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now so we had better do special straight to the video let’s get every time you can have money to do this you’ll
need a bottle of distilled or purified water is spring water and it worked out
perfectly fine put the bottles in the freezer sideways
with a gap between each bottle for around two to three hours you basically want to take it out 15
minutes before the first icicles appear in the bottle you can do this the day
before if you want to figure out what that perfect timing is because all our
freezer temperature Zod difference i’ll stick around two-and-a-half hours and
I’ll freezer was around minus 22 degrees you might also want to put multiple
bottles in the freezer to have backups in case the first one doesn’t work out amelia was super shy for this video look
at her knuckle so cute your friends was nice to meet them first way is probably
the easiest and most super amazing to watch remove your bottle carefully from the
freezer and don’t shake it around too much or you might activate the ice
before you want it to activate then simply slam it down on the table and
you’ll see it turn into ice instantly in front of your eyes is my actual reaction cool oh my gosh it is so cool we decided to try it again with some
food died safe work and it did but it was kind of hard to tell with the food
diet and it was still super fun though don’t wait too long as well otherwise
the water may warm up to the point where it went free to do it as soon as you can
after you take it out of the freezer grab any kind of glass jar or container
you can see through and pull the bottled water in quickly and carefully that all
you need to do to activate your super freezing powers is to drop an ice cube
in there and then you’ll see the icicles forming around like shop crystals around
it I got it is Sir pretty how it works is that this water even
though it’s not I it’s at the temperature which it should be but it
doesn’t freeze because there’s no impurities in it for the freezing
process is thought and this is why we use purified or distilled water in this
case we drop the ice cube in there to give it a kick . to the freezing process
is literally magical this next one looks super cool in a
martini glass or something similar simply pull the water in the glass
quickly and carefully you can lift up the glass to the bottle nozzle to make
this easier and then simply grab an ice cube and submerge it into the surface
about halfway in you’ll see it all turn into ice around this ice cube literally
all just thought freezing over and when it’s frozen simply remove your fingers
and the ice cube assured just basically sit there frozen in place it is a circle
you can also do this with a drop of food dye in the class before you pull the
water into milord icy water martinis and all you need to do to enjoy this
afterwards is add some lemon or lime juice and you have an icy and fun drink
super refreshing and will impress all your friends at parties I mean I enjoy this drink as well but I
think he was a little bit cold for her bless you so cute finally I saved the best till last week
we play some ice cubes on the bottom of a bowl to activate the freezing process
simply pull the water directly onto it and you can build your own ice tower
maybe about a lot quickly and pull quickly because if we accidentally touch
the tower with the nozzle of the bottle you’ll just freeze up the opening and
stop the process which is what happened the first time with me i tried again
with some food diet and it looked amazing and once you’re done you can
turn this into a perfectly healthy snow cone in a cup by adding some flavored
syrup or juice and some berries on this side or you can use it to pretend to be
a unicorn which is what i did there judge guys how cool that I like the
literally clothing happy ever like ever if you guys what is hiding out her for
yourself don’t have to rush back when she calls because i want to share the
moment with you got out to like so all you guys because it’s kind of what I do
during the week when I’m not here tell me how many people you can press with it
because that would make me so happy if you just want to like send me some
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follow me on social me here and be part of the blood and i’ll see you guys there
because you know i’ll be missing you until then bye love you And have Good day bye again