Hey X Dancers, Anthony and Rose. Today
we’re doing some country dance tricks. this is stuff that you can use in any
one of the different country dances so anything from two step to West Coast Swing
the Polka and East Coast Swing if you’re dancing country dancing this is
something you can use. It’s kind of impressive, kind of cool, kind of tricky but
ultimately very worth it, so stick around. Alright guys here on our channel we post
a lot of two step we post a lot of West Coast Swing we post all of the different
styles of country dance but this is something cool you can add to any one of
them so we teach a lot of the patterns a lot of the how-tos of how to lead how to
follow how to keep the rhythm all of that stuff but this is just something
cool that you can just kind of inject in there okay now if you guys are new to
the channel you’re gonna notice a little button down here and it says subscribe
and if you click on that button then you become an X Dancer and then you’ll
know what all the awesome stuff happens here on the channel so we’re gonna
demonstrate what we’re gonna teach today and then we’re gonna break it down
for you alright guys so here’s what it looks like we’re showing this a couple
times it’s a lot of spins it comes over the head and pops out we show you that
one more time maybe a little bit faster because this is gonna be wicked fast
when you guys dance this full speed boom alright guys one thing that happens when
we post these videos is one comment is made oh I need to see the feet I need to
see all the stuff I need to know the counts and in a lot of things you do
that’s really important however in this pattern it’s really really not. Like
she’s just gonna go there and spin I mean she’s just one foot after the other
she’s going there until she lands and he mostly just stays in place so what we’re
gonna try to do is we’re gonna focus primarily on the arm in the hand
connections because that’s really what is most important in this pattern and
then when we’re done with that we’re gonna show you guys how to use that in
all the different dances like how could we use this in two step how could we use
this in West Coast Swing and so forth it’s just getting into the right hand
position alright so we’re gonna go close up and we’re gonna break down the hand
connections piece by piece alright guys so the first thing is my right hand is
connected her right hand and my left hand is connected her so if we were
facing each other I would have my left hand over top of my right hand now most
time we wouldn’t start facing like this we would start kind of a little off set
know she’s gonna be traveling through here so you notice I’ve gotten out of
her way that’s super important so my right hand is connect to her right my
left hand is connected to her left I’m gonna start turning her counterclockwise
which is to the left and I want you to go from this position at first just to
get into this sweetheart position this is the first position we’ve got to get
into so if we think about this in different hand positions and different
connections we’re just going from one to the next as that rotation happens so my
left is over my right I’m turning her to left until we get into this sweetheart
position now my right hand is now gonna come up a little bit higher while my
left hand stays down low so now I’m circling that right hand over her head
and you’ll notice that my left hand basically goes almost to her armpit so
if we go from this position we have both hands down I bring both hands into that
sweetheart but my right hand goes up my left hand comes down and this continues
to circle over top okay so let me show you that from another angle all right so
I’ve got left hand over right I’m bringing both hands up it goes to that
sweetheart position now you notice my left hand had to come over a head so
it’s up high but now we’re gonna start bringing the left hand down as my right
hand comes up now my right hand is circling overhead as my left hand stays
down low and now we’re gonna turn that hand and start reaching for her upper
arm all right so we’re rolling you’re in the left hand comes up and the left hand
comes down the right hand starts coming up you know as my we’re in the
sweetheart position the right hand circles around that halo over a head and
now when I get to about this position my right hand is going to turn over so I’m
basically gonna be reaching for that upper arm now this are we got to stay
really really close here because this arms gonna continue to rotate over it’s
gonna come over her head and then I’m gonna place it behind mine in one motion
okay so this hand we got to be really close so it’s coming over top this arm
she’s ducking underneath and it comes over her head and lands behind my back
and then we slide down this is not going to be comfortable the first couple times
to try this but the biggest tip I can give you here when you work on that part
you got to be pretty close now if you have a huge height difference you know
if you were significantly shorter than me that’s not such a bad thing
but if she’s all taller than me that might be pretty hard okay so she does
duck under not with her shoulders she puts chin to chest not titties to toes
okay so she’s just gonna duck dip her head down just a little bit okay so
we’re actually going from here this left hand comes over I start bringing the
left hand down as the right hand comes up now I need to keep this left hand
around her armpit okay I’m staying close to her I’m putting my palm face
her and then I’m gonna be close enough to where this can come over her head she
ducks down it comes over top and we slide through her let me show you that
from the other angle all right so we’re left over right we’re bringing the left
hand over her head now the left hand starts coming down the right hand comes
up I’m staying close to her she’s rolling into that now I’ve taken that
left hand I’m gonna put the palm facing towards her I’m gonna be really really
close because that’s gonna come over top of her head and my head at the same time
once we get into this position then we just step in slide away
all right guys there is a lead associated to that neck roll at the end
where she dips her head so if I just put my hand on her upper arm from here and
we weren’t doing both hands if I turned her with that arm at this moment she’s
gonna feel that I’m asking her to duck under we’ve got to be able to do that
while the other arm is doing stuff to okay so we’ve got separate pieces okay
we’ve got to do this as process and when you guys practice this don’t just like
Oh well you spin 18 times and you go over there they will figure that out you
just gonna get hurt right so take it one piece of time take it as process we go
from this bow tie position then we go to the sweetheart now that we’re in this
sweetheart the right hand comes up the left hand comes down I’ve got to really
start taking that left hand and start facing my palm towards her and because
I’m pulling her through there she feels that lead and this part is just an
add-on is basically what we’re saying okay so there is a lead for her to duck
and that’s that hand actually moving she’s got to be able to get under that
forearm okay so guys now we want to show you how to use this in the different
dances all right guys if we were showing you guys how to do this and two-step it
could be any pattern where we ended up in this high five patty-cake position so
like if I were to free spin her out and I were to send her in this position
quick-quick slow-slow now this right hand comes up and I’ve got to ask for
that left hand down below to end up in this position now from here we’re in
that position and we started with the leaders are just gonna step forward a
little bit so that we can stay with her to send her out into that position now
from here we can lead any number of things okay so the reason why we didn’t
focus on the footwork is because it’s gonna be a little bit different from
each dance now she’s gonna do multiple turns and that’s just gonna be quick
quick quick quick quick quick so if
if I were dancing a basic two step and I asked for that hand for quick-quick
slow-slow it would just be quick quick quick quick quick quick slow okay
so there’s different dance you can just let’s say that we’re dancing West Coast
Swing okay so if we were dancing I don’t know
anything from like a underarm pass one two three and four I would just switch
the hand down low asking for that left hand over top now I’ve got to get out of
the slot four one two lots of turns finish out once we’re done with that we
can lead any number of things after that basically what we’re saying to you guys
is to be able to get in to do this in any one of the country dances you just
got to get into position where the left hand is over top of the right lots of
different options lots of different ways to get into that but you’ve got to
remember I guess this is not gonna work with the right hand over the left hand
okay so anything that you can do to get into that this is for all styles of
country dance okay so thank you guys so much watching now we’re gonna
demonstrate this to music to a couple different dancers will demonstrate it to
a two step and then a West Coast Swing you guys have any question if you guys
need help with this by the way don’t get hurt maybe a helmet a neck brace okay
but you guys have any questions just leave it down below we do read all of
the questions and we try to respond to everybody as best as we can
you know verbally so we’ll demonstrate