna do a ball shot I’m gonna
make it three yeah I remember they’re not going to do
this no.11 respond or Paco three delicious first tribe good all right so
that’s hor s for the twins do you do like a Disney follow my finger with this
come on you know it this up next record is over and under ball passes in one
minute most of the record is 20 that’s 20 by
they’re both told there and back and so that’s one bounce pass one test pass you
have 30 seconds not a minute so that is 23 cycles new world record
what was it they got 23 when I was 20 oh nice
so they barely beat it what they could potentially win three points unless
Caleb I can do better we got 19 I’m sorry I hate your toe I hit it I hit his
toe so we didn’t get to use our whole time the Randall twins are awarded three
points let’s go which means I think they’re tied up you
guys that five to five I think so yeah potentially the final of the final shot
Caleb’s been go backwards three I’m gonna go backwards free-throw you tell
me one good game we had planned a fifth
world record which was most consecutive half-court shots but we don’t even if
even if you guys beat us unfortunately we would still win because because the
horses are five points but Megan will save that world record for another video
thank you to the round twins for joining us follow these guys on Instagram they
post awesome basketball content and make sure you post your basketball trick
shots on Instagram or Twitter with hashtag Reese’s puffs tick shot yeah you
look correct for a chance to get flown out for the college slam dunk and
three-point contest we do in Chicago every single video here are two
Instagram shoutouts follow cailed nephew mr. Randol twins juggling Josh for your
chance to win it in chat next time that’s all for now let’s go to the beach but here we go let’s do it guys walking