More holy bright Hey guys, welcome back to the workshop We’ve got another fun experiment using glow sticks today And it involves combining the glow stick fluid with this decorative fountain it might not be too hard to guess But we’re gonna see if we can extract enough glow fluid to put it into this fountain and actually have its cycle with glowing blue Liquid so we have a whole ton of these glow sticks We’re gonna crack them open separate the two fluids within and then we’ll put those into the fountain I’m gonna try and separate it so one of them is in the base and the other one is in the little Dishes up above so that as the fountain starts running it starts activating the glow. Hopefully we can get that to work I think it would look really cool if it does We’ve got a bunch of rocks right here And these are actually what I’m going to put down in the base of this fountain This base is actually what holds normally water in our case glow fluid But it’s pretty big and empty and that would use up a lot of glow sticks, and we already have a ton But I wanted to cut down on the number that we would need so I’m gonna use these rocks to sort of fill the empty Spaces of this base, so there’s still enough fluid to cycle, but not so much that we’re just wasting glow sticks I also have these little rocks in a bag those are going to be a decorative element on top look It’s scattered all around the base And I’m hoping it will help the fluid diffuse and the glow will like Flow in between the rocks and make it look even cooler. Let’s give it a shot Let’s start cutting open a whole bunch of glow sticks load our rocks into our fountain Pour our glow fluid into the fountain and hopefully get a bright Cascading glowing effect as we run the fluid through this fountain this should look really sweet Alright that looks like it still goes on still in place our pump is still down inside the fountain But we have displaced a lot of the volume, so we shouldn’t need quite as much blow fluid however I still believe it’s going to take three or four cups of liquid to make this fountain be able to run Now we get to cut these all open drain the fluid and hopefully have enough To get our fountain working now. We’ve seen the reaction when we crack one of these glow sticks But what exactly is going on inside there are four main chemicals that help create this Reaction over ninety percent of what’s inside the glowsticks is a chemical called diethyl phthalate The dimethyl palyed is mostly a stabilizer That’s used to help keep the other chemicals from going bad while sitting around in the glowstick the two primary chemicals that are reacting with each other to create the glowing effect are hydrogen peroxide and tert-butyl alcohol the glowsticks will also contain a fluorescent Dye, and there are a variety of chemicals that can be used depending on what color is desired (blue in this case) We have now harvested the fluid out of about 50 glow sticks That’s what these four cupfuls of liquid are and now we have to get the fluid out of these glass pieces as well We’ll put those in a separate container so that they won’t combine until they are running in the fountain These are glass which I have to break to get the fluid out, so I’m trying to cover them Crack them over the trashcan so we don’t have little bits of glass that go everywhere That one exploded most of them pop open that one exploded open At this point we’ve got four clear plastic cup full of one fluid and About one and a half of these squeeze bottles of the inside fluid this should be the stuff that adds the dye and this is The activator where you can see the color showing up in the dye if we hit it with a black light Which it doesn’t really do much to the activator at this point It’s time to take our activator fluid and put it in the base of the fountain and see if it looks like we’re going to Have enough to run this sucker Here goes… Think we are just there once we add the colored dye into the top bowls. I think we shouldn’t have any problems with this Now let’s add some pebbles down around the base This fountain actually doesn’t drain out of this bottom bolt the bottom bowl is plugged up by what’s actually an LED and We’ll be adding a little bit of additional light not that we should probably need it But it should spill up and over the edge and sort of around these pebbles Which is why I’m hoping. They’ll make it look extra good There is a chance that because of the different ratio I’ve got going with tons of activator and only a little bit of dye It’s not gonna be super bright at first, but as soon as it starts moving I’ll probably add a little bit more of the dye fluid into the fountain so it all gets going in circulation Hopefully it worked pretty well. This is an experiment. I haven’t done this before Here we go three two one Yeah, all that looks super good Amazing Oh Fantastic it’s such good color in there This is looking really sweet just to see what happens let’s take some magenta colored dye and pour that into the top Change it a little bit we have a little bit of a purple fluid flowing down now It’s not extreme, but it was only one magenta compared to like fifty blue. That’s pretty neat There is one more thing that I do want to try We’ve seen what happens if we mix a little bit of dish soap In with our Glo fluid and the result is that it starts glowing a lot more brightly just not for very long so I’m going to try adding some into here and see what happens it might not mix very well until it gets down and Pulled into the pump a little bit But hopefully we can get a fountain that starts flowing a lot brighter It’s definitely brighter down here than it was up there. Oh, I think it’s now getting pulled through Looks to me like we’re getting more brightness out of this thing. I don’t have a good sense of how much to add really This is a lot more fluid than just from one glow stick, but if you add too much It will kill it a little bit of a gamble here But I definitely think we saw an increase in the brightness a little whirlpool We’re a small spot bubbles is just circling in one spot. It’s kind of funny That doesn’t look like a health potion from a video game. I don’t know what does Maybe that just means this is like a fountain of youth You add more soap see if we can actually just kill it with all the soap Seems to be able to handle a fair bit of soap, it’s not dying Maybe it is that does look a little dimmer. I think it’s gone down Lose really smoothly. I think part of the point of these fountains with water is that you get the nice trickling noises But because this fluid is more oily and viscous. It doesn’t really make trickling sounds you can hear the pump running Near the pump running a lot right now Which means I might have made the pump angry by filling it with thick things like oily glow fluid and soap And we now have some bubbles Starting to form at the top here and our pump is barely trickling So I’m gonna say I’ve made our pump angry and unplug it now The glow fountain works entertainingly well we got some really cool bright colors that looked like something straight out of the movie Avatar I think I really like to look and then of course adding soap it did get a lot brighter And then I kept adding soap and now as you can see there’s like nothing left. It’s just drained out completely It’s very entertaining to watch the dynamic between the soap and the glow fluid We want to hear your ideas for what else we should do with this glow fluid because it looks really cool Hey guys. 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