Welcome! Yu-gi-oh! Cazador Raro | We invite you to the YouTube Channel of our friend “Cazador Raro” A Channel focused on unboxings and colecction cards. The link to his channel in the description of the video. Enjoy the video! Presented by El Exordio del Duelista BGM: [Deemo] NeLiME – Leviathan BGM: [Deemo] Ice – Entrance Deck Stas improved with the addition of Keeper of Dragonic Magic: Versatility Keeper of Dragonic Magic let us summon easily our Boss Monsters like Dark Magician the Dragon Knight and Quintet Magicianto stablish a strong field presenca thanks that Keeper can add from the Deck Polymerization and Magicalize Fusion. However, use Keeper implies tu use other cards that can easily stack. This would reduce the consistency of the Deck, and not necesarilly the benefits you gain using it will help you more than to summon Dark Magician the Dragon knight Turn 1. Decklist and YDK File of the Deck in the description of the video.