when the flow of magic, escapes freely from the vail of life those who awaken by its power , stir and make their
presence known there’s always room for a little magic in our lives especially this close to halloween last year we made a wizard’s costume and I promised you
I’d make a better staff for it so here’s the tutorial how. and as always using
supplies you probably already have begin with a wooden dowel, it’s very important
to pretend you’re a ninja first drill a hole on one end of it and another on
the center of a jar lid if you’re underage ask someone to help you connect
them together with a screw and really use some muscle power to make sure the
connection is strong we also put a washer in between this keeps the screw
head from going through the lid and just like that you have created the
basic structure now you can easily screw and unscrew the jar let’s move on to the
decoration part now we’re trying to mimic the effect of a creeping plant which
could be anything even a magical kind unknown to muggles so don’t stress too
much about it cut a few pieces of wire and wrap
them around the dowel starting a few inches below the jar and let the other
end stick out at the top it will be very helpful not to have the sharp end
sticking out while making it so wrap each one around itself like so to give it some body and texture you can
cover the wire with paper. newspaper would work excellent for this apart from
paper and wire are you have plenty of options for materials that can be used
for this DIY you can try paper clay or expanding foam just use what you have
you can go wrong here keep adding wire branches until you’re
happy with it and arrange them however it looks good to you the next step is
pretty self explanatory covered all with hot glue yeah that’s it make the fake branches stick to one
another and to the dowel and try immitating the texture of an actual plant but it’s not crucial
if you don’t! this DIY will turn out magical no matter what by the way sorry I
sound weird today, I’m a little bit under the weather, I feel like Pheobe with
her sexy voice hey Günther be a good little boy and bring me some whiskey after you’re done building it go ahead
and paint it in the color for choice since I’m going for it dark wizard I picked black but it would
look kinda boring all-in-one color so I did a gradient effect by
spaying lightly and at an angle to bring back some depth and highlights mix some forest colors like greens and browns and maybe some gold whatever you
like and to avoid having a solid color just tap the brush on we’re almost done the only thing left to do now is to
assemble the whole thing take your jar and either put some shinny things
inside or paint it, maybe some glow-in-the-dark paint would be super cool?! I
happened to find this iridescent gift box filling at the gift aisle, so I’m using that. along with a very bright electrical tea light this particular one was jazzed up
by my brother and I’ll make sure to put some videos in the Description box below
showing you how to do that next to keep the tea light on the lid I
took some tape and rolled it up to create a little barrel , not sure how to call this
to be honest and this will keep it in place but it’s not permanent so it will
allow us to replace it later place the jar back on and you’re done! your very own magical Wizard’s staff! this definitely deserves a some order of
Merlin DIY title don’t you think? leave a comment down below telling me what you’re
going to be for Halloween and whether or not you’re making your own costume. I
just love Halloween and my favorite part is all the creativity that comes with it remember if you decide to recreate any
of the DIYs shown here on my channel to use the #sailordiy so I can
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