Update for The Wizard: Still running the
Rock of Eternity for you even though it’s kind of weird and spooky.
That’s why I blocked off the prison’s of The Seven Deadly sins. I’m still creeped out by that tomb though.
Maybe one day you’ll return and tell me who’s in there. Also, I found a tablet the other day that says this place was created from a piece of heaven and a piece of hell and lives at the center of the Multiverse… is that true? (STEVE TREVOR):
A.R.G.U.S daily report. We’ve tightened
security at the Black Room in light of the dimensional incursion over Gotham
City. Waller recommended to military brass that we deploy the Spear of Destiny or
Crown of Thorns to deal with the problem but I warned them that any use of these
artifacts could lead to dire results they still ordered me to use the Herne-Ramsgate Cauldron’s ability to scry magical creatures to search for intel.
I’m not looking forward to it. (DR FATE):
Lords of Order report. I recently
observed Limbo Town, the descendants of the lost villagers of Roanoke continue
to worship dark powers in the name of Croatoan. Their wayward witch Klarion Bleak
does them no favors with his devotion to the Lords of Chaos.
His actions may one day call attention to the village and I suspect that could
bring doom down upon his people (TALA):
I am pleased to report that my
cultivation of the Order of Eternal Night is close to bearing fruit.
Those stinking vampires have been squatting in that village for more than 70 years,
doing nothing but worshiping shadows and breeding monsters. Under my direction
they have turned their attention towards finding the lost Mark of Cain and the
Crime Bible’s Book of Lilith. Those artifacts will help grow my power…
and yours as well, of course! (ZATANNA):
Lords of Order report. The House of
Mystery’s origins remain unknown. Ironic since it’s a repository of stories.
It used to belong to Cain the world’s first murderer. John Constantine won it in a
card game before I took ownership. The house seems to like me but it has a dark side,
ranging from mischief to major creepiness. On the plus side, it exists across multiple dimensions,
making it a useful HQ for my little Justice League Dark.