Yeah, I’m Jarred. I’m a comedian-magician
from New Zealand. I actually came from
a family of magicians. When I was six,
my dad disappeared. [laughter] I want to prove
I can do misdirection. A lot of people
can’t believe this, so I want to get
someone up on stage. Who wants to come up?
So, a few. Actually, the dude with–
oh, with the jacket here. What’s your name, mate?
– Kyle. – Kyle, come up on stage. Give Kyle
a big round of applause! Come on, Kyle.
Hey, buddy. Hey, man, nice to meet you. We’re gonna do
a little demonstration. Ooh, you held on quite
tight there, that’s kinda nice. – Thank you.
– [squeaks] [laughter] We’re gonna do
some misdirection. I’m gonna–I’m gonna
pickpocket you. Is that all right? – Sure.
– Okay, cool. Do you have a wallet
or a phone on you? – yeah, I have a wallet.
– You have a wallet? Oh, cool, bring out the wallet.
– Okay. – Let’s have a look
in the wallet, perfect. That was the easiest
pick-pocketing I’ve ever done. If anything, that was a polite
mugging, wasn’t it, mate? – It was
– Ooh, you’re sweating, nice. Nice, okay, let’s have a look.
What? What? All right, cool.
I’m gonna place it there. We’re gonna use my phone,
actually, as well. So Kyle, I want to u–we’re
gonna use it as your phone. I’m gonna place that there. So the wallet’s
in that pocket, yeah? In that pocket, cool.
Awesome, and let’s have another look at the wallet
just to double-check that. Cool, just bring out the phone.
We’re gonna use that first. – Okay.
– All right. – Oh, my God.
– Did you take that already? – Yeah, I’ve got it, mate.
Yeah. – You just had it in your hand.
– I know, well done. You understand the game now. – Oh, yeah.
– Okay. [laughter] We’re gonna place
–place that right there. Pull out–pull out the wallet
if you like, yeah. – Come on, now. [cheers and applause] – We’ll place that
back in there. Actually, we’ll place it
into this pocket up here. That’s a–that’s a hard pocket
for a–for, like, a pickpocket
to get into, right? So we’re gonna try
for the phone now. Now, I want you to bring out
the phone, if you will. – Okay.
– Bring out the phone, cool. You didn’t even notice
that I got your glasses out of your top pocket,
did you? – Give me–
– Yeah. [cheers and applause] – Let’s try something
a little bit different, right? I’m gonna pretend that you’re–
like, you’re in a nightclub. – Okay.
– Yeah, just pretend you’re in a nightclub. Let’s pretend like
we’re dancing, right? Like we’re dancing, and then– grab my hips, and I want you
to pretend like we’re really dancing
in a nightclub, right? Oh, dude,
that’s your wand, mate. Sorry about that.
No, really, sorry about that. Sorry. – Did you just take my belt? – Yeah, I did take
your belt, yeah. Let’s give him a big round of
applause, ladies and gentleman. Cheers, man.
Oh, mate, do you want your watch?
– Oh, [bleep]. Thank you.
– Give it up for our volunteer! [cheers and applause] [upbeat music]