– So many newsletters
from so many companies. (funky music) Don’t you just wish that
there was an easy way to get rid of all of them at once? I’m gonna show you a killer
tip for how to do exactly that. When you get a ton of newsletters and marketing type emails, like many of our clients do, it’s really nice to have a quick way to get rid of all of them. So if you just go into
Mail and do a search in the top right here
for the word unsubscribe. Now, this is a cool little hack, because basically, every marketing email should have the word unsubscribe in it, and it’s gonna search all your mailboxes for any instance of that word. And you can sort these by from and delete big chunks of them. I’ll show ya how to do that. You just go to Save, and
this will save this search as a smart mailbox, and you can give it a name, but basically it’s gonna
search the entire message for the word unsubscribe, and you say OK. Now, the smart mailbox will
show up on the left here, and you can click on that. Now, this is actually going
to be displaying emails that are in any of your inboxes
and any of your folders, so if you delete something from here, it will delete it from wherever it lives. And then you just go Sort by From, and now you can grab a big chunk of emails just by clicking on the first one. And then scroll down, and
shift click on the last one, and just hit the delete
key on the keyboard, and that’ll put it in the trash. That’s a really quick way to get rid of a lot of email at once. Boom, newsletter epiphany. (bright music) If your mind is blown and you want more, head to macinhome.com/videos. So many companies! (laughing) – [Cameraman] I got that one. – Did you?
– Yeah. (laughing) – [Cameraman] Once the
arms went up, we’re in.