You’ll need a microwave, a ruler, some toothpicks
and a large bar of chocolate. Stop the hot plate
in the microwave from rotating. It’s trial and error
but don’t let the whole bar melt. Now don’t overheat the chocolate. Even though most of it’s solid, you should find
some points of the bar have melted. Measure the distance
between the melt points. Okay, now for some science. Take this oven frequency reading
off the back of your oven. Multiply the distance
between the melt points by two. That’s about 12cms. Multiply this number by the frequency
of the microwave. 12cms times 2,450MHz. That’s 12cms times 2,450 million
oscillations a second. What have you got? Given the equipment,
this is a pretty accurate measurement of one of the universe’s
most special numbers. You measured the speed of light.