Thank you very much. Thank all of you for
coming out here today. I think we’re going to have a good time. I’m going to show you
some of my favorite type of magic which is sleight of hand magic. And I’m going to begin
by showing you how magicians make money. Let’s see. You! From your seat. From your seat.
I’m going to start pointing at my leg. When every you want, say stop. Right there? That
was fast. Look, if I reach into the spot that she picked, she finds a silver dollar, give
her a round of applause. That is a solid steel pure silver dollar. Now I’m going to show
you how some of the tricks today work. That first part works because these pants are actually
made out of cash-mere. The jokes are going to keep getting worse as we go along today.
I have to warn you for that as well. So there’s a. Would you do me a favor? I’m going to start
pointing like this. Whenever you want, say stop. Right here? Are you sure? In my lapel.
Ok, look. If I reach into the spot that he picked, he finds a second silver dollar. Give
him a round of applause. That time it works because this is the treasure chest. I told
you they get worse. Two coins. Nothing here. And nothing here. Watch close, I’ll pull the
sleeves back as far as I can. Two coins. If you look closely, behind my left ear. And
that’s on your right. Do you see anything? If you look really carefully, there’s a third
silver dollar. Just like that. Now I’m going to show you how to cause three solid steel
silver dollars to completely vanish using only your hands. Watch this, three coins,
two hands. All I gotta do is take the first coin and squeeze it. We’re down to two. Number
one, and number two. We’re going to do this again, even though, none of you asked me to.
Watch this. Two coins, I squeeze one. Gone. There’s an extra one here in my elbow, I almost
forgot about. We’re gong to use this one as a wand to wave goodbye to that one. Now we’re
down to just one. The final coin goes like this. It goes into my hand, I squeeze, all
the coins disappear, and the crowd goes wild! The coins are actually still in my hand, if
you know where to look. Not this hand, but this hand. That’s coin number one. Coin number
two, I don’t know if you saw this, it’s actually traveled back up behind my ear. That’s coin
number two. That’s coin number one right there. That’s coin number two, and that’s coin number
two. I’ll do it again. Coin number one, coin number two, and coin number two again. I’m
going to keep doing this part until you like it. Coin number one, coin number two, and
three coins just like that. Now for the explanation part. Let me pull the sleeves back a little
bit more. I don’t want you to think that I’m hiding anything in my sleeves. At least not
for this trick. Here we go. Here’s how this works. The coin, we’ll just use one. Two hands,
one coin. All I gotta do is take that coin, it goes in here, and I squeeze it. It looks
like it instantly vanishes. But it doesn’t, here’s what really happens. I don’t know if
you can see it from there, but do you see what looks like a red dot on my hand? That’s
not a dot. That’s a hole. The coin goes underneath the skin, and then you can’t see it. Kids
you can try this at home, just get an exacto…I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. If you push
on the back of your hand here, the coin comes back through, and reappears like this. Now
the part where I took it from my shirt, and from the cashmere pants, works on a different
principle. You see these coins can actually pass through any object, and I’ll show you
what I mean. If I take this coin, for example and I hold it inside of my pocket, if I just
rub the outside of the pocket, I can get that coin to melt, through the material, without
leaving a hole. Which is quite impressive especially when you realize how big these
really are. Now I collect these big coins. This one I keep in this pocket. There’s another
one over there. This one goes into this pocket. There’s another one right over there. Now
the magicians you see on tv. I gotta tell you this real quick. I’m using, this is just
a rubber coin. It’s not a real coin, see? I can fold this up and squeeze it into a little
ball. When I let go it springs open, and looks like a metal coin. The magicians you see on
tv, they can do the exact same trick with a real metal coin. But I don’t know how to
do that yet. But I do know how to do this. And that’s the end of that trick! Introducing
comedic illusionist Chad Chesmark. Bringing powerful presentations to companies like your
across the globe.