Even as I wander the Earth to pay for my
misdeeds, others worship murder and betrayal as a religion. I find it
intriguing that the Crime Bible, a focus for the deification of criminal
trespass, has earned special interest from Batwoman. The Crime Bible and the
Book of Lilith within is a powerful tool in the hands of evil but there will
always be forces of good to maintain the balance. (PHANTOM STRANGER):
The Spear of Destiny reminds me of dark times.
I am tempted to use its reality altering powers to try to lift my curse
but fear the consequences. It is fortunate that A.R.G.U.S. sealed it in their
Black Room after Freedom Force liberated the spear from Vandal Savage. However it
concerns me that Savage somehow separated the Mark of Cain from the
The powers within the seven spells of
schism are known only to The Wizard and to the Rock of Eternity itself.
However it is clear that the spells are intrinsically tied to the rock.
In the wrong hands those spells could be a threat to all the powers of Shazam (PHANTOM STRANGER):
The Ibistick is an artifact of nye
unlimited power, especially given its ability to absorb mystic energy from
others. It’s origins stretch back to the height of the Egyptian gods influence on
the World. It’s power in the wrong hands could tip the balance from order into chaos.
I hope I never see that day (PHANTOM STRANGER):
The Historama is one of the Rock of
Eternity’s most powerful tools. One need only say “Historama show me…” to view
anything on any plane of existence. Mortals these days worship their web of
computers but the Historama is a repository of information that puts all
others to shame.