Do perhaps repeat history who knows could be a heck of a ballgame here tonight as they Cavaliers And Washington, which sits at where other way by Kevin Love Here comes Delos shrieking a story I love to play that precinct dropping digs in against once since that what a place good Boss over wall good defense by Rose anticipated it clutters are stuck the three ball History that’s the practical ten wins it easily early on a good job In transition early, so it’s not in father Teresa it’s got to be fun for Jae Crowder to play with LeBron instead of trying to put a Stop see. How was the anybody of the log that one LeBron backing down at patiently school? Longer circles law so fast Three seconds and that’s what rich was ago they lost 120 to 160 minutes one eat soon and catching their authority That’s inside as a stupid shopping really some markets This morning that you think he could fix this situation with the calves he said absolutely said one thing I would say is we’re not built friend racing Buster wall Well defended. They’re a great open in the toilet That’s another three Kelly spinning falls down James picks it up three on one with a hurry James all the way So far assuming the ball as well an outstanding shooters rows the crossover up but under George for those teams I don’t feel sorry for him if they’re out of state Mike Scott that’s good another three-point Wizards Their bench 11 of the 33 Wade floats left as visits throws it down That’s just his second field goal of the season Gortat gets away left-handed nice set up wall of Gortat Helena Greens pull-up jumper got it Water first quarter on the six one I don’t think he’s close to that Chris hard-nosed player Scott turns and if jr. Lady kicks it out Crowder Crowder season-opener nice adjustment and gets the bangs Back out nice Jodie Meeks, thanks John is good Cutting to the basket puts it up blocks my way ball deflected And Jeff Green comes away Wade such a great shot blocker and a pretty good finisher rice blue-gray can’t get the three Fried chips it Fraser has it back to Oh play laughs. It’s good nice two more careful and jeans quickly pushes the other one James to long corner three that’s good. That’s the second point second quarter Seven-point lead for Cleveland their largest lead has been eight Bradley Hill gets to the railing the Draining as it is mentally Morris makes a nice play to toughen this war he got hurt after initially starting year with love at the five just because of that you have littles from behind it’s in point my Book type guarding LeBron James Steps back. That’s a two-pointer and drills Quick outlet here comes wall. Wall races crosses over gets inside effects at home This explosion has been superb deal gets inside, and it just beautifully with Catalan bear taught the greed James drives hard left-handed lays it up and in just over that coming up on the two-minute mark John Wall to the basket again James the Crowder crowler contested, three is good for top like this. Not as much this year Quarter Derrick Rose rises over three and drills his second three of the guess to guard of all time minimum contacts James drives hard finishes and Warren again How will you Bradley Beal wall of the older team free-throw attempts for the Cavs James takes his time and nobody comes down Well love us to get it back cuts it up an in Boise Eligible back out Tyler up top Smith little head fake back to Crowder this three-pointer James on the follow Warning why don’t you go for a? Walk blocked from behind by James hip hubs Rose pushing it up the floor Goes drives layup misses Crowder right there on the five thousands. They had too many James turnaround just a nice soft touch Shot clock at seven Rose gets in the pen slides hard clock by who play Rose gets it back and thanks at home great rotation by James again Roberts recorded over three pointer Disrespect comparisons is we’re getting some sizes of LeBron James. No I said James is not a Field connects three pointer, that’s a privilege Street. Finally snapped last year, but he rarely mrs.. Bradley fields jumpers good James out channing frye try hits the three. He’s unbelievable that sizes season I Scott pretension shoot for stop shooting well Well deflected by gray text to the head Tell me you’ll praise Jesus. He is playing with so much confidence Kyle Korver outside rattles overthrown in John Wall isolated James gets in the paint and drops it down up up Jay from the third quarter James against who breaks steps back fires Hits LeBron James electrifying performance green looking James goes back for inside count and lon When a Back screen is set for James, and it’s 70 minutes. That’s about his limit when it first came back James finds dreams Jeff bringing ketse three That’s throats the rebound back up missed it the Heatley’s tip won’t go gets it back again, and this time finishes Since the magical he will just pick you apart No matter what you draw up, and he knocks down a little fall away jumper. There’s complete control here of a setback Meet post up shots as Neil drives it again. He was a favorite player over to rain for what’s fucking hard Jim in each dish inside floats it up and in Further steps back 3 400 Another guy’s amazing Hanson Bradley Beal nice job, Thanks Shot clock at five James backs in turns toward a baseline flush sedan LeBron James what? He’s only missed seven shots. He’s 19th or 26 who play nails the plays wool One-on-one backs in pumps spins Reversi packs at home Eight to shoot sets for three putts. It is LeBron James, Jimmy ‘the good job flipping the pic and Again since in a row James drives stops left-handed lays it up and There we filled up As we open a minute and a half remaining Bradley Beal fix Bradley Beal drives with finishing fourth heel, but their problems are still real James that low jóska and the foul Hold on and now James controlled ahead Crowder underneath Jackson over That will do and defeat the Washington, Wizards. Here’s tonight on the road Who break connects on a smoochie you give yourself a chance Final seconds here, Washington DC James exchanging hugs