Hi. Internet showed me
another miracle man called Biba Struja.
He started from humble beginnings. (At first glance, you would never…) He could hold live wires, and cook sausage with
electricity holding wires, and set fire by sending
electricity through his body. Later, he cooked more sausages
and set more things on fire and also heated water with
electricity holding live wires. [Epic music] [Wires short] But then, he started showing
how he could turn a lamp on with electricity generated
through his body?! And then, he got into healing
people with electricity?! Oh, for [bleep]’s sake! Miraculously, though,
I’ve probably got cancer watching his videos and my IQ dropped to Patrick. Well, I can understand a poor
man trying electrical tricks to get attention of viewers
so he can grow his business to make decent money,
so he can support his family. Hell, it sounds like I’m
describing myself. Well I mean,
I have powers too! For example, I can send out
electricity through my fingers enough to set a piece
of paper like this on fire. But you don’t see me
bragging about it! Here, I’m gonna fold
the piece of paper… and set it on the table,
so you know that it’s not connected anywhere, and put my paper
on top of it somehow… And you’re ready to go. Oww! The problem is that
it burns my finger, too! So, I just use a piece of wire. [Electric arc noises] I give this guy two things only!
First, he has his skin as dry as a camel’s knee, and second, he has
knowledge of electronics. Fortunately, this time,
Dan Smith did a better job having an actual
professional check Biba and he realized
very little current, of around 2 mA,
runs through Biba’s body, and his skin is very dry
and high-resistance. I have friends that sweat
drips from their fingers, and some that are very dry.
I have normal skin, and can also tolerate
2 mA through my body. But the difference between
me and Biba is that because of my lower resistance skin, around 60 volt AC creates
2 mA through my body. But around 220 volt AC creates the
same current through Biba’s body. Which means that I can’t tolerate
voltages as high as Biba can. Now, as soon as you
leave Dan alone to judge, he screws right up. (With 220 volts of current
flowing through these nails…) WHAT?! 220 VOLTS OF CURRENT?! It’s like saying
one light-year of time! You know light-year
is a unit of distance, right? (Now Biba’s going to attempt
something I’ve never heard of… actually use the current running through
his body to boil water in his hand.) Oh, come on, man.
He’s parallel to those metal bars, not series! There is no extra current running through his body.
He is just holding live wires, like before. Anyways, let’s do some experiments. VERY dangerous!
Never try this yourself. I’m going to check my body
with my autotransformer, which is basically a variable transformer
that can reduce AC on its output. If you’re interested, I got this and many of my
other tools from CircuitSpecialists, as usual. They are pretty good. Every time I need something
for my videos, I just go online and realize: “Yup, they’ve got it. I guess I’ll get it.” Now, to check my body’s tolerance,
I set the output to minimum. At zero volts, it’s pretty— [Pain noises] Oh [bleep], I set it to maximum.
It’s the other way. It would definitely help if you measure the voltage
you’re about to touch and not assume its level. Now I’m going to put my
one hand fingers on the live wires and increase the voltage
until I feel it in my fingers. And around 64–65 volts I feel it in
my fingers which means, definitely, any voltage above this level
would be dangerous for me. But I have super-thick and dry
foot sole skin, so let’s try that. So here, I just step on the live wires,
and start increasing the voltage. [Beeping] Well, look at that.
I start to feel it around 145 volts. So, skin condition is very important. But you must never assume you are immune;
otherwise, it could be your last mistake. I can still do Biba’s tricks with
a 120 DC from my 9 volt batteries. Cooking sausage, you say? You got it. I hook my forks to the batteries and I don’t
feel the voltage much, because it’s DC. Now let’s see if I can… cook this. Wow, look at it. It’s definitely cooking,
but there is orange water coming out of one side and green water coming out of the other side. I would definitely not eat it. Passing electricity through food changes its chemistry. He touches live wires?
No problem! I have two metal pieces in my power bar
and I turn it on. I can easily touch those lines and I can even turn a light
on holding those wires. Ahh! I feel nothing! Because I’m powering
it from my batteries! Maybe that’s what he does, too! He puts live wires in his mouth? Now, 120 volts DC can
be lethal in your mouth, but I can do that, too. [Pain noises, profanity] Ouch! Stupidity, my elbow
was sitting on one of these wires and the current went through
my tongue to my elbow. Even the best magicians can
accidentally kill themselves. Let’s try it again. Hmm? Hmm? See, the key to this trick is that Biba
first connects the contacts together, then puts it in his mouth. Which means that both contacts
and his body are at the same voltage, so no current runs
through his body at all. Basically, everything he does is possible. What’s fake his him
claiming he has a special power. He’s very good at
doing those tricks, though; one single mistake,
and he’s dead. As for setting the paper on fire,
I did kind of like what Biba did. I have my musical Tesla coil that, if you remember,
plays music out of its arcs. [Arc noise] [Bleep!] [Coil plays Mozart’s
“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.”] It is set up such that it’s not arcing,
but it’s radiating energy to the environment. and I taped the piece of
foil behind my paper. if I place the foil
close to the coil… OUCH!
[Bleep!] The foil picks up
energy from the coil, and then, from there,
it jumps to my body. [Arc noises] These arcs are very
high-frequency current, though, so due to something called
the conductor skin effect, they run over the skin and burn. Now, something none of
those hosts figured was that the arcs jumping from
Biba’s body to that metal rod is actually going inside
their own [bleep]’ing bodies. And they don’t
feel it, either! Come on! Make that brain work a bit! GIVEAWAY TIME! [Sad music] An electronic enthusiast
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