come into Runaways, she’s the first
character that’s been in here who has huge powers. And unlike the kids, who
are discovering powers, the amateurs, she’s not an amateur. I am here with the ever
enchanting Elizabeth Hurley. Hello.
– Hi. LORRAINE CINK: You will
be playing Morgan le Fay, which I’m thrilled about. What initially drew
you to the character? Well, I was called
by the show runners, Josh and Stephanie, whom I’d
known before from Gossip Girl. And they said, we’ve
got a fantastic part. And we think you’d
be perfect for it. And I said, well,
you know, who is it? And they said, well, she’s
the most powerful temptress. Submit to me. ELIZABETH HURLEY:
She’s immortal. And she’s a megalomaniac. And she wants to
take over the world. I was like, hmm. I think I’m flattered
by what you just said. But it sounds interesting. So of course, then I did a
little Google of Morgan le Fay in Marvel and I loved it. I loved how she looked. I loved how she’d
been portrayed. And I loved all the various
fights and battles she’d had. How do you manifest magic? Is there a special
way that Morgan casts? She speaks a lot of Latin. Mm. Challenging. A dead language. And a tough one to learn. [SPEAKING LATIN] And there’s various
hand movements that’s associated
with witchcraft, called tutting, which
we’ve all learned, all these various movements. What would you like, Nico? I’m here for you. What was it like, getting
to step into this cast and join the crew that
was already established? This is Morgan. I’ve had more to do with
certain characters than others. I use one of the runaways,
Nico, as the conduit to get out into the world again. And she’s kind to Nico. Everything’s going to be OK. And that’s when we
see some different parts of Morgan’s character. You could say she’s
powerful, she’s evil, she wants to take over the
world, all of which is true. But she genuinely
believes that she can make the world a better place. And she genuinely
wants the runaways to join her, and be with her,
and be part of her new regime. How do you enter this circle? ELIZABETH HURLEY:
–which she thinks would be fantastic for
the full of mankind. She’s very persuasive. I imagine. And she’s got all the
time in the world. ELIZABETH HURLEY: If she
could stay in this world. Well, I literally
am so excited. I’m getting goose bumps
as you just talk about it. Thank you so much
for talking with us. Thank you. Thanks for having me. LORRAINE CINK: Be
sure to check out all 10 episodes of Marvel’s
Runaways season 3, dropping December 13th, on Hulu. Tell us what you think makes
Morgan le Fay so magical. And use the
#earthsmightiestshow. I love that in the comics,
she can travel the centuries, while being a fashion icon. I’ll see you next time. I’m Lorraine. And this is Marvel,
your universe.