Presented by AT&T is the Cavaliers have come to Central, Florida to take on the improving, Orlando Magic a bang-up group? That’s feeling good about themselves after a road win last night at Miami dabblers of course coming So Pat frere sauce up he’s our crew chief tonight along with you Reebok good box-out by Tristan Thompson the trailer LaRon Junior’s covered up turns Very good Has Sonia now picked up by Peter J our safe spots Avery’s dog in case those were checking their fuckin decision today was right Reviewable of course until the final two minutes pink came excuse me 48 team Devon hit His best thought that he was fouled by the defender lasagna shot For double figures games in a row the defense there by crime jr. Cameras the balls huh Eddie hit three straight triples pushing LBJ turns the corner knuckle Watson soft touch up a rubber ribs are on Jane through it, but MLS. He’ll take the rust You got it leaf T. LeBron of course in LA Pete got to the rack and scored it so Alfred Payton Iran against, hezonia Creating space off a rhythm and he hit it good dark for the kitties go Sit let’s turn the corner knuckleball on it goes okay? Pretty cheer there 28 in points allowed and upon a few low percentage, Isaiah Thomas Ginn raging there’s a shot you call good good What are you doing tomorrow? Maybe take you to Vegas? Chambo also, heats up Again to continue to learn how to play with LaRhonda these guys were Boston he had the ball in his hands even though LeBron against a DS for four full over off into the hands of Tristan Thompson down the floor to junior Smith J our church Builders, I wasn’t easy father this you stood a chess match I said Thomas sapore to the remedy scored, it’s Good if they’re gonna have the home court advantage under you Jesus established yourself against them DJ. Augustine. She’ll be back on the floor as the shot good out of the timeout I Said came to the ball look at for Tristan Thompson on a high hand up that will go to leave it up circumcised here Thomas again rejecting at three Thompson inside of a crushes straight to the gallery said no no For game against corporate space dangerous that they can do it’s the three ball. You can shoot that ball Again I say it’s doing a good job. Rejecting the screen ready. That’s it for three you got pushed from behind, but it spoken mr. Lamb Corporate take the pass and range it away Nobody was there as mad as agender didn’t though the hell you come speech turns this one those commies bought Kansas State for your player for the Wildcats run Give it up the way. I guess back of the post up sucks inside for two Out of the kid just 29% free ball shooter Corporate rhythm berries in a cat burglary from Augustine stays out there. What’s Matt going left and Watched I leave the bench to started that last timeout headed to the locker room Cavs athletic trainer Stephen Spiro followed him back there Hasn’t Sochi a head coach Larry Dubrio gets Birds pretty good defender a batch of muscle one by LeBron J. You let him get that Ten to shoot Jeff Green Cross dollar get to the racket Compton throw that But see those onions, and you can tell you he’s what’s taking over high school. Who’s in on us here at home? Ten all-new Saffron to attest ass inside What’s that percentage-wise yet another ball top certificate in yes good son 6349 be forced to go left Here No time to do that Backs down Got it back off to this takes its time and score good job the hit Is Thomas thought he was fouled Nice Dropbox and Kristin Thompson Now itq like that curse things okay guys. I got you. All right Alec. Thanks coach We’ll see if the gas could indeed get back Tristan Thompson spoon-fed again bears battle that we’re probably going to do Hezonia said, it’s deep got a pretty stroke and a bunch of little chance to set himself. He’s pretty accurate It’s 20 points last night He gets my LeBron James pretty accurate as well as the outside stuff LBJ with this 87 triple of the season first tonight 48 Rises and hits for three close three-point shooting and 15th in the league in 10 triples at night damn, please meet well our second qualitites LeBron a long watch for There comes Peyton wants to go left again in the lane though too deep in here the Cavs led by 23 Orlando came all the way back at the end it made it close as Isaiah Thomas vest tipped in though by Jae Crowder Yeah, celebrant blanketed it near steal by Jr Simmons spinning Rachel Simple solution well you haven’t challenged that Lando’s defense at all Simmons. They’ve got the lead Man a bow once he one point advantage feedback race LeBron attacking the rim off the glass We’re gonna do a good job of it this quarter of the season Korver kicked the ball drops out and Sunday Jeff Green unselfish basketball. Yes. Good time outs birch with a shove deprive Kourtney he goes hard right hand Porter got this angle inside on the stuff though that man Simmons his career-high for a game as 14 bearings Right now he’s got 24 long lost play weight raise it up Toss to first Beautifully set up by shoving the front step back through Three by two Simmons here he goes again Jonathan Center Fisher now Redrew double-team Wade knows to clock since it hand in his face any backed at home. Can’t beat you Seem to be sure absolutely Look all world on him up only lets you focus or you cast up a free perk up Jonathan think they’re looking for Simmons yep give It Can’t just get down hustles yeah Five to shoot Augustine battle, Texas Longhorn goes inside and they beat this to touch another hook look at 92 But you almost bring that on yourself because the ball is not moving nobody changes Can’t believe the Cavs is sit back and left team just Miss Hamilton August II rainbow through we’re winning all the 50/50 balls Four days citizens Simmons won, the battle of two Cavaliers he was found last night in Miami Well again the one thing that this team does they play hard And that is so important that don’t understand it too cuz all these guys want to win Cuz they colder on out there as well Augustine ducks inside the ball Becomes Frye elevating for three So no final possession all likelihood to the Cavs Let this at halftime 61 67 51 Road Just a 31-point second half Nine to the 40 Well it’s amazing were playing hard for this year in this league and syphilis if every example Get young man took $150 in bet on his life and turned into 18 million now. He’s doing a good job Of helping his team out become a better team