hey whats up guys once again I find myself beyond busy hence the delays in a new episodes but i wanted to pass on an excellent deal i was able to work out with code value the makers of Oz-Code Oz-Code had a 50-percent off sale for black friday which was an awesome deal but I know some of you missed out on it and you were asking if I could get you a discount code so i talked to the team and I was able to get a special discount code just for subscribers from now until december 15 when you use my code you’ll get a 20-percent discount Oz-Code is already a great price so an extra twenty percent of is an awesome deal you can click this link or you can click the link in the description or enter the code at check out. again this is only available until december 15 so be sure to take advantage of it soon so what is Oz-Code? well according to Scott Hanselman Oz-Code is an amazing debugging add-on for visual studio some people have said it’s like Resharper but for debugging Oz code is a visual studio add-on that provides numerous powerful debugging tools that not only save time but make debugging your code extremely simple. i’m currently working on a series of how to’s and i’ll post those up when they’re done but for now here is just a quick rundown of just a few of the features first up is a LINQ debugging. Oz-Code provides powerful LINQ debugging tools like query analysis annotations and visualizations that give you insight into what your queries are doing, query visualization and so much more the comparison you can quickly and easily compared to a more object at once save & compare object states from different points in time even across multiple debugging sessions and exception history Oz-Code takes the mystery out of dealing with exceptions and improves how you deal with exceptions by letting you see and navigate the exception trail and keeps exception details and history across multiple debugging session this means you can examine exception details outside of the debugging session now obviously this is an oversimplified description of what Oz-Code can really do but i’ll be doing more in-depth videos on the features of Oz code in the future so be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on those Oz-Code does have a 30 day trial so if you want to try before you buy i strongly encourage you to get a copy and try for yourself be sure to share the video with friends and co-workers if you think anyone else might benefit from Oz-Code and give them the discount code they can also use it alright that’s it for now if you have any questions about Oz-Code leave a comment below or find us on Twitter enjoy