How are you my people, welcome to another video This time I want to tell you something of what
I realized when I got my first jewel of the event But first for those who do not know the subject I want
explain a bit what are powders What they are for and how to get them Dusts are necessary to level up
the jewerly 250areneededtogetanimprovedjewel And 750 to get a magic jewel To get the powders we have two options Destroy gems or jewels And the truth to get a good amount
with gems We have to destroy high level gems,
A real gem gives us a total of 2K powders But for those of us who don’t have extra gems
this is not a good option On the other hand, destroying the jewels can be
difficult because they are very few and hard to get But it is also the fastest way to
get powders And this is the contribution of the video, by destroying
a jewel let’s get 4K of powders But if we level up the jewel to magical
we will get 6.7K of powders And we’re just going to spend 1K raising it to magic Then in total we will get 5.7K of
powders, bone 1.7K of free powders And it’s silly, but as always I hope it will be useful for everyone there are many people who do not know this, for that reason I made this video remember before melting a jewel, level it up, to get more powders That would be all, as I always hope will be useful You know, like it, subscribe … and
… until a next video