Will you fulfill your dream of visiting one of Disney’s most famous parks? Well, I brought here a specialist in Magic Kingdom, Driele Malgueiro, To give you all the tips and make your trip incredible!! I’m Ana Cláudia, from the MemoriArte Viagens channel I’m Driele Malgueiro, and today I’m going to give you six valuable tips For you to optimize your time and enjoy this park, which is incredible The coolest tip is the last one, so stay until the end so you don’t miss it Every week we release a new video Full of tips and information for you to plan your next trip So, in order not to miss any tips, click on the description link or on the photo on the right and subscribe to our channel We are dressed today in character And let’s move on to the first tip, which is Planning!! That’s right!! Planning is essential for your trip to succeed Planning, our first tip It is exceptional that you plan when visiting Both at Magic Kingdom or other Disney parks Because the parks are very extensive and if you don’t plan, list the places you want to visit within the parks, list the attractions you want to go, list places where you want to eat … If no, you get lost on time and end up not making the best use of your time in the park And how are you going to do this planning? First, selecting all the attractions that are a priority for you. Isn’t that Driele? Exactly! The park is very big, this tip applies not only to the Magic Kingdom but to all parks All are very extensive. You stay from morning until the end of the night And if you don’t plan, you won’t be able to enjoy all the attractions Then, the first thing we talk about in planning is:arrive early Ahh, very important !! Get there early! Get there early! It will be tiring, especially with those going with children, but remember You are breathing in dollars, So you have to enjoy as much time as you can inside the park It has, as I said, many places to visit So when you arrive early you will be able to explore every bit of Magic Kingdom Still talking about this tip of arriving early, arrive early and get the map at the entrance. There are a lot of people who are so eager to start having fun that they pass by Get the map, which looks like this one Exact! Well, as soon as you arrive at the Magic Kingdom You will come across a stand, where the maps will be in different languages And among them, there is the possibility for you to get your map in Portuguese Well, there are so many Brazilian visitors!! In that same place, where you get the map Pay attention, because there, they have also release the schedule of shows At Magic Kingdom, there are two important shows, isn’t that Driele? Exactly!! There’s the night parade it’s like floats and live performers of samba school, samba school parade With the characters and the whole Disney soundtrack Anyway, it’s magical !! It’s a must see !! And then they go there on the main street And later, after that parade Soon after there is a fireworks show In front of the Disney castle! That famous fireworks show! That is a must see people! So the tip is: in this place where you stop to get the map Look at the time that this show will be for you to prepare get a nice place, so you can see everything and stay close to the characters and not to miss this wonderful show that is the icing on the park cake Certainly! Imagine going to the Magic Kingdom and not seeing the fateful fire show Have to see!! But also a very important issue is You are super distracted, looking at everything, all the attractions And there, that main street is magical, which so many details for you to take a picture!! That you ended up miss the map stand. Do not miss it !! But if you missed, no problem In the My Disney Experience app, in the Disney app you also have access to the map and all the park opening hours, the schedule of attractions, the show, anyway The time guide and the park map can also be inside your cell phone But you have to download the app before huh! That’s right, So you already download the app, put your ticket there and have everything in hand the map, the times, the queue time. It’s a fantastic app. You must have to download it Get ready before. Download it, that you will use it a lot. It’s pretty cool !! Certainly Let’s go to tip 2 which is: Arriving at the park. That! Upon arriving at the park, you parked your car there, you have two transport options for getting to the Magic Kingdom. Or monorail or ferryboat. The monorail is like a subway. You will get the monorail and quickly you will be in the Magic Kingdom Or, another option is the ferry which is the ferryboat you’re going to overtake that beautiful lake, and you be able to observe the hotels and the scenery is wonderful Usually what do I guide? Go by monorail and return by ferry. Because the monorail is faster normally there is not much wait line and the ferry boat takes a little longer even though it fits more people than the monorail, Disney has three ferries and it ends up getting a little bit slower. If you coming back from ferry-boat can you come sitting, resting right because we’re back very tired from the park! So we can sit around, resting or you can enjoy the scenery. So enjoy the two means of transport to get know. Go with one and come back from another so always take a look at the queue when you arrive, now you know. It is important to know that you have another means of transport for compare then, like this you go on the one that is going faster and has less queue. And here’s the tip:go with a means of transport and back with another one like that you get to know both! That is already part of the tour! Tip 3: Exchanging tickets. That’s right! Why exchanging tickets? Because when we buy Disney ticket, usually we do it online It is even highly recommended that you buy the tickets before, due to the price, right.
Exactly! And even so you can search. Buying online is always cheaper than there at the concierge And online you can also search between the various sites and there is a difference in price between them. Make the quotation
there with agencies, with sites that sell and you will earn a little money there.
And buying online, you usually have the option to choose
how you want to receive the ticket. As the ticket even, which is look like a credit card or a voucher. Then the voucher you print and exchange there at park ticket office when you arrive Right, it’s even recommended that you choose the voucher because if you lose the card ticket, there is no way to recover and the voucher still has to recover Well, and when you get there, and we
always recommends that you arrive at the park early, even if you arrive early
and go to the ticket office you will get normally a long queue to exchange this voucher for a card. So, you came early to enjoy the park but instead of it, you will ended up spent this time in the ticket office to exchange your voucher for admission. Then what
do we recommend? There’s Disney Springs which is a Disney complex. It is free to enter and it also has free parking. It is a complex
with attractions, stores, restaurants which you can visit with your family one day
before. So regardless of which park you chose to visit first, do
this: you go to Disney Springs one day before visiting the first park. You only change voucher to ticket once. So you changed it and then with that ticket you enter every day in the parks. Ah, so it’s the same ticket. One card only. If you bought five days of Disney, you use it
every day. It’s the same card Look at this another tip! And then you go to Disney Springs at the place called Guest Relations You look there, ask the security guard because it is a huge complex and then they will guide you. You
arrives at Gust Relations and with the printed voucher you exchange your
tickets. Then you go for a walk because it is incredible place and you don’t have to queue.
Then exchange your voucher the day before so you can get more out of your
day. That’s right, you don’t queue and the next day when you arrive at
park just pass the card over the reader and start having fun. Love it!!! Tip 4 is: “free buttons” Who doesn’t like a gift, really? Free I’m in wait line already !! So this one I didn’t know ok people! I have no button
because I didn’t know, I didn’t have this tip The Driele who commented now. I will have to
go back to get my buttons. You’ll have to come back! So tell us what these buttons are. So it’s actually like this: When you enter the Magic Kingdom, there is the main street. Right on Main Street there will be a
Cast Member. You ask him and if you did not come across this situation already. You ask him and he will be able to guide you where you can get
your free buttons. Just a point here, Cast Member is a Disney employee.
Yes, it is because they are called Cast Member there. They are employees who
work in the park. And then the Cast Member will guide you right where you take
your free buttons. Disney has the options for you to choose from the buttons Like “happy birthday” so if you
having birthday you take the your happy birthday button and it’s very
interesting because when you enter the attractions they will give you
congratulations, the characters interact with you Look how nice it is! I’ve stayed up
knowing of cases of the person winning a birthday cupcake in the restaurant. Very cool! If you go celebrate your birthday at Disney, don’t
forget to get your happy birthday button free there. There’s still a 1st Visit, the first time you’re visiting the park. I already visited but I
I will lie, I will say it is the first time because I want this button. “I’m Celebrating”, in this case for example one of the last times I went I was
graduating so they write by pen what are you celebrating.
In my case it was my graduation and then they will congratulate you in the places that
you’re passing The characters interact with you. Tico and Teco, for example, wanted on their own initiative wanted to take a picture with me, giving me a diploma. Very cool! Plus, there’s “Happily Ever After”.
If you’re getting married, you’re engaged, anyway celebrating wedding anniversary,
then you choose your button there Happily Ever After and the buttons, like I
said, they are free so why don’t catch it, right? I Love it! Actually, these are the ones here. A super souvenir. A very good one! Besides you celebrating
your special date, be it a graduation, be it the birthday, be it the birthday of
marriage! I thought it was fantastic! And I didn’t know! And maybe comes a cookie right !! Maybe you still get a cupcake, look how cool!! Good! I will go back there and get my buttons! Tip 5: now the tip is about photos. Oh I love it! Well Disney has a photo service that is called Disney Memory Maker. They have photographers scattered at strategic points throughout the park with professional cameras to take pictures of you and your family So you can, with your own ticket, you take a photo there and with the ticket itself, they scan it And then you can download the photo in the My Disney Experience application, or in some store you can purchase your
Photograph. Disney Memory Maker, is the photo package, which
you pay a closed price and will be able to download your photos from
app in all parks It’s too much! Well, other thing that is also a very good secret… When you are taking a picture with the
photographer, you ask him if he has a Magic Shot available. What is a Magic Shot? Nothing else more than animations in your photos. He will ask you to pose, do some grimace and then you will do like this, or a face of scared and he will put the little bell
in your hand … Look at a magic photo how cute it is. It’s worth it huh.
Look how cool the pictures are. Very good! The sixth and most important tip of
all is the fastpass. With the fastpass you skip the lines to attractions, shows and
encounter with the characters. And you know what is better? It is included in the price of
your ticket. So 30 days before you can already schedule your fastpass and
you choose at least one attraction among most popular roll so you
can optimize in the best way your time within the park as possible.
That’s right, to schedule your fastpass you will use your cell phone. The application
from Disney, the one we talked about before, My Disney Experience. You can download and book directly in the app. It’s very intuitive and then you
can also schedule for the entire family together. Because otherwise, just imagine, having to enter each one. You can synchronize all
participants of your “party”. They call it a “party” which is the group and manages to schedule for everyone on the same device. I will show you here how it is So you will open the application, register every member of your family. You will put
a ticket number. When you buys your ticket regardless of you
already have the definitive card or not, or you only have the voucher, you for sure will have the number. With this number you can register in th application all your family members’ tickets and then you can schedule the fastpass. The three free fastpass that you have for each member of your family. It is very cool. Very good. So here it is the tip. I show a little bit here to
you but download the application on your phone and register the fastpass before, with 30 days in advance at least. That’s right! In our next video we’ll talk about the attractions that are not to be missed at Magic Kingdom. We will detail each one of them Don’t miss it huh! Sign up for our
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Until then! Until then!