It’s called “Deception.” They say you can’t always
believe what you see, so what happens
if a world-class illusionist suddenly finds himself
working for the FBI? Is it wrong to say they might
just make crime disappear? Probably wrong to say,
but take a look. Announcer: Cameron Black is the
world’s greatest illusionist. If one of those blowtorches
is off by one centimeter, you’ll fall and die! Aah! [ Audience gasps ] [ Glass shatters ] Cameron!Here’s a word magicians
don’t use anymore,
but I always wanted to try it.Ta…da! [ Cheers and applause ] Announcer: He’s about to become
the FBI’s newest secret weapon. Your plane did not explode.
It disappeared. Show me. Ta-da! Excuse me.
I prematurely ta-da-ed. [ Creaking, crashing ] That’s how you make a plane
disappear. You’ve seen my specials. Nope. Seriously? None of them? It’s not you.
I don’t like magic. [ Scoffs ] Okay. Lemme get this straight.
We lost a plane, Felix Ruiz, and we know this because
a magician told us? [ Guns cock ] Who are you? Cameron Black. He may be the master of
deception, but he wants to help. You’re looking for
a drug dealer. I’m looking for the magician
who helped him get away. What would you need? I would need some
police officers… [ Siren wails ] Freeze! …some cars… Watch out! …money —
lots of that. [ Glasses clink ] Bombs are on a remote trigger.
We need an escape artist. No sweat.
Escape is kind of my thing. What are you doing? Something impossible. It tricked the camera. Pretty cool, huh? You’re pulling
a Criss Angel. Do not say that name! I’m gonna need a knife.
Does anyone have a knife? All right.
Just gonna need the one. Find him! [ Gunfire ] [ Grunts ] It’s Cameron Black! I couldn’t have done it
without my beautiful assistant. Don’t ever say that again. ♪ Oh, top of the world ♪ ♪ Looking out on the future ♪