Hi guys! Thank you for purchasing the Digital Magic Trick app. You select in the list the object you want to make appear over the home screen. The icon on the right of each object allows you to define the size of each object by pinching in/out with your fingers. You click on the “Start Trick” button to begin the trick. The app hides and you can navigate in your smartphone interface. One shake gesture makes appear your selected object over the interface. Once you touch it, you can slide the object inside the device then drag it outside the screen edges. If you hold the real object under the smartphone and if you move it simultaneously with the virtual one, you will pull it out into reality. By clicking on the + button, you can create your own objects by selecting an image from your gallery or from your camera. You select a cropping shape depend on your object. You can create any objects such coin, casino chip, playing card, business card, credit card, etc… You zoom, drag and rotate the image to fit the object shape then you finally crop it. To remove one of your objects, you swipe it to the left or to the right. You can import any PNG file with a transparent background in order to increase the magic effects. The pixels size of the image must exactly 1000 x 1000. By clicking on the “Test” button you can see how the object hits the edges. If the object fills completely the 1000px square the object will hit properly the edges. Let check now with an object that doesn’t fill the 1000px square. As you can see, we must set the size of the horizontal and vertical empty spaces in order to make the illusion working properly. Let’s try now with a real PNG file. The lighter has a vertical size of 1000px but a smaller horizontal size. By default, the PNG files don’t roll along the screen edges but if you want to make them rolling you must rename the file name by adding the word “rolling” inside. Another new feature is the invisible widget. On a home screen, touch and hold an empty space. Tap “widgets” then touch and hold the Digital Magic Trick widget. Finally slide the widget to where you want it and lift your finger. You can resize as you want the widget area. By touching this invisible widget, you launch the trick with the selected object. This new feature allows you to immediately repeat the magic effect or to be ready as any time to perform the trick. The shake gesture sensibility is different from one smartphone to another so click on this button to set the sensibility as you want. Let me show you a simple playing card trick using this magic app. First of all, create an object with the back side design of your cards then start the trick and lock your device. The spectator selects any card for instance the king of diamonds that you place at the top of the deck. You perform a false cut in order to keep the selected card at the same position. In the video description, please find a link to watch a full explanation of the false cut. You perform a “pinky break”, that means you put your pinky finger after the first card. While you are holding the device, you place the selected card under the device. Finally, you unlock the device and you make appear the selected card from your device. Thank you for watching this video and see you later for some new amazing magic trick apps!