Feeling hungry? It’s time to whip something up in the kitchen! But before you do, we’ve got some awesome food hacks to make things a little easier on you. A bag of chips and TV just go hand in hand,
don’t you think? This show’s dumb, I’m changing the channel. Hey, where is that thing, anyway? How’d it get all the way over there? I guess I’ll just get up off the couch. Ooh! I love these old black and white shows! Well that was sure a weird sound. What was that? Sophia! You just crushed all my potato chip with your butt! Aw man, still had like, half the bag left. Now they’re just a bunch of crumbs. Sorry, Vicki, I didn’t think there’d be
a bag of chips just laying on the couch. Woah, Vicki is clearly ticked off. I wish there was a way I could bring these
chips back to life for poor Vicki. After you pop in some chopped up red onion and cilantro, tomato chunks and cheese, crack a couple of eggs and drop them right into the bag. Fold the bag a bit so it’s closed and shake
it to mix everything together. Then put the bag into a small pot of boiling
water. After about ten minutes or so, take the bag
out using tongs as not to burn yourself. Once its cooled down a bit dump the contents
onto a cutting board. Once you’ve chopped it up into square pieces like this, put toothpicks in them for easy grabbing. Ooh! Ketchup? Great idea! Pretty soon, you’ll be hoping your bag of
chips gets crushed! Vicki! Come get your snack, it’s ready! I’m about to give you something so good
it’ll slap that frown right off your face. C’mon, give it a try! It looks interesting… Holy smokes, this is one of the best things
I’ve ever tasted! When you’re hangin’ out with your bestie,
not much can get you down. Unless, of course, you’ve run out of your
very favorite popcorn. Am I all done already? Too bad these kernels didn’t pop, I’d
have way more to eat if they did! You’re not thinking about using the heat
from Vicki’s hair straightener, are you? No, you can’t have it, sorry. Aw, c’mon, share your hair tool with Sophia! She’ll give it back when she’s done! Things are about to get poppin’ in here. If you have some unpeopled kernels, try putting
them in here! Think it’ll pop like it would in the microwave? Uh oh, it looks like something’s bubbling
in there… Did you see that?! It actually worked! I can’t believe it! Here, you do the honors, Vic. Well, that wasn’t very nice, now was it,
Sophia? Don’t worry, there are plenty more where
that came from. How about that? You got a snack refill without every having to get up off the couch. It’s time for a little afternoon snack and
cheese toast is just what the doctor ordered. Just gonna pop these suckers in the toaster
and they’ll be ready in no time. Man, this toast is sure taking a while. Okay, this toast should definitely be ready
by now. Maybe the bread’s stuck in there or something? Hey, bread? You okay in there, little buddy? What the heck was that? What happened, Vicki? I was just looking to see why my toast wasn’t
popping up and all the sudden I heard a boom! Oh man, I’m so glad you’re okay! But now our toaster’s broken and I’m still
starving! Well, you know what? We may not need a new toaster just yet. After laying down some tin foil, lay down
your favorite slice of bread on top of it. Once you add on your favorite cheese, add
on another piece of bread. Now fold up the foil, completely enveloping
the sandwich. Once that’s done, press your iron right
onto the foil. Then you can flip it over and do the same
thing on the other side. Once it’s done, let it cool for a second
before you touch it. Okay, it’s go time! Check it out! It’s perfectly toasted grilled cheese! Better cut it in half before the cheese cools
off. Now let’s get some of that melted cheese
action… Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Vicki, your snack is ready! You take the first bite! Well, you sure saved the day, this time, Sophia! I’m so glad I decided to stop at my favorite
hot dog place on my way home! Oh, hey Vicki, watcha got there? A hot dog? Meh, they’re not really my thing. But I’m pretty hungry, I wonder what I should
eat for lunch. Chicken? Ooh, tacos could be kind of fun? Nah, I already had that last night. Ooh, pancakes! That would totally hit the spot! Hey there, Vicki. Having trouble with that ketchup bottle? Alright, time to pour in the batter! I think I’m gonna make big ones this time. Whoops! Missed the pan, there. Well these are gonna look, uh, interesting… Seriously? You’re still trying to get ketchup out of that thing? Hold on a minute, I just had the most brilliant
idea. Have an empty ketchup bottle? Rinse it out with water so it’s clean. Once you’ve done that, you can pour pancake
batter in it. Put in as little or as much as you’d like
depending on how much you’re making. Well, that’s sure a lot of batter! Screw on the cap and you’re good to go! Now you can avoid the mess by dispensing just
the right amount of pancake batter every time. Woah, this is gonna be a big one! Okay, it’s just about time to flip it over! Nicely done! And before you know it, you’ll have a whole
stack of those bad boys. Woah! Is that entire plate just for you, Sophia? Hey, Vicki, you want some of these? I made plenty. Hey girls, looks like your lunch is finally
here! And it looks pretty tasty! Let’s dig in, shall we? Mmm, that’s so good. Well, I guess I’d better have one, right? Wait, which fingers should these sit on again? Well, I can just use them like this. C’mon, c’mon… NO! I hate these stupid chopsticks! Don’t cry, Vicki, I’ll teach you a little
trick, okay? Put the chopstick against your nose like this,
turn it around and break it down the middle. Now they’re smaller and easier to use, see? Wow, they’re still attached so I won’t
drop them! Alright sushi, get ready to go into my belly! Cheers! After a day of traveling, it’s easy to feel
more exhausted than ever. Man, I never want to get on an airplane again. I haven’t had anything to eat for hours. I wonder if I have any snacks left in here. Hmm, is that what I think it is? I guess this could work but it has a giant
hole in it. Hey! An electric water heater! Alright, I know what to do. If you have some instant noodles like these but can’t use the cup, put the noodles directly into the electric water heater pitcher. Next, pour in the fresh water. And be sure not to forget the flavor packet! Time to shut the lid and heat things up! After a few minutes, you should have yourself
some hot noodles! Mmm, that smells so good. Let me just get a little situated here. Yes! A whole batch of noodle all for me! Don’t have a bowl? No problem! You can eat it right out of the pitcher. Delicious! Man, these enchiladas are harder to make from
scratch than I thought. Perhaps I just have to get more in the spirit
of things. A little weird, but hey, whatever works for
you, Vicki! And right after you’re done dancing you
can get going on the guacamole! And I’ve got my avocados right here. Okay, looks like you’ve got all the other
ingredients handy! Pretty soon i’m gonna have some killer nachos! Wait a second. Sophia’s gonna be home in five minutes? I don’t think I can finish cooking all this
before that. Is there anything in here that can help me? One of these bags could be good. Oh yeah, this will definitely get the job
done! In a big plastic bag like this one, pour in
all the ingredients you need to make guacamole. Once they’re all in there, seal up the bag
tight. Now comes the super fun part: squishing it
all with your hands! Use your fingers to really mash the avocado
and rub the ingredients together. Once your’e done mashing, push all the guac
toward the bottom of the bag. But instead of opening the seal, cut a small
hole in the corner of the bag. This way you can dodge messes as you pour
the guacamole into your serving bowls. Let the dipping begin! Hold on a second. Now that’s better. Hey, this is pretty good. Is that Sophia? I’d better go invite her into the fiesta! Did any of these food hacks get your tummy
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