We sailed on the Disney Magic for five days
in December of 2019. Our Category 10C Deluxe Inside Stateroom was
located on Deck 1 midship, near the midship elevators. The room was 214 square feet — which was
about 16 percent larger than the Standard Inside Staterooms — and could accommodate
up to 4 guests. Our room had a queen bed that provided a good
amount of space underneath for storing luggage. End tables on both sides of the bed each had
a drawer and a shelf. The side closest to the door had an alarm
clock and the other side had a telephone. A cabinet and drawers were located near the
foot of the bed. The storage unit had a small guardrail on
top, which allowed us to place many items there with little risk of them falling off. A three-seat sleeper sofa and a coffee table
were located next to the bed. We did not use the sofa-bed during our cruise,
so we’re not sure how much room it takes up when it’s in place at night. Instead of the sofa-bed, our JellyBean used
the pull-down bed that was located over the sofa. When the bed was in place, it was a bit difficult
to sit on the sofa. Across from the sofa-bed is the desk area,
which features a small refrigerator in a cabinet, a television on a movable mount, a cabinet for storage, several drawers, including one that stored
a hairdryer, several electrical outlets of various types, another, smaller, cabinet for storage, a good-sized mirror, and a small, round stool for seating and a
trash bin. Wave phones were available to call and text
other guests on the ship and at Castaway Cay. The room’s television had options for live
TV, on-demand videos, daily activity information, port information, guest services information,
and ship information. Take note that the TV’s home screen conveniently
displayed the current date and time in the top-right corner. The live TV section featured a handful of
cruise-focused channels, a few network and cable TV channels, including
ESPN, a couple of cable news channels, and several Disney-focused channels. The on-demand video section featured many
complimentary movies and shows, including many from Disney, including Disney animated
movies, live action movies, Pixar movies, Marvel movies, and TV shows from Disney Channel, Disney Junior,
and more. Between the bed area and the desk and sofa-bed
area, a curtain was available to be closed for privacy. However, when the curtain was
fully closed, you could not watch TV from the bed. The only way to accomplish that was to leave
the curtain partially open and move the TV all the way to the bed side of the room. A small seating and storage area was located
next to the desk area. We found the storage helpful for keeping our
shoes out of the way. Next to the seating area was a large set of
drawers and a large, two-section closet with a set
of sliding doors and several clothes hangers. A safe in the right-side part of the closet
could be locked and unlocked with a personal pin code. The biggest difference between a Standard
and Deluxe Inside Stateroom is the split bath design for the Deluxe room’s bathroom. One of the bathrooms has a toilet, sink, and
vanity and the other bathroom has a sink, vanity,
and shower. This was very helpful for allowing one person
to get ready while another took a shower without constantly bumping into each other. Inside the shower, body wash, shampoo, and
conditioner were available. Body lotion and a makeup washcloth were available
in the vanity area. Towels and a hairdryer were hung on the wall.